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  1. @creedon. You are not going to believe this but this actually works. /* remove footer */ body[class*="type-blog"].view-list footer.sections { display: none; } If this ever does not work I will take in your suggestion about tagging but I cannot believe it that this works. I found it on this blog. https://summaryblock.com/squarespace-remove-footer-code/#How_to_remove_Footer_on_Individual_Blog_Posts thank you for responding. I appreciate it.
  2. I can remove the site footer from the whole website by using footer {display:none} but I only want the footer on the home page. there is no option to target the individual post unless I target the item number but I would end up with hundreds of css codes. Is there a way to target the footer on an individual blog post? I tried the main collection page which works but it doesn't transfer over to the individual post. Thanks.
  3. Is it possible to have soundcloud only play once but not replay again if the user goes to another page and comes back? It may have someone to do with cookies so i enabled third party just to test but nope, as soon as I go away from that page and come back it starts up again. I don't want users to have that kind of experience. This may be out of the realm of SS so I totally understand if there is no answer on this one PW 2024 https://www.moetalks.com/media
  4. I think this may have fixed it. I targed the specific section and change the heading from h3 to p and it got smaller. You can check though. Still open. .design-layout-inline .image-caption-wrapper { padding: 0px!important; padding-left: 5px!important; } .design-layout-inline .image-caption-wrapper p { margin-top: 1px; margin-bottom: 1px; } }
  5. https://www.moetalks.com/theatre/2024/the-wiz PW 2024
  6. Because that photos actually smaller on the webpage, it's obsuring some of the photo. Is there a way to make the that black lightbox smaller. I have other photos on this page and it's happening on those as well. I will just target this collection if I can make this happen. Thanks in advance.
  7. And after a year this still does not work. I fight this all the time. there is clearly room for this text box to come up and yet it doesn't, which then throws off the next paragraph. How do I send this to the developers or squarespace support because this is absolutely outrageous that paragarphs don't snap back when rows are empty.
  8. I tried creating a transparent image which overlays on tops of the markup and gave the transparent the same link, however, it does not close using the X so so i have to have it open in a new tab and hopefully people will know to close the tab but if there is a way to make a markdown do this or a work around, Im all for it. Thanks PW 2024
  9. Hi @tuanphan. I gave up on the blog. The 7.0 version just sucks rotten eggs 😂. I'm just going to continue creating web pages and will deal later on with figuring out how to categorize them without blog categories. The blog that I have there now will suffice. You are always ready to help and I do appreciate it.
  10. And honestly mine is just an opinion as well. I'm sure there are plenty of SS users who are able to enjoy it as is but you are right @creedon, these do need to go to customer support. I'm going to compile my little list and give it a whirl. And thanks for all your post and codes. People like you are much appreciated. Have a great day.
  11. This is not good news. And the reason why this is not is blog post are stuck on 7.0. It does not have the flair not capability to do what fluid engine does. I cannot add full bleeds images, I can't change grid spacing and in the end, you end up looking like every other blog and yes, there are css customization but my god, I can't keep up with all the css that I have to add just to say remove the extra paragraph space, or I have to visit the inspector for every minor thing and then only to have SS update and have to start all over again. I still believe I made a very very poor decision when coming to SS but it's one I have to live with now. I still appreciate the help that people have given me but I need to do better in life. I just needed to vent.
  12. Doesn't work for me because i'm on a regular paid plan and not a business plan. Thanks anyway.
  13. Also, I need to add that this ⮕ article .sqs-block-image-figure.intrinsic:nth-child(1) is affecting all the images on my blog post, not just the first one. I don't undersdtand the parent/child relationship with the other images.
  14. I wanted to try using blog post because regular pages don't have categories. The blog will still work for what I want BUT I cannot achieve a full bleed of the first image. I've tinkered all day with the code that Becca provided from insidethesquare but I can't make it work. Apparently, blog posts work in 7.0 and don't have the features that 7.1 has. This just feels hopeless. PW: 2024 This is what I created with just a regular page and I like. https://www.moetalks.com/film-tv/the-wedding-year This is the test blog version. https://www.moetalks.com/film-tv/the-wedding-year I've targeted the section because the sql-block-image affected the entire site. I added the figure.intrinsic just to see if I could target the image and it did. Unfortunately, image bleeds to the right but not to the left. I added a transform:translatex(-12vw) which works until you expand the screen. This is one that I cannot figure out. Any help would be appreciated. [data-section-id="66204140a638fb72fb95e09a"]{ article .sqs-block-image-figure.intrinsic:nth-child(1){ padding:0!important; position: static; width: 100vw; transform:translatex(-12vw) } article {overflow-x: hidden} }
  15. Someone please tell me why o why? Why is it that every time I feel like i've exhausted all remedies and hope on finding an answer and I reach out to this forum, all of a sudden I find it. It's taken me 2.5 hours to find this answer AND on top of that, it was from on old circle member in this forum (https://forum.squarespace.com/profile/9595-rwp/) Not sure is he is still on but thank you for this code. Now I have to figure out then what exactly does the margin-width do but that's another day. This can be closed. #header { max-width: 1920px; margin: auto; } section.page-section { max-width: 1920px; margin: auto; }
  16. I would like all my content to maintain is 1100 max width margin on desktop. I would like it to do what this site does: https://www.slashfilm.com/ No matter how far you stretch this site in chrome, firefox, etc. the text and all images maintain it's margin. Currently only my sections and all within the sections seems to maintain the site margin width but header and probably the footer (when I create one) stretches "responsively" and I don't know how to stop that. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  17. And once again after spending all day working my regular job and tryig to figure out this code, the minute I send a message to the forum I figure it out. I needed to target the #page and NOT the sqs-block-html. It works now perfect. Site is still open but thanks anyway.
  18. www.moetalks.com password 2024 Start in css at line 62. I am trying to change the style of the hover links on the site navigation only. This first part works great. Just the way I want it on the navigation part on all pages. // dropdown background & font colors // .header-nav-folder-item { background: #0b5394; /* opacity: 100%!important; if you want to make it a little less blue*/ a { color: white!important; } } // dropdown hover colors // .header-nav-folder-item:hover { background: #fac827; } /* Nav item hover color */ .header-nav-item a:hover { font-weight: bold!important; text-decoration:underline!important; a { color: white!important; } } But as soon as I add the below, it overrides the navigation and uses the below for the entire site, including the navigation. I tried the #page selector and it works but because I also have markdown blocks that have links in them I would have to create a different code for each markdown block. It works perfectly without the #page selector but it's taking over the navigation. How do I just target hover navigation links? // #page .sqs-block-html // a {color: #0b5394!important; text-decoration: none!important; } // #page .sqs-block-html // a:hover { color: #0b5394!important; text-decoration: underline!important; font-weight:bold }
  19. Here is what I did Tuanphan and something I am noticing with Squarespace. Sections can get corrupt. I ended up deleting the section completely, then creating a new section, adding the video back to the new section and I have no problems whatsoever now.
  20. I tried this code as well and it didn't work.
  21. I'm having this same issue. Did you ever get this resolved?
  22. Ahhh, okay JS. I'm not on the business plan just the personal plan @tuanphan. Thanks for letting me know. Once I get close to what I think may be a final product I will decide if its worth it or not. This is really more of a personal blog project. Thanks again.
  23. If you look at the photo, this is just a youtube video that has one category showing. However, I have several categories that I would want people to choose from but it looks like it stays stuck on this page and the meta category this video is assigned to is the only place they can go back to. Since this is a video gallery page there is not a collection to target, only items page and I cannot target say 30+ plus individual gallery item post. So, is there a way to re-create my categories at top OR I would even be okay with just a "ALL" next to the meta data that goes back to the main gallery page. I tried to create an "All" category but it does not show up as the first word on the meta data link. If I have two other categories the "All" category can show up last. This is still in it's rough draft so is there another video gallery page that I should choose that will give me this option. These are going to be nothing more than video links. And sorry for the long explanation. Thanks.
  24. @tuanphan. How do I make it so that the background border shows at say 20px but the site links still remain at 100% visibility.
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