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  1. Hey y'all! I've reached the point where I'm very comfortable with my CSS knowledge, but feel limited with my broken understanding of the script languages. I've studied a bit of info off of w3schools, but I am looking for recommendations for any resources or courses that do a thorough job of explaining java/jquery - and then understanding how to apply it in a context such as SS. TIA!
  2. Hi guys, I would like my BLOG to be multilingual (English & Vietnamese). However, pretty font options for Vietnamese are quite limited, and I don't want may main body text for all other pages to be Times New Roman or something as well, so is it possible to adjust font of blog body test custom within one post ? I have posts in English in Vietnamese, I would like the main font still to be Freight Sans Pro for example, which doesn't support Vietnamese. But I also want to have the option to choose Times New Roman within the post. Many thanks in advance !
  3. Site URL: https://oopsvegan.com/ Hi! I am wondering how can I add hreflang tags to my blog posts. I have a multilingual site with 2 languages (English and Spanish). Google seems to not differentiate the 2 languages because when i add the name of my website on Google, the search result give a mix of English and Spanish. View screenshot attached. Will adding a hreflang tag solve this, what else should I be looking at? Thanks so much Patricia
  4. We're a small business offering counselling in a multilingual city. We've been trying to figure out how to make our website multilingual, but we can't seem to find an easy way to do so. Our hope is to have a '"FRANÇAIS" link in the primary nav, which would link to a separate French homepage with French navigation links. But when I try doing so, the English primary nav links remain on the French homepage. Is there a way to make an entirely separate homepage with new navigation links? Thank you for your help.
  5. Site URL: https://gvs.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm in the process of working on a bilingual website and would like to find a way to have the button in the navigation bar act as a language toggle between English and Welsh. I'm using Weglot and it's simple enough to get it to switch from English to welsh using the #weglot-cy tag, the language translates automatically too. The issue I have is in changing the hyperlink based on what the language is currently set to. Alternatively, is there a way of replacing the button with Weglot's own widget? I can place it in the menu, but it looks untidy. I'd want it positioned to replace the button if possible. Hugely grateful for any help anyone can provide. Password to the site is Welc0me1 Kris
  6. Site URL: https://carnation-synthesizer-ka52.squarespace.com/ Hi guys, I need to create a multilingual solution. I have been looking at @tuanphan's workthroughs such as the 3 language one on the blog. What I need is a solution where I can have 6 languages - manually translated pages - 6 flags in the header or just above the header to switch between them. Is this possible? Thanks to anyone who can help! Been trying to work this out for ages. https://carnation-synthesizer-ka52.squarespace.com/ is the site link. Kane
  7. Site URL: https://www.primroselaboratories.com/ The default language of my site is Dutch. This is apparently not supported by squarespace so set words as 'read more' on blog page and 'shopping cart' 'continue shopping' 'quantity' etc are all set in English. I did find CSS on this forum to change word by word but the issue I have is that I work with Weglot to translate my site in 3 other languages. The words changed by CSS are then staying in Dutch and are no longer translated. At Weglot they said, I should use JS coding to adjust all the words and then Weglot can work as usual. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
  8. Site URL: http://ecebizcoach.org Hello. I have a 2-page site. One page is in English, and the second page contains the same information in Spanish. The site is set to English. For accessibility purposes, I would like to inject code so the Spanish page can be properly read by screen readers. Does anyone have code to set the language on a single, specific page? Thank you!
  9. Site URL: https://www.preg-design.no How can I change "back" text in mobile nav menu? Template Mojave
  10. We are using the font Aktiv Grotesk for our website but need to add macrons over certain letters for words in the Maori language. The letters appear in a different font whenever a macron is selected. Research online suggested uploading Adobe Typekit (with all characters selected) but it doesn't seem possible to add a custom font to Squarespace 7.1. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Site URL: https://www.wearestaffy.com Hi everyone, I just finished the version of my website in Spanish but y want to make one in English with a different menu, texts, etc but on the same domine. How can I do that? Thank you Nicolas
  12. Hi There! I'm in the processes of building a website to become a pilates/yoga subscription page. I want it to be available in French and English. With the member areas, what is the best way to do this? Is it possible to have two separate member areas per language? Or should there be one page, with a double up of copy/content?
  13. Site URL: https://www.frotteedimare.ch/ Hi all! I am trying to implement a Weglot language switcher in my secondary navigation (https://www.frotteedimare.ch/, top right corner), aiming to imitate the functionality of the native Wiglot language switcher (at the bottom of the page) but having it seamlessly integrated in the existing design. So far i have a dropdown menu (folder) with one link in it ("EN" for English). The link is working (using "#Weglot-en" as link), following the description from this site: https://blog.weglot.com/switching-around-on-squarespace-how-to-design-your-language-button/ Whats does not work so far is getting me back to German using the folder title. I tried to put custom code into the folders navigation title, like: <a href="#Weglot-de">DE</a> As explained in: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/11723-how-do-i-link-a-folder-title-within-the-navigation-to-a-page/ This creates a link, but does not work. Am i wrong with the address of the link? I would love not having an additional link in the dropdown folder for the second language. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Site URL: https://gimel.cc hey – my store's logo/sign is the Hebrew letter ג, though the SquareSpace fonts do not support Hebrew letters so it looks quite strange. I've uploaded my own Hebrew fonts for that reason but i'd like to create some code that would only change one language or only whenever the character "ג" shows up. (I'd like to keep the current English font that i have, only this letter is problematic)
  15. Hello everyone, I am currently creating an event website for three different events which follow under the same branding. Since the content won't be the same as the events will be held in different times and with different panelists, I was wondering if there was a way to have a redirect whenever someone enters on the website, based on the browser language - as for example if you have your language set up as german you will be redirected to /de/home and so on for the other three languages. Hope this is feasible, thanks as always for your huge help! Best, Andrea
  16. Is there any way to show the checkout page in different languages? I know it's possible to translate it from the Settings menu, but then I have to choose one single language. I've checked Weglot but it looks like they've found a solution to translate all the pages but the checkout page. Is there any code that I could inject to do so? Any help will be truly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Site URL: http://www.pimpirim.lt/ Hi, I recently began developing a website with squarespace but ran into an issue. The language of the country I am palling to retail in is not supported. The entire website is in Lithuanian but some elements remain in English, such as: add to cart, select, checkout and so on. Is there a way to edit the html code and replace these with words of my choosing?
  18. Hello, I am trying to set up a 2 language site where the header menu is only in one language and I am aware of all the custom guides floating around here. But my question is simpler: Can someone explain the following quote from Squarespace's official support document? This is exactly what I am trying to do without any custom code, but I have a hard time understanding it: If you only want one language's navigation links to display at a time, there are a couple options: Add all your pages to the Not Linked section, then use content links on each page to create a navigation. source: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205809778-Creating-a-multilingual-site-in-Squarespace Thank you Michael
  19. Site URL: https://www.lifeist.cz Hi, I need to change the texts (language) in the whole comment section (Comments, Newest first, Subscribe via e-mail, Preview, Post comment). Does anyone know how?
  20. Site URL: https://costa-music.com I have just finished a 2-language site. I have made 2 language switch buttons for the header, and entered the code as seen in the attached images: 1 in settings-advanced-code injection and 2 in design-custom css. There are small 2 problems with the result. 1) the language buttons link to the home page and not to the current page in the new language (eg the EN button links to en/home, and the DE to de/start) 2) the buttons show well on both desktop versions, but don't appear on the mobile menu in the German version, only in the English version, and I can't see why not. Can anybody help please? Thanks!
  21. Site URL: https://www.unheardvisuals.com/ hey guys! my website is almost done, just have a few tweeks until it's good to go! i need help with some codes, i managed to find a code that allows me to seperate the english and french version of my website perfectly except for a few minor things, here's the list of things i need to change! 🙂 when entering the website, choose '' Francais '' 1- in the section '' Impression '' , under each image we reads '' From 65$ CAD '' i'd like to change it to '' À partir de 65$ CAD " 2 - when we click on an image , i'd like to change '' Add to cart '' to '' Ajouter au panier '' 3 - in the '' contactez moi '' Tab , i'd like to change '' name '' and '' last name'' to '' Prénom '' and '' Nom '' hope someone out there can help me out! thanks you so much in advance 🙂
  22. Site URL: http://www.kimikawa.com https://www.kimikawa.com/ code: help I've recently installed a language option on my site through this tutorial, and tried adapting the design with padding but it doesn't really work on the mobile version (see info). From what i understand, it's just resting on top of the page right now. Is there a clever way to integrate it in the menu so it works in all formats? Thanks! -Kimmie
  23. HELP! I'm having problems with date. My site is in Finnish, and I don't want to hide months. I'd like to show a number instead of month: e.g. 12.3.2021. How I can make this happen? Blog summary blockId":"6fef3f5ae4cc9f0a1af1 blogs <time class="Blog-meta-item Blog-meta-item--date" datetime="2020-12-08" id="yui_3_17_2_1_1613466147605_439">8 December 2020</time> and blog page <time class="Blog-meta-item Blog-meta-item--date" datetime="2020-12-08">8 December 2020</time> Best regards, Katja
  24. Site URL: https://tulip-grasshopper-g8dw.squarespace.com/grontvattat Hi! I've tried different solutions found in this forum with no success, so here it goes: https://tulip-grasshopper-g8dw.squarespace.com/grontvattat (password Greenery2021) This blog is in Swedish, and I have three difficulties: 1) I can't seem to change the "Read more" link to Swedish. I've tried changing to Sweden in settings, which didn't do anything. Which code should I put in the CSS to change this? 2) Also, is there a way to stop the headlines from cutting long words? Perhaps an automatic scaling of headline size to avoid this? (Example in the second blogpost from the top: "Fick nog – nu avslöjar hon greenwashingkampanjerna" where the last word is getting chopped in two) 3) I have no luck changing the date format to a Swedish one. I would like either in Swedish (for example 15 februari 2021) or day/month-year like this: 15/2-2021. Last option is yearmonthday, like this: 210215 How do I change this?
  25. Site URL: https://www.unheardvisuals.com/ Site URL: https://www.unheardvisuals.com/ hey guys! my website is almost done, just have a few tweeks until it's good to go! i need help with some codes, i managed to find a code that allows me to seperate the english and french version of my website perfectly except for a few minor things, here's the list of things i need to change! 🙂 when entering the website, choose '' Francais '' 1- in the section '' Impression '' , under each image we reads '' From 65$ CAD '' i'd like to change it to '' À partir de 65$ CAD " 2 - when we click on an image , i'd like to change '' Add to cart '' to '' Ajouter au panier '' 3 - in the '' contactez moi '' Tab , i'd like to change '' name '' and '' last name'' to '' Prénom '' and '' Nom '' hope someone out there can help me out! thanks you so much in advance 🙂
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