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  1. This may be the answer to your problems @rdreed 🙂 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sqspthemes.com/tweak-log/custom-blog-style%3fformat=amp
  2. It would be worth adding the newsletter form with the embed code that MailChimp provides so it goes directly to them. More here: https://mailchimp.com/help/add-a-signup-form-to-your-website/
  3. There is the option of using the Tag Cloud content block and then make the text all the same size by putting this into the Custom CSS: .tagcloud-block .name { font-size: medium !important } This isn't as an elegant solution @paul2009's as you'd have to manually input it into each blog, but it has the potential to be a simple fix.
  4. Hey @paul2009, Completely agree, I was hoping that with the hype at the Apple event that they would be more supportive in the iOS on iPad. Good shout, I've reached out to their team on Customer Support and Twitter who said they will pass it along already. They've said they don't support iOS which is a shame for the hype we've already mentioned. So fingers crossed they add it to the app. P.s. I saw on another post Paul that you said the emojis won't working for you in the forum - they aren't working for myself either. Hope you are well!
  5. Hi there, Currently the product variant option is only allowing one character on iPad. Now that the iPad has had it's big update and Apple featured Squarespace in their presentation for the new iPad, I imagine this is just a teething issue. Apologies if this is the wrong place in the Ciricle Forum to post this. If anyone has any advice to help that would be great :) Mary
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