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  1. Hey, @Rama. Great question. As far as I'm concerned, Leadpages is a lead generation tool, with functionality only for lead/landing pages, pop-ups, etc. Can you use it for your whole website? Sure. But Squarespace is a full-blown CMS, where you can blog, do e-commerce, and all of the other features that come with a CMS, like WordPress or the like. Hope that helps!
  2. Hey, @thebaristaleague! Sadly, I have not. I'm increasingly coming to believe that it's necessary to pay for a third-party URL shortener for these purposes and very sad about it. The SQSP URL Builder only works for directly linking to social ads, not just generic URLs linked to landing pages. And, still unclear as to weather URL Mapping messes up your SEO if you have several different URLs that all point to the same page. So, I'm still lost, but am leaning toward URL shorteners (like bit.ly, etc.) as the only solution, which is a bummer. If others correct me or know more, I'd be VERY excited t
  3. Hey, @SusanaR. Unfortunately, that email address is already updated and is not reflected in my account here, in the forum. See here: In following instructions from that link you just sent (it was already this email address): And, my account as it still is in the Forum:
  4. Site URL: https://brandprep.co This feels like a silly question/I must be missing something, but how does one update their email address for the Squarespace FORUM? Not, SQSP itself, but here—in the forum? I've gone to Account Settings here and see my current email address and a way to change my Forum name, but not the email address. Anyone know the solution there? Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks, @tuanphan! Hoping I get some answers here so others can also see the solution. But if I find one elsewhere, I'll come back here and update the post.
  6. Got it. Do you see the issue on tablet now? I only added this body code, and not the collection code you mentioned above.
  7. Well, whoops. Thanks for catching that. Should I put that into Design > Custom CSS or the Page Settings > Advanced > Advanced Page Code Injection?
  8. Site URL: https://brandingofficehours.com I've set up some URL mapping and followed advice from this article so that I can make sure I'm able to track separate audiences that come to the same page. Functionally, it means I'll set up a new URL Map each time I give a webinar or podcast interview to a different audience, so if I speak on Startup Smash, a podcast name I just made up for the purposes of this question, I'll tell listeners to go to: brandingofficehours.com/startupsmash And it will redirect to: brandingofficehours.com/surveys?StartupSmash Where the user actually sees th
  9. Nope—those white squares on the bottom left and bottom right are what I'm trying to get rid of. 😕
  10. @tuanphan (and others!) Hi again! ( @tuanphan, I hope you're doing okay after all the flooding?) I'm having this same problem, again. I'm so annoyed that I can't seem to understand how to not spend hours of my time having to fix this problem every time I publish a new lead page. Here's where I'm at this time around: Here's the page in question. Note that it's not publicly linked yet bc the functionality won't work. I have this in my custom CSS: #collection-5ff38172f218a25ea6aaa0e1 section.section.css-1ml7zq4 { background-color: #f7f6f2; } And I have this in
  11. Hey, everyone! My sincere apologies on not following up until now. I hadn't gotten any notifications that folks had replied. In response to some of the Qs I've seen here: I decided to use Leadpages for my promo pop-ups. They even allow for exit intent pop-ups, which Squarespace also (bafflingly) doesn't do, either. I chose them for a lot of other reasons, too, but happy to answer more questions about them if folks have them. I actually don't know what native template it is (or isn't) built on, but I purchased a build-it-yourself template from Big Cat Creative, so that's why it look
  12. Hey, y'all. @paul2009 especially. First, thanks for saving all of us with the custom code. Second, do you or anyone know if there's a way for it to just spell out the whole month? As a grammar nerd, it annoys me to see "Oct" and not "Oct." with the period, but could get around that if it just spelled out "October" instead. Not the end of the world, but thought I'd try asking. Thanks, everyone!
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