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  1. Can this still not be accomplished? As a general FYI, this makes it extremely challenging to remove emails from purchase orders in the case that you want to send mass email to a purchase group. This causes even more concern when you consider the CAN-SPAM act. I have already received multiple threats from a purchaser who I can't unsubscribe through the squarespace system itself making it particularly complicated to send out mass email going forward without deleting the clients transaction. This really is a big problem and I feel like it should be top priority for an e-commerce platform. Happy to answer questions about this or hear about potential solutions
  2. I sell digital add-on products that I give frequent updates for. I wanted to see if it is possible to give a purchaser access through their account login to a specific page. I do not want to give them an access code as that could easily be distributed and not traceable. Ideally the purchaser would login and this would allow them to access an account page that has their updates
  3. I'm using voice-to-text, so please excuse any typos. I manage an e-commerce website where I sell software products as a service. These digital packages need periodic updates. The most effective way to perform these updates is through an email campaign since I don't pay for an automated update system for these packages. However, it's nearly impossible to sort customers based on the type of order they made. Even in our profile section, the list of individual purchases bears no resemblance to the product they might have purchased when we click on a particular customer after filtering by price, which seems to be the most accurate filter available. There's no reference to the product name. I find myself continuously clicking to find that purchaser's order to verify whether or not they need a tag for a particular item. This is extremely frustrating to do this much work just to find something as simple as sorting by the type of product purchased. It seems there is no way to filter by product purchased or context where we can organize an email campaign for an update. This seems like it would be the core functionality of many different e-commerce digital asset sites. It's hard to believe that this has been a requested feature since as far back as 2020, and no progress has been made. This seems to be a major discrepancy in the service, and I can't help but feel a bit defeated. This is the 5th time I've been searching for answers or methods to work around these limitations. It's very restricting. If anyone can offer a custom code for me to sort my contacts without having to export, that would be greatly beneficial. As soon as we export, we lose any integral email campaign within the Squarespace site, which means I need 3rd party applications. This seems like it should have been a day one approach to digital asset e-commerce. I'm eagerly looking forward to a solution.
  4. can we then import back in with a tag or some sort of attribute in order to take advantage of email campaigns based on a particular purchase item?
  5. It has been a year since this was requested...has there been any update? I sell products that have periodic updates andit would be brilliant to be able to go through and tag according to purchase item so that I can use the built in mass email functions
  6. In lieu of a method for giving updates to my customers for the product they purchased via the customer portal, I export CSV to contacts and do a mass label so I can send out an email for updates. Well when someone is no longer using the product and wants to be removed from the email chain, I have no way of adjusting for this without a lot of work. I cant delete a order without issuing a refund and I cant delete a customer who has made an order. This is a big oversight in e-commerce. I can't help but be frustrated, digital products will more often than not have periodic updates that aren't necessarily software based. I cant even edit the clients name to DO NOT INCLUDE. What other methods are there?
  7. It isn't a permanent solve as I just justified by a specific number of pixels. Thank you so much for any help here is what I have in CSS. I am a novice, the pixel bump was just to test it out really. /////////////////////////////////// /* Half Width Mobile Menu */ .header-display-mobile .header-title-text { width: 50vw !important; /*width of the header menu */ font-size: .30rem !important; /*site-title font-size */ } .header-menu { width: 60vw; left:150px; /*width of the header menu */ } #page { transition: opacity 1s; /* transparency animation */ } .header--menu-open #page { opacity: 30%; /* makes page transparent when mobile menu is open */ } .header-menu-nav-folder-content { justify-content: flex-start; /* vertical alignment of navigation */ text-align: right; /* navigation text alignment */ } .header-menu-nav-folder:not(.header-menu-nav-folder--active) { display: none; /* hides non-active folder */ } .header-menu-cta { width: 60vw; /* width of button */ } .header-menu-cta a { min-width: unset !important; }
  8. Just wanted to try and bump this up as I feel it may be useful to a number of users.
  9. Site URL: https://www.rabbittdesign.net/ What a challenging thing to lookup, searched for an hour... I have a half navigation drop down menu on my mobile site and want it to justify to the right side. Can't seem to find the CSS code for this. If you solve this issue for me I would also love to be taught the correct terminology for everything that I am asking for so that I can re-tag this post and save some unfortunate soul from frustration. Thank you in advance, Rene Rabbitt
  10. Solved, Brilliant! Thank you so much! If I could ever treat you to some design advice yo know how to contact me 😄
  11. Site URL: https://www.rabbittdesign.net/ I've been reading and trying to fix this for hours. My site buttons work for the most part, replaced button background with an image and added a drop shadow on hover, yet some of my forms will not change no matter what code I throw at it. I am a novice. Here is the URL for the forms I am struggling with, Button should have an image background. https://www.rabbittdesign.net/reference-sites What other info is needed? Thank you so so much in advance.
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