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  1. <a href="https://www.spotlight.com/3572-0166-5248" target="_blank"> <img src="https://staticassets.spotlight.com/Webmedia/WebsiteFiles/img/static/weblinks/ImInSpotlight_White.gif" alt="Click to view my Spotlight CV" title="Click to view my Spotlight CV"> </a>
  2. Make sure that the little ` before and after the svg tags are ` not ' Also, in pink, is where you change the color.
  3. The lower paragraphs are not indented, they have a 17px padding in the CSS. The table does not, so it looks like the paragraphs are pushed in. You could either remove that padding, or reconfigure the table. The table also has issues on mobile that might be worth fixing first, because the padding/margins may need to be changed after you do that.
  4. That one is only for the patreon logo. I think the svg's are going have too thin of a line to work well. The color can be set with the fill="" part of the svg tag.
  5. I do not know why this isn't running when the page reloads. I would try putting it back in the footer now that the jQuery scripts are fixed.
  6. Unfortunately, I would have to write it and right now I am booked pretty solid with work. It's possible there's something available online.
  7. Is this 7.0 or 7.1? If its 7.0 are you using ajax loading?
  8. Can you please repost all of your code, or screen shots of the code area. Oh I see, you deleted too much from the footer. Put this back: <script> $(".Cart-inner").append("<i class='fa fa-suitcase' aria-hidden='true'></i>"); </script>
  9. jQuery url is incorrect. Needs to be https:// Use the link in my signature to generate a new script block and replace.
  10. Try removing jQuery from footer. Unless your code specifically requires the older versions, all you need is 3.5
  11. You still have multiple jquery scripts. I think you have different codes fighting each other. Unless you have code that requires older versions of jQuery, the only one you need is 3.5 Right now it seems like you have a total of 3.
  12. Try opening in a private or incognito window. It is functioning properly on all pages and mobile on my end.
  13. [data-form-id="5ef104cf248f58611c7849aa"] .field-list.clear { display: flex; } [data-form-id="5ef104cf248f58611c7849aa"] .form-item.field.email { margin-left: auto; } [data-form-id="5ef104cf248f58611c7849aa"] .form-item { width: 48%; }
  14. Ugh, sorry, I missed the end ); when I copied the code. Fixed the post above. Keep document.ready
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