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  1. Site URL: https://clavichord-vuvuzela-rj7j.squarespace.com/config/settings/domains/clavichord-vuvuzela-rj7j.squarespace.com I have had nothing but trouble setting up the site. I have also been over billed, charged 5 times in a matter of 3 days, when trying to set up my site. I can’t get ahold of any customer support. I’ve reached out for over a month and sent three messages these past few days. There is nothing in my junk mail nothing in my regular email. Why is it so difficult to get help. I’m literally loosing money
  2. Hi! I just logged into my square space account. At first, a message popped up saying, "you usually login through a social account" and it provided my gmail account as an option to login, which has never happened before. Once I logged on, everything was gone. My website is gone, my domain, I can't even change my password!!! I thought square space couldn't get hacked?? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Everyone, we are a small charity is Australia and we are trying to activate a squarespace charity account with no luck at all via email. We are curious to hear about the experience for others in this regard. We were told Squarespace supported charities and not for profits, and that is why we started an account. This discussion has been going round and round and makes no sense to us at all. Many not for profits in Australia are not GST registered. Squarespace say they are trying to support charity and not for profits as they are the little orgs doing good work, right? Well, little orgs do not need to register for GST in Australia. So unless they are only trying to support big business this makes no sense? How do we activate our charity account without registering for GST? What is the point of supporting charities if it is only open to exclusive charities with massive incomes that are legally required to register for GST due to their huge earnings. We are a very small charity and no charity or business in Australia is legally required to register for GST until they earn over $AU250,000 - i.e. No Australian business, and especially charities, who earn less than this registers for GST as the headache simply isn't worth it. We as an organisation are finding this very frustrating. Is there a contact phone number for Squarespace in Australia, so we can actually talk this out and explain how nonsensical this is?
  4. Site URL: https://leopard-seal.squarespace.com/config/ Could you please help me with the Custom CSS coding in order to keep the whole image for mobile on About Me page. Many thanks
  5. I want to add rotating marquee like this. Please anyone help me how to add this design rotating marquee.
  6. Site URL: https://tarantula-lobster-atz4.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I have a Canadian client who wants to know if they can receive their Squarespace yearly bill/invoice in Canadian dollars? (For accounting purposes.) Is that possible? (It's currently in Australian Dollars as that's where I'm located.) Thanks in advance, Jess
  7. Hi , I am new in the team and i am trying to understand how to set up gift with purchase . Let's say we want to offer a product for free - how do you set this up ? thanks
  8. Hello everyone, I have a client who's got an existing SS site that needs to stay live till we get the new site completed here on SS. Client mistakenly purchased the 7.1 version to build the new site, but she actually needs the old 7.0 version to get the exact right template (no time to try and recreate this template with 7.1). How does she do this? How to delete the 7.1 new account, keep the current site up and running, and simultaneously grab a new 7.0 type of account? Thanks, Sarah
  9. Site URL: https://www.hiimessentials.com/ How are you, I'm hoping to get the forum's feedback on how to update the website's name. Please let me know how I may update what is displayed as "HIIIM V2" to "HIIM ESSENTIALS". I've updated the SEO, but the purchase confirmation emails and checkout still indicates the wrong name... Please help!
  10. Site URL: https://www.brylliantdesign.com/ Hi there, My website is dual-function, both a design portfolio and a shop. I want to have a customer login function so customers can see previous orders, but only want to have a login button on the top right corner of the shop page. I don't want folks think they need to make an account to view my design work. If I can't add it to the shop page top right corner, I'd also be okay adding it to the secondary navigation at the bottom of my left-hand column. Lastly, I'd also like to add an X to close the pop-up window for the login window. Right now it doesn't have one which makes it hard to know how to close if you don't want to login. I am using Version 7.0– Supply family (Supply template)
  11. Site URL: https://www.rafvdlindenphoto.com Hi, Pretty much every time I post something on Instagram the authenticated sync with my squarespace website gets thrown out and my timeline doesnt update, is there some kind of setting on instagram I need to enable to keep the authentication 'live' for longer than 2/3 weeks? kind regards, Raf
  12. hi - I am new to square space and would love any feedback on reducing the white space as shown from the title to the portfolio images. thank you!!
  13. How do I create a "Subscribe Here" page and how do I save the customer info. For example, I am going to post videos on my website and ask subscribers to subscribe to get early access via email. Can this be offered via Square or do I need a 3rd party app? Scott
  14. Site URL: https://www.soulfruit.co.uk/ Any help with the below - hugely appreciated!! 1. Header navigation a. Can the Links to our pages all sit on one line? We would like to have: Home, Shop & Health Benefits – on the Left-hand Side of the Logo (in that order). And Our Story, Account & cart on the right hand side of the logo. b. Please also help us link the HOME navigation link back to the HOME PAGE (the same page when clicking on the logo). At the moment it links to a blank page. 2. Can the Label “Account” / ‘Login’ (it seems to change between the two!) be changed to an Icon – similar to the CART icon? 3. Checkout & Cart page – can the font be changed to Orpheus pro (same font as rest of the website. 4. FAQ’s page – please can the text be smaller (paragraph 3 size) 5. All footer text to be black – including the menu line and privacy etc at the very bottom. 6. On the individual product pages – can the menu and text in the header all be WHITE like other pages 7. Customer Account Login box a. Change font to Orpheus Pro b. Background colour – white minimal c. Button colour change to 349, 86, 59 8. Cart Page a. in the empty cart page – can the ‘continue shopping’ link be in pink - 349, 86, 59 THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR ALL HELP!
  15. Please assist, if a customer has the option to log in or register, how do I customize the questions for customer registration?
  16. Hello I want to build a site for a local community project (protecting land from development). I have used Squarespace before, so feel comfortable with the construction / graphics side of things. However this was a small personal use website so was a bit different from what i want to achieve now. The main concern is building up a mailing list, to keep people informed about updates. Do any / all plans come with a dedicated email and contact option? So if someone wants to add their name to the mailing list they could contact direct through the website. Do any / all plans come with a more developed contact form, for example one that could ask questions (rather than just sending in your email only to get on the mailing list). Do any / all plans have a dedicated email eg contact@mysite.com? Do any / all plans allow you to send out emails to all the people on the mailing list in one go? Is it easy enough to embed video from Youtube, etc? I imagine SEO is not that important, as the people interested in this community project will be specifically looking for it, taking the webiste address off social media. It is not like we are trying to market anything to the general public. It will need a blog, i would imagine that that is quite straightforward? Any other tips would be very usefull. Thanks.
  17. Hi, Is there a way for me to send the invoices for my Squarespace account to a given email address? My accounting program has an email I can add to services so they automatically grabs the invoices for my payments. Right now it looks as though I have to download each and every invoice and manually add them to my accounting program. I've googled this issue, and somehow can't seem to find any support or settings covering this.
  18. Site URL: http://http/wendysplace.com My account is messed. Square says I’m the owner. I can’t get an email back. I can’t even get a code to call them. I did get some messages back from Squares Twitter. They are saying I’m not the owner. My page says I am. They are also saying I have 30 employee. I def don’t. I set up square bought and everything last week. It’s been a nightmare. I set it up with my email. It’s says it’s my email as the owner. Twitter person says it not. I need to open a new account. I can’t even add my reader as a payment. I was able to add strip. Wtf do I need to do.
  19. Home Decor Products reflects your personality and speaks regarding your style of interior planning, knowing about it of color, and style choices. A home is only the four corners, but a mix of interior decor products and a little your ex and creativeness is exactly what transform a home into home. And, the family room decor may be the first factor your visitors notice once they go to your home. More Info- https://www.shoppa.in/home-decorations
  20. I want to change my domain name but don't know how. If I can't, how do I create a new domain and transfer all my content over. Is there any direct way to contact squarespace about this? I'm having a lot of trouble here.
  21. Site URL: https://www.thisisferrisfitness.com Hello from Atlanta! I created a Fitness page through Squarespace towards the beginning of the year. I have workouts, and an exercise library set up under a member area. I'm looking for a bit of advice, or any plugin that someone would suggest to accomplish this feat. Once someone signs up for a membership area, I know they have their own unique login and then the "Account" section will pop up. I was wondering if there was a way to make something along the lines of "My Progress" which would have charts under their profile that no one else could access. In there I'd like to add some small categories like "Weight, Body Fat %, BMI, etc" that would pop up on a graph over time and show steady gain/loss. Another feature I'd love to integrate is the ability to "download" a workout into the users profile from my workouts or exercise library in my membership area. The user could then type down how many sets/reps/rest periods etc on a full workout, or piece together several exercises to make their own workout and then type how many sets and reps they did. If anyone has any advice, or at least a place to point me in the correct direction, I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you in advance!
  22. Site URL: https://www.underhereyes.com I used some CSS to move my search window up to the header. Now when the website loads it displays passwords stored to login into the accounts area there, which is confusing my customers. Is there a way to tell the website that the search window is not for inputing account login details?
  23. Site URL: https://www.yung35mm.com/ I'd like to move the account login icon to the right of the cart if possible. It currently defaults to placing itself to the left of social icons. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  24. Site URL: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hello, I've created my first ever website and taken the plunge to create a small business. I've contacted Squarespace to see if it's possible to change the shop bar to improve navigation, and i'm looking to see if I can help with SEOs. However, I feel like my website is missing something - or I'm being too critical - and would appreciate any feedback (good and bad) to help me decide. Website: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Thanks for reading, Ellie
  25. Site URL: https://www.drhauschka.com.au/ Hi, I am trying to add an external plug in for product reviews but i heard that some integration with square space leads to ongoing issues. Can you please comment on best solution to add the product review ability. thanks
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