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  1. Hi all, I have the opportunity to build a site for an NP who will be starting a new practice. She will need HIPAA compliance functionality and features such as secure billing, intake forms, scheduling etc. I hate to send this lead to someone else - can anyone advise me about software platforms that SS supports that will fit the bill for this client?
  2. Site URL: https://www.jsmanagement.com/ Is there planned development to export all the data from Squarespace sites built in 7.0 to 7.1?
  3. Site URL: https://apple-octagon-469r.squarespace.com/account/login I am looking to set up my Member Area to only allow my members to login as i'm no longer interested in enrolling more members. I have tried to use custom css to hide the iframe footer (or at the very least the 'Create account' `a` tag), but I can't remove it To no avail, this is what I tried to use in custom css: #user-account-login-root > div > div > footer { display: none; } Any idea why this doesn't work? Anyone have a good workaround?
  4. Site URL: https://www.cyboled.be/ Hello When updating a website i duplicated it, in order to update the duplicated version and after approval of the customer the idea was to replace the 'old' website with the duplicated version. Only i dont really find how to do this Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, I am a copywriter and am looking for a way to design many different templates for my clients that they can choose from without having to pay for each template/site. I hope I am making sense! For example, with Wix it was possible for me in the past to work on multiple sites which weren't live but only in my dashboard. Thanks so much! Kristina
  6. I have purchased a subscription, but i designed my page in a trial version. How do i copy the page i designed and move it to my subscription??
  7. Site URL: https://derricksaenz.com Site: derricksaenz.com Hello, I want to get my website's account and login pop-ups to use different fonts, particularly the ones that I use on my website. I have an uploaded font to test on ('font-family: Staaliches' because it looks way different from the original font and I already have it uploaded), but ultimately I want to use Helvetica Neue, which is the font I am using for the rest of my website. I did an "inspect element" on multiple pages and found that the accounts <div> uses a class called .dE6c3WI8W and the login <div> uses a class called ._3zbTgu4v. This leads me to believe that if I went to Custom CSS, and I called those classes and put that the font family would be Staaliches, that would fix my issue. But it didn't. How would I go about changing the fonts of the account and login sections? Thank you! Image of my Custom CSS is attached.
  8. Site URL: https://www.thetopshoppesalon.com Hi, Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read my post. My question: Is there a way to add a second business location, with map address and different phone number? Thank you very much. Sincerely, Dina
  9. Site URL: https://boldhumansco.com/ Hi! I want to replace the login button, which is currently just "Login", with an icon. The icon I want is attached below. A screenshot of what I have right now is below. I want the icon to be the same size as the shopping cart icon as well. The website is https://www.boldhumansco.com/, password is baldisbold. Any help is appreciated, thanks so much!
  10. Site URL: https://goose-crow-lcm4.squarespace.com/ I accidentally delted a site I was working on,m have conteacted support but could only send an email as they are offline. Is it possible to get back, even if the image links are broken, I have spent lots of time getting the site set up
  11. Hi Squarespacers, I have a website request from a potential client. The client wants a customer login and then according to their age present them with the content based on that certain age bracket. This sounds quite advanced (custom build website) but I am curious to see if Squarespace offers something like this. Cheers, Dennis
  12. Site URL: http://SueKrizmanCreative.squarespace.com I am needing to add audio to my background videos in my Squarespace site. Do I have to upgrade my subscription from Personal to Business to do that? And if so, how do you upgrade an existing subscription? It doesn't seem possible.
  13. Hey there, My google workspace subscription was due today, I could renew my domain but i cant seem to renew my email subscription. Ive updated my billing info. The button for renewal does not turn on when I click it. Ive recieved an invoice but its says unpaid and it does not give me the option to pay. Can somebody help please?
  14. Hi guys! I've got an Instagram account with many sub account - How to choose the account I want to show on my image grid?
  15. Site URL: https://thinkingcap.co Is there any way to get a unique ID for the current logged in user? I know there's a way to get a list of profiles via the API. But is there any way to get context about the current logged in user? Any help would be awesome, thanks!
  16. Sorry, I don't think my category is here. I'm an artist setting up my space here from Shopify. I have an artist friend on SS and a clothing designer. But I would love to see how other artists have done their designs, instead of just seeing the template. I have found that this has helped me in all the websites I have had, and in the dark ages used to design. Boy it took me for ever to find out how to make a post. I need more coffee. Tommy B. McDonell....I can put my website back online if you need it but I'm trying to figure out what I am doing. PS Please, free lance designers don't answer this
  17. Hi Everyone, we are a small charity is Australia and we are trying to activate a squarespace charity account with no luck at all via email. We are curious to hear about the experience for others in this regard. We were told Squarespace supported charities and not for profits, and that is why we started an account. This discussion has been going round and round and makes no sense to us at all. Many not for profits in Australia are not GST registered. Squarespace say they are trying to support charity and not for profits as they are the little orgs doing good work, right? Well, little orgs do not need to register for GST in Australia. So unless they are only trying to support big business this makes no sense? How do we activate our charity account without registering for GST? What is the point of supporting charities if it is only open to exclusive charities with massive incomes that are legally required to register for GST due to their huge earnings. We are a very small charity and no charity or business in Australia is legally required to register for GST until they earn over $AU250,000 - i.e. No Australian business, and especially charities, who earn less than this registers for GST as the headache simply isn't worth it. We as an organisation are finding this very frustrating. Is there a contact phone number for Squarespace in Australia, so we can actually talk this out and explain how nonsensical this is?
  18. Site URL: https://clavichord-vuvuzela-rj7j.squarespace.com/config/settings/domains/clavichord-vuvuzela-rj7j.squarespace.com I have had nothing but trouble setting up the site. I have also been over billed, charged 5 times in a matter of 3 days, when trying to set up my site. I can’t get ahold of any customer support. I’ve reached out for over a month and sent three messages these past few days. There is nothing in my junk mail nothing in my regular email. Why is it so difficult to get help. I’m literally loosing money
  19. Hi! I just logged into my square space account. At first, a message popped up saying, "you usually login through a social account" and it provided my gmail account as an option to login, which has never happened before. Once I logged on, everything was gone. My website is gone, my domain, I can't even change my password!!! I thought square space couldn't get hacked?? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  20. Site URL: https://leopard-seal.squarespace.com/config/ Could you please help me with the Custom CSS coding in order to keep the whole image for mobile on About Me page. Many thanks
  21. I want to add rotating marquee like this. Please anyone help me how to add this design rotating marquee.
  22. Site URL: https://tarantula-lobster-atz4.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I have a Canadian client who wants to know if they can receive their Squarespace yearly bill/invoice in Canadian dollars? (For accounting purposes.) Is that possible? (It's currently in Australian Dollars as that's where I'm located.) Thanks in advance, Jess
  23. Hi , I am new in the team and i am trying to understand how to set up gift with purchase . Let's say we want to offer a product for free - how do you set this up ? thanks
  24. Hello everyone, I have a client who's got an existing SS site that needs to stay live till we get the new site completed here on SS. Client mistakenly purchased the 7.1 version to build the new site, but she actually needs the old 7.0 version to get the exact right template (no time to try and recreate this template with 7.1). How does she do this? How to delete the 7.1 new account, keep the current site up and running, and simultaneously grab a new 7.0 type of account? Thanks, Sarah
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