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  1. Hello. Any way to add an autoplay mp4 video to a Gallery page in Version 7.0? I have the video link/embed coding all set, but can't seem to add the content in a way that it displays in the Gallery? Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. Site URL: https://www.bengoodmanart.com I've used the wells template in the past and loved the way it would display the image descriptions in the lower left corner. however, when switching to avenue I've noticed that the descriptions are not displayed. I can't find any way to change this. I love the layout of the site in every other way. I attached an image of where id like to be able to place it, in either of the areas indicated with red boxes. please let me know how to set this up! Thank you!
  3. I'm looking to add a background image behind a few different gallery sections and I cannot find a way to do that. Is there a CSS thing I can do to get that? Thanks!
  4. Writing in to complain but also to seek a solution from SS moderators, developers & administrators. I am not sure if anyone else experiences this but every time I arrange my images after uploading them to the gallery, the gallery seems to automatically reorder my images even just moving 1 image. For example, let's say in a gallery of 100 photos I'm moving the third image in the order to the fifth position, after confirming that I want that image in the fifth position, the gallery RANDOMLY SHUFFLES all the images in the set and it messes up the order of EVERYTHING, which forces me to delete everything and upload again, WASTEING TIME AND RESOURCES. Squarespace admins, developers, moderators, is there a solution to this? This is such a terrible and cumbersome user interface that has been present for the last 2 years of using Squarespace. For such a well-established portfolio client, this leaves a bad taste in the mouth, even a portfolio client I used previously before migrating to SS worked better than this. Please advise, thank you. Using Squarespace 7.1 on Brave browser.
  5. Hi, I realize Squarespace doesn't supply the option to disable clickthroughs for a gallery block, but I'm wondering if there is a CSS ... workaround? I'm familiar with very basic coding but nothing like this. Basically, I don't want the images in the gallery homepage to be clickable/openable. Wells template. I could switch to an image block but that doesn't give me this layout. Any help greatly appreciated!
  6. Site URL: https://www.bengoodmanart.com I've used the wells template in the past and loved the way it would display the image descriptions in the lower left corner. however, when switching to avenue I've noticed that the descriptions are not displayed. I can't find any way to change this. I love the layout of the site in every other way. I attached an image of where id like to be able to place it, in either of the areas indicated with red boxes. please let me know how to set this up! Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://karaleighfordceramics.com/library Hello, https://karaleighfordceramics.com/library I've used a gallery page on this 7.0 site to setup an image library. I've included a click through url on each image which directs to an external site. But I'm having an issue with the search bar on the gallery page. If you click a thumbnail within the gallery page it opens the clickthrough url, but when you click a search result within the gallery page, it open the image in a lightbox., disabling the clickthrough url. I need the search result to open the clickthrough url. Can anyone help please? Thank you.
  8. Site URL: https://tuatara-mandarin-t25h.squarespace.com I am pretty happy with how my desktop site is looking, but the mobile isn't working well for the gallery grid. On the desktop, I am able to hover and see the title text, but on mobile, it just shows a play button with no title or description anywhere. Id like to have the title on the video (so people know what they are clicking on) or below the video. I think I'm using the gallery block grid on the previous version of squarespace. And I did add custom video thumbnails to each video Any help would be greatly appreciated! tuatara-mandarin-t25h.squarespace.com Password:12345
  9. Site URL: https://www.zheniavasilievdesign.com/ Hi there, Hope you are well. I require to add a subheading to square space grid to be able to differentiate Design from Illustration work (eg so it says on hover “Design/Company X”) Squarespace help page: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/218075727-Flatiron-template#toc-index-pages It says: “The page title displays as text on hover for each thumbnail” (this works for me) “The word View appears below it to encourage visitors to click through to your content.” – this does not work “In the Gallery styles section of site styles” – when I go to “Design”, there is no “Gallery” section, only site header, navigation etc. - please see attached “Change the title font and color with Grid headings tweaks.” - I do not have subheadings Let me know where I got it wrong! Thank you Regards, Zhenia
  10. Site URL: http://www.ibakefilms.com Hi ! I'm looking for a way to make Wexley gallery images enlarge in a lightbox when clicked - would someone have a code to do that? right now the default template makes them small thank you very much! Marie.
  11. Is there any way to automatically have featured and social images set as the first image in the content? It doesn't make any sense that I have to click on tabs and upload or search for the same image three times for every post so that basic site functionality works and that's not even getting into image alternate text or tags for all three versions.
  12. I am trying to create a hover box with the title of my pieces on my grid gallery.I have no CSS experience, I would really appreciate the help! My template is: Ishimoto. Here's my site: http://www.studiobanan.com/
  13. Hi, I'm using the GALLERY COLLECTION PAGE to add a photography portfolio on BRINE template, but for some reason is cropping all images to square 1:1 is there a way to stop this. I want images to keep their original dimension. Another thing I notice, is the gallery is not clickable. I would like to be able to click on one image see it on at the page, and a have two arrows, to move forward or backwards. Is this possible? with BRINE template. I've seen it with other templates. Thank you.
  14. Hi, is there a way to control the height of portrait-format images so they match the screen height in a masonry layout? Also, are there possibilities to tweak the layout, so that for example I could have a landscape image spanning two columns? I am trying to recreate something similar to my current website: https://felixbrueggemann.com/project.php?pid=87 Thanks, Felix
  15. Is it possible for the new image added to a gallery to come up first in order and not at the end of the page?
  16. Site URL: https://www.millicentharvey.art/ password is Photo2022 - hibiscus-grouper-dy5p.squarespace.com my client loves the gallery display on the Wells template. Except when you make the browser smaller, at a certain point, the image description goes from the left sidebar over to the right in an overlay box. She does NOT want her art images blocked out in the corners. How do I remove this right aligned repositioning? I've seen other Wells based websites where the words move from left to under the image during the resizing but they don't move to the right. That would be ideal as once an edition sells out we'd want to remove the click-through link - then the description comes back into play and I need to be able to clearly mention "this limited edition has sold out" or whatever, but not on the right 🙂 Also - is it possible to have to descriptions show under the gallery thumbnail in desktop view as well? When I view the website in mobile I can see the photographs description under each images, but they are stacked in mobile not on a grid like in desktop - I'd like to see the titles of the images in desktop/grid view also if that's possible.
  17. Hi everybody, Does anyone know how I can get a gallery hover effect for gallery images that are links in Squarespace 7.1? Almost so the photo fades a little, similar to this website when you hover over the images: http://marylennox.de/ The page on my website I'd like to apply this to is: https://denim-khaki-tp4d.squarespace.com/gallery-test-2 Many thanks, Lauren
  18. Hello, My gallery template shows different rows/columns across different monitors and laptops. I am wondering is there a code to lock this gallery in to place of a column of only two? On my 16" laptop it appears a column of two but in my monitor a column of 3. Also, when uploading and laying out my images if there was a code, would this code effect the order the images would be laid out? Please see two screen shots attached. Many thanks in advanced, Nic
  19. Site URL: https://www.rebeccapeloquin.com/contact Hi there- I've tried various CSS codes but I can't seem to get my Wells template gallery pages to show as columns on mobile vs stacking. I'd like 2 or 3 columns but I can't get it to work for gallery pages only blocks. Any ideas?
  20. Does anyone else have this issue? Dragging the images around is very touch-and-go for me. I usually have to add the images in one round, then refresh the page, open the edit again, and sometimes I'll be able to rearrange them with drag-and-drop. Additionally, when I add a description and a link and save the page, it saves the changes maybe 50% of the time. See attached video. I've tried in Chrome, Safari and Firefox - all of them have the same issues. I've also tried in private / incognito windows to rule out browser cache or cookie issues. I'm not sure if this is the right place to report this. I'm building a website for a client and I have A LOT (hundreds) of images and galleries. Screen Recording 2020-05-15 at 5.33.08 PM.mov
  21. Site URL: https://primrose-perch-4j4p.squarespace.com/ Hi there, For my portfolio site I have used a gallery in 2 columns. I only use 7 images that are all square format. 1 column has 4 images and the other has 3. I wish to offset the side that has 3 images by adding a spacer or padding to the top so it feels masonry. I attempted to build manually with images and spacers however the grid did not size how I wanted it to this way. I would also love to make the column of 4 default to the left but for some reason on desktop it sits to the right? Would love some help! Many thanks Red
  22. Site URL: https://annastacy.com Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster - just finished my new website and would love some feedback! Just transitioned from a 7.0 site and would love to hear from others about the look, navigation, and accessibility. Thanks!
  23. I'm trying to change the background color of just one of my gallery pages to white? I use the Avenue template.
  24. Site URL: https://adincampbell.com/ Hello I switched from adobe portfolio to squarespace. I really like the layout of the gallery using the Andreas theme from adobe portfolio with the single row with title and description in a box to the side of the image (reference: https://adincampbell.com/). I am wondering if it is possible to customize the gallery showcase to look like this using custom CSS? I am currently using the Novo theme.
  25. Site URL: https://lukaszfilipowski.com Hi! my website is www.lukaszfilipowski.com I have issue with size of pictures of home page in supply template. Pics are small and don't fit site on the right. With the galleries I do not have a problem, so I think that with good CSS I can fix it with my homepage too. Please help me.
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