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  1. Thank you for reaching out to help me with this. Ok I have added back the white logo which shows up on the main page, but is washed out on the blog and contact pages.
  2. Site URL: http://www.nwtherapymom.com For my website, I have a white logo and a black logo. The White logo looks perfect on the Home page, but disappears on the blog and contact page since the page backgrounds on those pages are white. I would like to use the black logo in the header on just the blog and contact pages. For now on my site, I just have text for the site name. Squarespace automatically changes the text to white on the front page and black on the other pages depending on the page background color but it won't for the logos unless I have a custom css code. I have tried looking at other forums and using that code, but I am not sure how to use code at all. I am using the 7.1 version and really need help. I've attached both the black and white logo but need specific directions as to how to get these placed.
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