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  1. Our website (www.great-marriages.org) switches the top navigation links into the hamburger menu when on mobile. I think this is intuitive but we have donors who complain that they can't find the donate button on mobile. Is there a way to make it so that the final navigation link (which goes to our Donate page) can show up on mobile outside of the hamburger menu? As a link or a button or whatever? I'm open to suggestions!
  2. Site URL: https://www.gerafoundation.com Dear Forum Our website is a non-profit aimed at fundraising toward astronomy projects. We have set projects with set funding goals and are already making progress with fundraising. I would like to be able to show a progress bar of which shows the target, and current fundraising progress. We take donations directly thought the SquareSpace platform so if this can be updated automatically using info from my SquareSpace site that would be a bonus. Then we also take donations directly from partnerships which do not go through the website. My ideal would be a progress bar which shows the donations through the Squarespace website in one colour (lets say orange) which updates automatically, and then manually add on to that the donations we get from other sources in another colour (lets say green). If the ideal progress bar is possible it would be wonderful but if such an idea is possible I will be happy with something less sophisticated too. Regardless of the design, I would need a separate progress bar for each project: https://www.gerafoundation.com/kilimanjaro-millimeter-telescope https://www.gerafoundation.com/university-of-nigeria https://www.gerafoundation.com/nobeyama-observations This adds a complexity in that any automated updating progress bar would need to be able to track the donations made to each of the individual projects. Im wondering if this can be done by tracking which of the project pages' donate buttons were pressed. Thanks in advance to anyone reading this and considering any ideas or advice on any of the above. Any help is deeply appreciated. Kind regards Ross
  3. I have very limited options for formatting our Donate Button. Is there a way I can modify the size of it so it can stand out more? The general button to which I can add a hyperlink option, has options for small,medium, large, but the Donate button is just a set size. I'm with Version 7.0โ€“ Montauk family (Project Sprout : template) Thank you
  4. Site URL: https://join.oraclegirl.org/product/karmic-delete-6-2-source-connection-recalibration-mp3/ I'm wanting to have donation based pricing on my website for digital products. Is there a third party payment processor that would do this and how would i integrate that onto my site? I've left an example of exactly how I'd like it to work. Someone can name their price, yet a minimum donation amount is in place. Thanks :)
  5. Looking for a way to set up recurring donations where a donor can select how often in a year ( monthly, quarterly, yearly) a donation can be made.
  6. Hello - I'm wondering what 3rd party integrations anyone has used for providing the option for donors to cover the processing/transaction fees? Squarespace doesn't provide this feature so I'm wondering how you have worked around this? Just looking for a button that gives supporters the option to cover the % that we pay in processing fees. I attached a sample of what this looks like. Thank you! Brittany
  7. Site URL: http://www.FamiliesEmbracingGraceAndLove.com need help transforming the button in the header to become a donation button that goes to a donation form. also need help creating the donation form and linking it to apple pay and adding a notification for people to fill out a contact form or just a statement to call if don't have apple pay and want to make a donation.
  8. We have a custom form on our website for donors to give, and the additional information field includes info to which specific fund they want to give. However, when that donation is processed through Stripe, the additional information field is not reported. Thus, for our accountants to have knowledge of which fund the money should go to, they cannot see it in our Stripe reports. Any ideas as to how to get this additional information which is very important reported over to Stripe in all transactions?
  9. Hello, I'm trying to allow submission of patron names in SquareSpace and display their names on the page. In simplest terms, is it possible for a user on the site to submit text in a textbox and then have it auto-display that text on a page in a table for example? (i.e. Table with the Header "Patrons" followed by a new row every time a new text submission goes in with names of patrons). Thanks!
  10. Site URL: https://www.khaircenter.org/the-2k-challenge Hello, I recently set up a fundraising thermometer with a bar that goes up if the HTML value increases (i.e. donations). I also added a Donate button on my site. When a donation comes in, is there a way to take the total donation amount and automatically update the HTML value so the thermometer bar updates on its own without me having to update it manually?
  11. We need to collect a fairly extensive amount of data from our donors. Design of the form was straight forward. What is unclear is how this data is stored/ accessed. The donor 'profiles' are devoid of the form data. The documentation is unclear. I see that standard forms can be attached to an external file. Is this the same with the donation forms? Thank you in advance.
  12. Site URL: http://http/www.ganzabnormal.com Hey There! I would like to set up a QR code for donations on my homepage. I received a corresponding snippet code from the provider "Raise now". According to his info I would have to insert this as "editor" or "source code" on my page. Unfortunately I can't find out where and how to do that. Can you help me?
  13. Site URL: http://lrcss.com How can I add a donors address into a donation notification message? I'm attempting to use the donation notification as an official tax receipt for donors and one of the things I am required to include is their address. I know we collect that when they complete the donation transaction so I assume I can pull it into the email using a JSON variable I'm just not sure which one? Thanks for helping me out!
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking to add a donation option to the cart to support a designated charity. This is much more likely to be taken-up in-cart than one placed on a block somewhere on the site. My idea was to give the customer the option to tick a box during checkout which lets them add an extra 5% of the value of their order which will then be donated and we will match their donation with an equal amount (totaling 10% of the value of their order to be donated). Hopefully this would work with the donations block so it doesn't require manual updating of donation amounts etc. I would like it to be added as a percentage of the sale as opposed to having a block somewhere else on the site as this allows me to match the donation out of a portion of the profits. Otherwise just having a donations block would allow people to make sporadic donations which may potentially l make it unsustainable for me to afford if I am to match it and there is a lull period as my product category is slow moving. Alternatively I thought to give people a "save or donate" option, where with every order they receive a pair of codes that gives them a choice. One which gives them a 5% discount on their next purchase and the other which adds a 5% donation to their next purchase which we then match. I thought this might be able to be done with a negative value discount code, or via the 'tax' tab, but unfortunately neither option seems to work. I know there is a plugin out there that allows dollar-value donations to be made in cart, but when you're selling products this then adds sales tax which is an issue and again I'd prefer percentages as opposed to dollar values. Does anyone have any idea how to implement this, maybe via another plugin that you know of, or maybe Squarespace already has this and I'm missing it somehow? Thank you!
  15. Site URL: https://www.opheliasplace.net/activities-calendar/healing-trauma-together-group-virtual Hi! We are a nonprofit that serves youth with in-person and virtual services. Today, they can register for individual activities through our website with individual forms on each activity. (Here's an example.) We want to give folks the option to donate/pay for their activity within each individual form. Do any of you have recommendations of how best to set that up? Would an e-commerce set up be more beneficial? We want to provide a seamless experience and would like to capture payment info within the activity registration We need the payment to be optional I'm hoping we don't need to require registrants/payers to become "members" to be able to register for activities We currently accept donations, but send folks off-site to another platform/processor. (We're looking into bringing that process onsite eventually, and as a part of this project if it makes sense. Thank you for any guidance and examples you might have!
  16. I have a donation block on my site that allows visitors to donate. In the past week, I have received 3 separate emails indicating that a donation was made, but the information from those donations is not showing up in my account on the Donations page. The payments are also not showing up in either my PayPal account of my bank account connected to Stripe. It is not set to test mode. And I have other sales through the Commerce page that ARE working. Any thoughts?
  17. Processing donations in multiple currencies - Advice Needed ๐Ÿ™‚ Has any one worked with a third party donation processor that can integrate with Square Space that returns different payment accounts/links depending on the user's IP address ? We are a small international charity with clusters of supporters in US, UK, Guatemala, Central Europe and need a simple way to process donations from supporters in all of these locations without having to have multiple landing pages.
  18. Hi, I'm attempting to add some new content to a donation receipt. While I've managed to figure out how to add static data, e.g. text, I don't know how to add dynamic data like the Billing First and Last Name and other form data input into the donation form. Are there any resources available here on Squarespace or elsewhere on the Internet that could offer instructions to add more references to form data? Thanks.
  19. Site URL: https://ridefortheliving.org Hi, we are a nonprofit thinking of ways to perfect our yearly campaign. We would like to have a donation thermometer on the webiste, but we don't have experience with coding. For this campaign, we collect donations through Kindful and we do have a donation thermometer on the crowdfunding page (example: https://jcckrakow.kindful.com/ride-for-the-living-2020). It would be great if the thermometer on the website could be linked with Kindful so that it would update automatically, but we could also update the numbers manually if that would be impossible. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions on how to make this work? I would really appreciate any insight ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much!
  20. Site URL: https://plums-aqua-hnh3.squarespace.com/ Hi, How can I make Store page items donation-based? I thought I could use the "donation" button, but I'm unable to embed it in. https://plums-aqua-hnh3.squarespace.com/ Thanks!
  21. Hi - Our organization recruits donations in time and money and I'd like to have single form where folks can register and select drom among the following options: 1. Donate Time 2. Donate Money 3. Donate Time & Money My hope woud be that selecting option 1 would allow the user to by-pass the donation blcok, while optios 2 and 3 would take the user through the Donation Block for payment. Is this possible without custom code? (We really don't have the resources to develop & support custom code.) Thanks in advance -
  22. Site URL: https://apricots-ranunculus-jldd.squarespace.com/joinsu Hello - I am working a new, unpublished site and am trying to create a donation block with a form. I've created everything, - but when I click on the "Donate" button to presumably take me to the form, I get this error message. This site is currently private. If youโ€™re the owner or contributor, log in. When I click on "log in" I get 404 page not found. Any help would be apprecitated. Thanks!
  23. Hi, I have been trying to figure this out for a while with no luck - I was wondering if it was possible to embed a donation block into an individual product listing on a squarespace site? I can see that it is possible to add donation blocks to pages but not to products it seems. We have been meaning to launch a few items with the proceeds going to a fundraiser campaign off-site, and were wondering if there was a way to do it so that the customers donate directly, and also for the donations to be tied to a product code (instead of us collecting the proceeds and donating them on their behalf after the purchase is done). Any help is much appreciated, thanks! X
  24. Site URL: https://www.legendsandlegaciesrun.com/payment I am trying to make the words "thank ou" in the donation confirmation page centered. Help?
  25. Site URL: http://wethepeoplewa.org.au Hello. We are developing our website for our non profit. It hasn't gone live yet. have set up the donation function. When I click on the 'Donate' button it takes me to a blank page with this text. When I click on log-in I get a 404 page. Any ideas? Private Site This site is currently private. If youโ€™re the owner or contributor, log in.
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