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  1. Hello there! I am using the Pacific Template in Squarespace 7.0 for my website. I want to have a Featured Gallery on my blog to highlight specific blog posts using images with click-through URLs. I use custom fonts for my website via Custom CSS. I have the Featured Gallery set up on my blog page, but I can't find the right Custom CSS code to change the title font for each image. I'd also like to change the position of the title to be lower (instead of in the middle). Can anyone assist? Thanks!
  2. How do I set up an image within a gallery so that it can be clicked on to open up to its own page/URL? I'm using the Pazari template & am worried it doesn't offer this feature. I've been told that gallery-style templates, which I think Pazari is, don't allow for clickable image pages. I hate the thought of starting all over again.
  3. Site URL: https://www.rebeccapeloquin.com/contact Hi there- I've tried various CSS codes but I can't seem to get my Wells template gallery pages to show as columns on mobile vs stacking. I'd like 2 or 3 columns but I can't get it to work for gallery pages only blocks. Any ideas?
  4. So I discovered this website and I love the layout... what would be the best way to do this with SquareSpace, if possible? I'm not sure if I should have the links going to blog posts, or just individual pages, but either way I think I could make it work! Thank you! Dan
  5. hello i am trying to link a page to a gallery image. i have selected the page but its not responding. I have a fade in caption via coding can anyone help please? the image shows the word wall as an example thanks
  6. Hey everyone, Does anyone know the CSS code to change the 'Title font' in an image description used on an image gallery index page Squaresapce 7.0 Brine? In regards to the attachment, I am wanting to change the Font of the 'Title'. "Yoga for me." Matt
  7. Hi all https://coconut-grasshopper-b736.squarespace.com password - gingerkev hi re hover effect over gallery images on ‘case studies’ homepage I see it now works on new Samsung android mobile phones - when you drag your finger down over images is thhere any custom JavaScript or similar which will get it to work on iPhones? thanks kev
  8. Site URL: https://www.millicentharvey.art/ password is Photo2022 - hibiscus-grouper-dy5p.squarespace.com my client loves the gallery display on the Wells template. Except when you make the browser smaller, at a certain point, the image description goes from the left sidebar over to the right in an overlay box. She does NOT want her art images blocked out in the corners. How do I remove this right aligned repositioning? I've seen other Wells based websites where the words move from left to under the image during the resizing but they don't move to the right. That would be ideal as once an edition sells out we'd want to remove the click-through link - then the description comes back into play and I need to be able to clearly mention "this limited edition has sold out" or whatever, but not on the right 🙂 Also - is it possible to have to descriptions show under the gallery thumbnail in desktop view as well? When I view the website in mobile I can see the photographs description under each images, but they are stacked in mobile not on a grid like in desktop - I'd like to see the titles of the images in desktop/grid view also if that's possible.
  9. Hi there! I'm having trouble adjust the appearance of my home page gallery. I can't get rid of this TAN line here and a SEPARATE (but similar issue) is that I can't make this orange promo bar appear the way I would like to. Can't seem to change the font or add my own PNG or anything like that which seems silly to me. Thanks so much! 🙂
  10. Our company does a lot of mobile ads/augmented reality. Would love to figure out how to make a gallery that features images at 9x16 or let you fit to height. The 3:2 version cuts images too much.
  11. I'm trying to add text and other blocks to a gallery section (simple slideshow). Version 7.1 of Square Space, does not support Gallery Blocks, it only allows full gallery sections. Is there a way around this so that I can add other blocks into a gallery section?
  12. My website landing page is setup as one big image gallery with thumbnail images linking to other individual pages. It's been working fine for years but recently has stopped directing my clickthrough URL links to the other pages. Image tabs in the Gallery just go to a slideshow now, which is not what I want. I've tried re-uploading the image files and changing the URL links to the web page addresses (instead of the clickthrough > content option) but it still won't work. Old links still seem to be fine but any new image links just go to slideshow. Can anybody help me out here? I'm unable to share new work until I get this figured out. Thanks
  13. Hello all, I am building a photography portfolio site and would like to use multiple aspect ratios of for different photos on the same gallery page. The majority of the photos so far are in 2:3 (portrait) and I would like to add one landscape 4:3 photo into a row while maintaining constant spacing between photos. I attached a little sketch to show what I have in mind. I'm assuming this would require some CSS script and I know nothing about that. Does anyone happen to have done anything similar that they wouldn't mind sharing? Also I know the 4:3 photo won't *technically* be 4:3, I just haven't figured out exactly what it will need to be to fit, yet. Thanks in advance, Ian Edit: I found an easy workaround to the point where I don't need any script, I just inserted a new section to the gallery page and used the "strips" gallery type, and only used two images. This created exactly the desired effect for anyone else that has this issue.
  14. Good day, Please help change the design of my arrow. Here the link of the arrow I want replaced: https://www.ptphotography.com/india-gate-i-india0001 This is the arrow I design I would like to duplicate (I would like it in red if possible): Thank you in advance!
  15. Hi all, I'm wondering if there's a way to code for showing file names (not captions) when photos are opened in a lightbox from a grid gallery. My client has hundreds of family photos, all named appropriately (i.e., Andy_1962.jpg) and they want the file name to show when opened in the lightbox, but not on the grid. I tried the below code, but it didn't work. Any insight? Header injection: <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.6.0.min.js" integrity="sha384-vtXRMe3mGCbOeY7l30aIg8H9p3GdeSe4IFlP6G8JMa7o7lXvnz3GFKzPxzJdPfGK" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> <script> window.Squarespace.onInitialize(Y, function(){ $('.slide img').each(function(i) { $('.image-slide-title').eq(i).html('' + $(this).attr('alt').replace('.jpg', '') + ''); }); }); </script> CSS: .sqs-gallery-block-grid.sqs-gallery-block-meta-only-title .margin-wrapper .image-slide-title { line-height: 1.2em; white-space: pre-wrap; overflow: visible; } Thanks! Mary Alice
  16. I'm trying to figure out a way to make these graphics flip or turn around on a hover to reveal a fact (written in the gallery description), as if you were turning over a playing card. if this possible to do with a grid gallery, or is there a better alternative? https://trivium-trivia.squarespace.com/content pw: manifest
  17. Is it possible for the new image added to a gallery to come up first in order and not at the end of the page?
  18. I have been setting up multiple photo galleries for my site. I have tried everything to add more than one at a time. Ctrl, Shift, trying to box with the mouse, etc. but I can only add one. I have hundreds of images from my PC to get onto the site. I have seen elsewhere on this forum that others experience this too, and have searched elsewhere for a fix. Is this native to the builder, or am I just missing something. With gratitude.
  19. Since I have been unable to find this through trial and error, is there any way to have gallery images shown in reverse chronological order, i.e, last in, first to be shown? As a photographer, I add new photographs several times a month, and right now, each time I have to reorder the gallery manually. Is there a better way?
  20. Anyone know where to alter what options are available when you right click an image in a gallery? I would love to be able to right click and get a link for an image thats on my site so I can more easily share a reference with someone, but that functionality is disabled across my whole site. Anyone have any insight or code tricks to allow this?
  21. Hello all, I have added a simple GALLERY GRID to my site in 7.1 but I no longer see the option to add SPACERS on either side of it (so that the gallery grid does NOT take up the whole width of the page). Does anyone know how I can add padding to either side of my gallery grid? THANKS!
  22. Site URL: https://coconut-grasshopper-b736.squarespace.com/config/pages/632491ecd2457c0d3e60fa0e?p site password : gingerkev Hi all When viewing my homepage on desktop you'll note my text hover feature on my grid overlay gallery. I know this hover feature does not (supposedly) work on mobile/tablet . Thats fine with me. However - i checked my site out on a new samsung flip mobile phone and hey presto - the hover WAS working on my homepage, on that particular mobile at least.. So does that mean the feature will one day work on Apple phones? Is this a new development? Is it too good to be true?!😀 Many thanks Kev
  23. I need to build a gallery of thumbnails with a filter system. I would be able to tag the images with an age, day, time, location so a user would be able to sort through about 200 groups they can join. When the user clicks on a thumbnail, it would take them to the specific group page. On the page I linked here, it would be at the bottom where there is currently nothing. The photo attached is an example of what I'm wanting. How would I get this to function? Should I start with a blog or portfolio page to be able to sort?
  24. I have this page: https://olivermwilson.com/work-1 that I am very happy with in desktop view but in mobile view I would like the the gallery to appear full bleed. I can change this on google inspect but no luck in css. I have tried the below: @media screen and (max-width: 767px) .gallery-masonry[data-width="full bleed"] { padding: 0vw; } Can anyone shed some light on this please? See image below of how I would like this to appear if possible. Thanks in advance!
  25. Hey there, I am trying to upload several albums with photos and I want to do a mix of portrait and landscape format in one album, but I can´t figure out how. The photos are always cropped in some way, I just find galleries that offer one or the other format. I read that somehow you can´t deactivate this crop mode, but where? Someone had the same issue and can help me? I would be very thankful! Steffi
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