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  1. You really should search the forum before you create a new post. There are quite a few posts about this...
  2. I brought this up in another post that has yet get an answer... Indexes seem extremely limited... Ling.
  3. I am guessing SS has never implemented it due to all plans having "unlimited storage", while Wix has a 50 GB cap. Still a poor reason to not include the function...
  4. See video in either thread: Could you try that, then instead just leave the link blank?
  5. I used the following code to invert a logo depending on contrast over a cycling image carousel. <style> body.collection-type-index .color-weight-dark #logo img { -webkit-filter: invert(100%); </style> Might be able to do something similar? Ling.
  6. <script> $(function(){ $(".folder-parent").eq(0).click(function(){ window.location.assign("resort") }); }); </script> Class, entity number, function, relative address. I have just duplicated for each folder, but maybe there is a more efficient way. Thanks to Vigasan. Ling.
  7. Template: Forte Hi all, The Index Page within Forte creates a transitioning gallery based on the first image of folders contained within it. Navigation arrows to move through the Index can be toggled on to appear on the sides. What I have recently noticed is that even though the images loop, there is no navigation arrow to move between the first and last image. Is this a bug or an oversight? gkaperth.com Ling.
  8. Template: Forte Hi all, I setup folder links using <a href="url slug"> to link to an alternate menu, but they have since ceased to work. Thinking that it might have been some issue with the relative addresses, I have tried using external addresses to no avail. Ling.
  9. Assuming the tabs on the header are folders, set the Folder Navigation Title to: <a href="/url_slug">title</a> Said url slug being for your About page. Though, this is not working for me recently for some unknown reason... Ling.
  10. Template: Forte Hi all, Is there some way to have an Index Page that clicks through to a Gallery? Currently I have a bunch of Galleries split between several folders by category, a few which have content that is featured on an Index Page. So far, the only way I have found to navigate between the Index Page and the Galleries is to house them within the Index Page then use an internal Link within the folder to reach it from there. While this does work, the issue is that now that the Gallery is housed under the Index Page, any modifications of what to show on said Index Page requires the reshuffling and relinking of the relevant Galleries. If we wanted to take Links to the end of the earth, we could house every Gallery under the said Index Page, toggling which to show be enabling / disabling them, then populate the folders with Links to each and every Gallery but this makes finding anything in the Editor a nightmare... and if you have multiple Index Pages of which share some content, you are out of luck... Ling.
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