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  1. Site URL: https://www.experiential-psychotherapies.com Can anyone recommend an alternative commenting plugin to Squarespace comments or Disqus? Squarespace support told me those were my only two options but I read that because I'm paying for their business plan I can integrate other commenting systems using custom code. Is this accurate and is there a better option? A bug in the Squarespace Comments system prevents visitors from subscribing to blog threads on Safari and Chrome!!! And I'm finding that some people can't subscribe to Disqus because the "verification email" never comes
  2. I don't want receive notifications for every comment on a blog post. Is there a way of turning it off?
  3. Site URL: https://www.okeiollarikki.fi/podcast/tosi-tarinoita-mielenterveydest-raikku-tuomikanto Hey there, I haven.t been able to remove the "Preview" button / text from my websites comment box section. Can anyone kindly assist me? The page is at: https://www.okeiollarikki.fi/podcast/tosi-tarinoita-mielenterveydest-raikku-tuomikanto Below is also an image where you can see the small "preview" text within the comment box that i wanna get rid off.
  4. Site URL: https://www.etlicsw.com/ Hello I am trying to modify the color of the comment box on a client's website. Currently the comment box background color is white- is there anyway to change this to a different color (wanting it to be green like the background). Is there a CSS code I could use as I don't see it in the built in. Thanks!
  5. Site URL: https://www.butterfliesandaliens.com/stacks/a-love-letter-to-libraries I've got a website running in Squarespace 7.1. What I'd like to do in the comment block at the end of every blog post is: a) Change the word "Comments" to "Marginalia" b) Have it be in a smaller headline format Is that possible in the 7.1 templates? Custom CSS? Thanks!
  6. Hello dear squarespace fellows ! I would like to create a folder or a page allowing me to propose a thematic exchange forum to my visitors (possibly with a prior registration request). Have you found a way to do that? Is it possible to plug such a solution from a third party site (ie. zapier or an open source / free solution easy to implement)? I'll tell you right away that I'm not a computer scientist and have no notion of code, but I can understand and apply a lot of things! I thank you in advance for your help (DeepL is my best friend because my English remains li
  7. I dont like the "Blog" function on the older version site that we have currently housed on SquareSpace. Wondering if I can just enter code to have a comments section appear at the bottom of a regular page? Is this something that's possible? Edit: If it helps the site is built on the 7.0 version!
  8. Site URL: https://www.jabfurniturerehab.com/available-furniture/p/artistically-handpainted-jacobean-style-lighted-cabinet I have installed the facebook comments successfully on my product page but when trying to test it out, it does not work. User can type into the comment field but it doesn't ever let you post it. And trying to login to facebook, it seems to be that I got logged in - no error is displayed- but my facebook profile image does not load and still no way to actually post my comment. It just erases the comment and goes back to a blank comment field and the comment count still
  9. Site URL: https://thepuritycompany.co.uk/shop/velvet-balm?category=Body Happy New Year everyone! I'm trying to add the Facebook comment to my products and I'm struggling a bit. I can add the Java SDK perfectly well to the Code Injection page but it's when it comes to the additional info part of a specific product that it all goes wrong! I've put the specific product into the URL up there so you can see what it's doing. I've ensured that it's a Code Block I'm adding to the additional info part of the product but all I get is the code, and not the Facebook comment box I w
  10. Hello everyone. Just having switched from WordPress to Squarespace, I am missing a feature that allows me to display the latest blog comments (of all posts) somewhere on a page. Is that possible? Thanks.
  11. Site URL: https://www.fromsarahtoyou.com/ Is there a way to insert comment boxes throughout my blog page, instead of just one comment box at the bottom? I break each blog post up into sections so I'd love to be able to have comments under each section.
  12. Site URL: https://www.jennacopywrites.com/blog Hi - in my blog (it's still a bit scrappy) - the "post comment" field is missing (when I visit the site as logged out user). And also, the social share buttons are nowhere to be found, even though I have them enabled. How can I enable both to work? Thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://www.flyscienceguystarshows.com/ Hey! I'm just looking to add placeholder text to my comment box at the bottom of my blogs. Is this possible?
  14. Site URL: https://www.guaduabamboo.com Hi, does anybody know if it impossible to make blog comments indexable for the search engines? There are very valuable comments on some of my blog pages but they aren't found in google which is a shame as this could contribute to more traffic.
  15. Site URL: https://www.skin-matter.com/ Hi there, Can someone help me out with a piece of code that I could use in order to make a simple review posts on each of product pages. It can be similar to the comments on the blog pages available now. Thanks!
  16. Site URL: https://www.dopecan.com Hi Everyone, I've had a client inquiry asking if it's possible to have the gallery images to show or enable people to like and comment on each image? Would this have to be set up as a blog summary? Is there a plugin that could solve this request? I'm trying to establish the options open for the client that can provide these features. Many thanks in advance :0)
  17. Site URL: https://shelahknits.com Hello, I am having trouble setting up my comments on my blog. The comment box is not showing. I tried setting it up on the Blogging section and on each blog post itself, even tried adjusting my spacing and margins. Did someone else encounter this? Please help. Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. - Shelah
  18. Site URL: https://www.frillup.ch/ I am trying to add comment section and ratings for each product on my E commerce. I found something that only allows me to either add ratings or comment box, but not both. I would like some feedbacks from my customers. Can anyone please help me with that? https://www.frillup.ch/
  19. Site URL: https://enzel.me I have a new 7.1 site with a blog page. I have comments turned on globally (Enable comments by defaukt). Yet when I create a new blog post comments are off by default. I would like the default to be comments on for new posts.
  20. In the Tudor template, comments on pages are hidden and you have to click the "Leave a comment/ Show X comments" link to show the comment field and the comments. I am looking to make it so that those are displayed by default without the need to click on that link. Anybody have any experience doing this either on Tudor, or even any other templates that do the same thing with comments, they could throw my way? tia
  21. Site URL: http://www.blueforeststudios.squarespace.com Hi. I want to add comments to a page that is not a blog page. Can anyone recommend a good plug-in that is not Facebook and does not require a social login? Has anyone tried POWR or similar? thanks!
  22. Hi all, I'm a newcomer to Squarespace but have decent tech literacy. I'm putting together a pretty simple memorial website for my mom, who passed away recently. I'd like to have a page where her friends can leave memories via some sort of comments function. But I don't like the blog solution (i.e. do a blog page, post a blog, and then have folks comment on the blog). Ideally they'd click on the page and see a simple interface where others have left memories and where they can easily leave their own. Any suggestions? This is the only remaining challenge, I've figured out everythin
  23. Site URL: https://www.angeliquemartina.com/articles-archive/article-1 Hi, I'm trying to move the Squarespace comment box on blog pages. So that it will show up above the 'Other articles' summary block. It's now placed automatically right above the footer. Can anyone help?
  24. Site URL: http://adastrastories.com Hi there, I'd like to edit the footer of my blog post beyond what is allowed in Squarespace's design properties, specifically: 1) The comment section. Is there a way to move this higher up (above the social icons/metadata)? Also, is there a way to make the "Leave a comment" larger and bold? Basically, feedback has been that it's too hard to find. 2) I can't seem to find a way to hide the metadata. I was able to hide the author name, but not that. Thank you so much! If helpful, I'll email the password for the site.
  25. Site URL: https://www.2072massaveapts.com/community-feedback/comments Good day! I'm trying to style a blog's comments section. I would like to: 1. Make published comments span the content width of the page 2. Decrease the spacing between lines Nice-to-haves: 1. I also tried to feature a specific blog in full on a page however have been unable to. The experience is requiring the user to click on the Blog's title to view the blog. 2. Is it possible for people to be notified by email if others comment on their comments? Would VERY much appreciate help from t
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