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  1. Hey got it to work! Gave the mobile menu item another id and created a new popup module assigned to that id. You have been so helpful man, thank you, it is much appreciated! Wish you the best.
  2. It seems to have gotten the id. But cant get the popup to work? Like on the desktop.
  3. There is a problem tho... Mobile menu, dosent work 😕 I belive that is because of the id "nav.header-nav-list" is different there. Should I create a new script for this, if so, can you help me out with the content?
  4. That is a great idea, and it worked! Thank you sir!
  5. That is correct, but is there a way to acheive this with the header menu?
  6. That is not a html id, but css id? I am using Elfsight Apps to create an embedded popup. There I need the html element id for setting the on click trigger.
  7. Site URL: https://wedge-tangerine-ac3a.squarespace.com/ I need to find the html id of the menu item called "deltakere2". This is for creating a popup when clicking on that menu item. I would appreciate any help with this. Pass of the site: 1qaz2wsx Regards, Taulant
  8. When I add JavaScript Animated Typing with Typed.js, the scrolling gets messy. Not at first, but when you go to another page eg. Blog, project, event -> then go back to one of the links in navigation bar (except home). If you then try to scroll on the page, it will not work. I have contacted Squarespace support, but they cannot help with custom code. Recording of the issue: https://video.drift.com/v/abzXQTKvDfo/ Typed JS: https://mattboldt.github.io/typed.js/ Site: https://skih.no/Password: 123456789 I have tried many different typed js, but they all have same issue. I think the prob
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