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Found 19 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.michaelabellphotography.com I use the Squaremuse Osaka theme for my website and I’d like to open a shop but I only use square for my business. As when I open the shop the shopping cart I’m the corner will appear on all platforms. When choosing the commercial plan are you able to get that shopping cart icon to display only on the shop page? Would my Sqauremuse design be effected by the switch in my plans? HELP ME!!
  2. Hello dear squarespace fellows ! I would like to create a folder or a page allowing me to propose a thematic exchange forum to my visitors (possibly with a prior registration request). Have you found a way to do that? Is it possible to plug such a solution from a third party site (ie. zapier or an open source / free solution easy to implement)? I'll tell you right away that I'm not a computer scientist and have no notion of code, but I can understand and apply a lot of things! I thank you in advance for your help (DeepL is my best friend because my English remains limited, poor French that I am!) eric
  3. Site URL: http://www.questionsfordancerstoday.com Dear Squarespace friends and community, my name is Sam Hersch. I run the website Questions Worth the Asking, a questionnaire for dancers the social media age. I've had it since November, and what I need is to find a way of publicly displaying each of the answers to each of the questions and "I statements" that are on each page. All the information that you'll need is below.
  4. Hi all, I'm a newcomer to Squarespace but have decent tech literacy. I'm putting together a pretty simple memorial website for my mom, who passed away recently. I'd like to have a page where her friends can leave memories via some sort of comments function. But I don't like the blog solution (i.e. do a blog page, post a blog, and then have folks comment on the blog). Ideally they'd click on the page and see a simple interface where others have left memories and where they can easily leave their own. Any suggestions? This is the only remaining challenge, I've figured out everything else I want to do (my main goal is to share photos). Also, I'm not up for adventurous programming at this point, really just want to get something up for her friends quickly, and I'm myself also in mourning. Many thanks in advance, Annette
  5. Is it possible to have a comment section below a gallery section, so that people can have a conversation about the images in the gallery? FYI, I'm working in v7.1
  6. I feel like I must be missing something obvious, but I can't find a page about this on the help site. I've signed up for a reCAPTCHA v2, and have added the keys to my site, but I can't find any option to enable the reCAPTCHA on the comments box on my blog posts. The only instructions I can find are for adding it to a newsletter or form block, and I don't see equivalent options anywhere on the Blog page, including Blog settings and Comment settings. Can anyone give some advice? I'd like to have comments on my blog posts without inviting spam bots. Thank you!
  7. Currently, the font for the header/title for 'Comments (0)' is set to Header 3 and is pulling through the same size for the heading across the rest of the site. However the font is being cut off for some reason and I would either like to change the font to one of my other headings or resize the font. Any ideas how I would do this? I cannot seem to do this in the site styles. Many thanks,
  8. Hi, I am trying to add facebook commenting to my blog. I was able to get the code and add it to individual posts. but is there a way to do it so that it automatically adds it to new posts without me having to take each individual blog URL and make a new code?
  9. What CSS can I use to change the "Post Comment..." text that appears on my comment button to something else?
  10. I've got all the proper settings done for "enable comments" etc, and the comments box shows when my Blog Page is highlighted under the Page Edit menu, however it does not show in any other situation including the published blog page. I've reread the old forum answers but found no solution, only others with the same unresolved issue. Any suggestions or ideas? http://www.josephsavant.com/moto-adventure leads to the link for the following page - http://www.josephsavant.com/newfoundland which in turn does not display the Comment Box or option for Email Subscription. I'm using the Flatiron template.
  11. I have added a Mailchimp RSS subscription form to my Blog page sidebar. As I now have this link, I want to be able to delete the 'Subscribe via email' link in the comments box on a blog post. This link asks readers to create a Squarespace account, which is confusing and unnecessary now I have the Mailchimp RSS. How can I delete this? There doesn't seem to be any editing function for this link.
  12. If someone comments on my site, and another responds to their comment, I just want them to be notified. Not too much to ask...
  13. I am looking to add a comments box at the bottom of a regular page on my site. Can anyone advise how tricky this is to do with custom code?
  14. Hello, how can the Login option at comment boxes be disabled? I want to allow only guest comments (maybe Login with Twitter, Facebook and Google) but not with Squarespace account. Thank you for your answers.
  15. I'm using the Tudor template. I want the comments box (on blog post pages) to be visible even when there are no comments yet. Basically I want the white comment form box to show all the time, to entice more commenting, rather than having to click "Leave a comment" before the box appears.
  16. Hello! I have created a workaround for an author bio on my site, viewable on this page https://bitbloggist.com/video-game-blog-collection/how-to-fix-super-mario-party. It looks great and serves the purpose that I need it to, however, if someone clicks on the author bio (summary list), it takes the visitor to that specific blog page. https://bitbloggist.com/authors/jake-martin I'd like this blog page ONLY to not have meta tags and the comment section, because it doesn't really make sense. Is this possible through page header code injection or post blog item code injection?
  17. The font to leave comments within my Blog is invisible because the Body Text is set to white (which I want to keep white on the rest of the site). I have read that this can be resolved with the following strip of code:.comment-input { color: #000000 !important; } But I’m wondering where I put it in the code? Thank you!
  18. I was wondering if it's possible to comment out large chunks of JSON-T code. <!-- Comments like this appear in the HTML, which is not what I want. --> {# Comments like this work great for single lines of text, and don't show up in HTML} Are there any other methods of hiding JSON-T and HTML template code?
  19. In the Tudor template, comments on pages are hidden and you have to click the "Leave a comment/ Show X comments" link to show the comment field and the comments. I am looking to make it so that those are displayed by default without the need to click on that link. Anybody have any experience doing this either on Tudor, or even any other templates that do the same thing with comments, they could throw my way? tia
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