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  1. Hey Tuan, forgot to post the link in the original post. I want the banner image to not display when viewing on mobile. https://www.erheer.com/our-story Thanks for taking a look at this!
  2. Hi ! I am looking to hide banner image on one specific page on mobile only. Can anyone suggest how to achieve that? This is the page whose banner image i need to hide on mobile.
  3. Thanks @paul2009 I was looking for the solution and landed here, So raised a request with squarespace team to pass this on to the development team. The came back saying that they will pass on the request and that in the meanwhile I can set automated Email Campaigns out to customers when they order a specific product. This would allow me to send out images of the product in an email after the product is ordered. Whoever visits this page in search for the solution, please take out 5 mins and raise a ticket with squarespace as it would help strengthen the feature request.
  4. Hi @tuanphan I don't have any colour variants for my product, can I use this plugin just for the size option selector?
  5. @mmkme Yes the code is in the thread chain above. Let me know if you need any help but @rwp might be able to guide you better with your website specific needs.
  6. Hi @paul2009 Thanks for sharing the solution. You mentioned that Squarespace 7.1 has the Design > Carousel feature? I checked my version and it is 7.0. Is there a way for me to implement that Carousel arrows > on my Website ? I checked and my Product Design only shows Slideshow and stacked.
  7. Hey guys, Didn't mean to bother you but just wanted to see if you know how I might be able to implement this. Thanks for taking a look! @tuanphan @rwp
  8. Site URL: https://www.erheer.com/shop/sunkissed Hi Squarespace Wizards, I am setting up my e-comm store and some of the lovely developers have been helping me out with customising it. I am so glad we have such a supportive community. I have a customisation which I'd like to implement. I got my Website reviewed by shoppers and one of the things that popped up again and again was they were not liking the quantity dropdown on my shoe store. All of them suggested that it is better to have a button like format for size and as long as the quantity is available, Add to cart Button is active, when there is just 1 stock left, it says Low Stock and when the stock is not there, the button text changes to Notify Me. Please let me know if someone has successfully implemented this format and how it can be done or if there is a thread with a solution that I missed looking at. The first two screenshots is how I'd like to have and third one is how it is on my website currently. https://www.erheer.com/shop/sunkissed Password is july@2020 Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the lead, tuanphan . I will check it out and let know how it works.
  10. Hey @bradgood I tried your code and unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me. Do let me know if someone is able to implement it. Thanks!
  11. hey rwp, the accordion is working fine though I am yet to test on it all the products, I think it will work fine. But as i mentioned yesterday that the website is taking a bit longer to load than before.
  12. Yes it has worked! Also I did change the excerpt position in site styles to below. Thanks RWP and others for all your help. Really Really appreciate it. I am working on finishing my website in the next 10 or so day and I am sure there will be other things that might need some tweaking so this is not the last you hear from me.
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