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  1. @CarriLM @thebaristaleague I've closed up that business so I hadn't needed to come back to the issue for a while since posting. I'm sure I'll still need to consider this with any of my new directions, but as far as I know, I never received helpful responses in those forums, either. 😞 Would love to hear if anyone comes up with solutions or how other people handle this.
  2. Thanks πŸ™‚ Not on a business plan, so I don't have that option. But at least I know how to fix it.
  3. @tuanphan I'm guessing this is to be added to individual pages that I want this to happen on? So, Page Settings > Advanced > Page Header Code Injection?
  4. Hey, y'all (and always guessing @tuanphan knows the answer πŸ™‚ I'm wanting to do this, but with some variations: I'd like it to happen *only* on mobile, *only* on specific pages. And, I'd like to use a different *image,* not simply invert the colors of the logo. Here's my site. You can see that, for the Home page, as an example, the logo doesn't appear on mobile (or, only the teal portion does) because the background placement becomes white on mobile. Any other pages where this happens, or where I'd set the background color to white instead of dark, I'd love to know how to switch the logo out with a new image that works over white. Anyone have insights?
  5. Hey, y'all! I'm having this same issue, BUT I'd like to specify different background colors by: Image Type (Poster vs. Stack, for instance) And, by Color theme (Lightest 2 vs. Darkest 1, for instance). INSTEAD of applying one color background for all Cards across the whole site / every Color theme. Here's an example: On my Home page, I've colored the background of the Image > Stack blocks white (where you see Free Newsletter, Paid Newsletter, Podcast – soon!) using this code: .image-block-outer-wrapper.image-block-v2.design-layout-stack {background:#fff;} And, on my Blogs, I've turned the Image > Card block backgrounds white, as well, using this code: .image-block-outer-wrapper.image-block-v2.design-layout-card {background:#fff; padding:35px;} This might help many of you here! Problem is, that makes Stacks and Cards have white backgrounds across the whole site. INSTEAD, I'd like to know how to specify it a step further, by specific Color theme. Like, on these blogs (Darkest 2 Color palette), the background of the page is black, so having a Card or other Image type with a white background is exactly what I want. But on this set of blogs, the page color is White (Lightest 2 Color theme), so I'd like to be able to turn the Image backgrounds of any kind (Card, in this case, if you scroll to the bottom to see it) the black color I use in my Color palette. While I know how to do Inspect Element and find the coding for the individual block on that specific page, I'd rather just find the code to do it across an entire Color Theme, so that I don't have to add custom code to every new blog. It seems silly (I agree with others) that there isn't a native way to change the background color of different Image block types across each color theme. Even more silly because the background of a block on one color theme probably isn't going to be the one you need on the contrasting color theme (dark bg vs light bg, as an example). Does anyone know how we might do it with custom code?
  6. Hey, @Rama. Great question. As far as I'm concerned, Leadpages is a lead generation tool, with functionality only for lead/landing pages, pop-ups, etc. Can you use it for your whole website? Sure. But Squarespace is a full-blown CMS, where you can blog, do e-commerce, and all of the other features that come with a CMS, like WordPress or the like. Hope that helps!
  7. Hey, @thebaristaleague! Sadly, I have not. I'm increasingly coming to believe that it's necessary to pay for a third-party URL shortener for these purposes and very sad about it. The SQSP URL Builder only works for directly linking to social ads, not just generic URLs linked to landing pages. And, still unclear as to weather URL Mapping messes up your SEO if you have several different URLs that all point to the same page. So, I'm still lost, but am leaning toward URL shorteners (like bit.ly, etc.) as the only solution, which is a bummer. If others correct me or know more, I'd be VERY excited to hear otherwise.
  8. Hey, @SusanaR. Unfortunately, that email address is already updated and is not reflected in my account here, in the forum. See here: In following instructions from that link you just sent (it was already this email address): And, my account as it still is in the Forum:
  9. Site URL: https://brandprep.co This feels like a silly question/I must be missing something, but how does one update their email address for the Squarespace FORUM? Not, SQSP itself, but hereβ€”in the forum? I've gone to Account Settings here and see my current email address and a way to change my Forum name, but not the email address. Anyone know the solution there? Thanks so much!
  10. Thanks, @tuanphan! Hoping I get some answers here so others can also see the solution. But if I find one elsewhere, I'll come back here and update the post.
  11. Got it. Do you see the issue on tablet now? I only added this body code, and not the collection code you mentioned above.
  12. Well, whoops. Thanks for catching that. Should I put that into Design > Custom CSS or the Page Settings > Advanced > Advanced Page Code Injection?
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