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  1. Hello! You wanted me to make a forum to tag you in so I did. @tuanphan, is it possible to make the account text into a svg icon like the picture below? If so please help me if you can. Thanks!
  2. So, Squarespace claims to have 24/7 tech support. If I email customercare@squarespace.com, I am informed that the address doesn't accept incoming messages. Clicking Contact Us or Contact New on the site, takes me to the canned responses page, which doesn't have the canned response I need, and which offers no further help or ability to contact anyone nor to start a ticket. You don't accept phone calls. Chat apparently only with M-F (its Sunday so I haven't seen evidence of this). So where is your "Award-Winning customer care team", how do I contact them? What am I missing here?
  3. We are trying to create a restricted access for "members only", "wholesale customer", "investors" etc. I initially thought that the members area would work great but it's really not a members, it's more like a subscription page for general public. I'm using a previous work around to create a form page, the potential customer would fill that out, the email is sent to our office. If approved we have to send them the password and link to a hidden page. The problem is everyone has the password and can share it. It needs to be based on a customers account and access to certain pages. This seems really straightforward and necessary. Does anyone have any ideas.
  4. Site URL: http://bitterslab.com My client has a quarterly subscription product. She consistently has issues when a client moves and needs to update their address. They either update the address in their SS account and she has no idea so she sends the product to their old address, OR, if they happen to contact her, she has to tell them to cancel and resubscribe. We're open to all kinds of creative solutions (custom dev, additional apps, etc) short of moving to a completely new subscription platform. Possible solutions (no idea if they're possible): A) Enable customer to change their shipping address for a subscription product B) Edit the customer address section in the account area so customers are forced to send an email or fill out a separate form to change their address, vs the default SS address update. C) Create a notification when a customer updates the address in their account so my client knows to update it in her own system Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Site URL: http://www.thevisualpharmacy.com I have some custom styling on my nav menu. Upon enabling the Customer Accounts functionality, when scaling down the browser window to near phone size the Login/Accounts link starts to take on some odd spacing next to the social icons. It happens at a media query that I have set for around 991px, I have tried adjusting margin, padding, display settings, and positioning, but nothing seems to really solve the issue. Would anybody possibly be able to lend a hand or offer a potential solutions?
  6. Site URL: http://www.thevisualpharmacy.com I want to enable customer accounts on my Squarespace website but the white and muted black colors that are standard to Squarespace functionalities do not align with my brand's style guides. Is there any way I can change these colors revolving around customer accounts with / without using custom CSS?
  7. Hello guys, Can anyone tell me how to delete customer details and accounts? I made a few test orders with random customer information and I would like to remove the details from my site. Thanks in advance
  8. Hey all, I have a client who is after a website that can operate similar to something like Fiverr on a very small scale. He is a mix engineer and wants his clients to be able to chat to him via the website (to initially discuss orders) & upload files (potentially in the chat window). It also makes sense for customers to have accounts so they can see their chat history/ files they have uploaded). Is this possible with Squarespace + plugins/ extensions? Cheers!
  9. Site URL: https://www.veriff.com/ Is it possible to connect the Id verify with veriff.com on Squarespace? When I asked for help, he told me : We don't have an official integration with them and as our checkout page doesn't accept custom code, I would reach out to the Forum before signing up to Veriff. So, somebody already used that in the past or can propose a solution? Indeed, we sell alcohol on our website and we need to be sure that every customer is over 18 years old (an official verification and not only the first page of the website). At the same time, do you know if it's possible to safeguard this information after the first verification in the customer account, to win time at the next order?
  10. Hello! I am designing a website for a client who is offering online classes through Zoom. They would like the classes to be offered within a member area. It would be free to be a member, however there will be three different options within the member area for paying for the classes: 1. One Session 2. 10-Session Package (to provide a discount) 3. Unlimited Monthly Class Membership In the scheduling menu I have set up both the 10-Session Package as well as the Unlimited Monthly class membership, however I'm not seeing (or understanding) where or how a student would actually use the package or the subscription to pay for the classes when they are booking in the calendar. Am I missing something. The workflow on this seems very clunky. Thank you for your expertise!!! xo
  11. Hi there I am setting up a number of member areas, and I would like them to have an end or expiration date, so that users pay a one off fee, but it is only accessiable for a certain length of time, e.g. 3 months. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  12. Can someone break down for me the class distinctions between Customers, Subscribers, Members, Donors and Leads? I feel like I need a venn diagram to picture which of these titles cross reference and which ones don't. For example, I am under the impression all Members are also Customers, but all Customers are not necessarily Members. I need a clearer understanding of what actions create each type of account to understand which lists cross reference. Thank you.
  13. Site URL: https://www.tandemvintage.com/account/login I don't see a clear way to style the customer login pop up, or the customer account drawer. Is it possible to style these via Squarespace or CSS? My fear is that these may be iframes which means we're stuck with the default.
  14. I need to make it so my customers are NOT able to cancel their subscriptions on their own. They must call me to cancel or change their subscriptions. Right now, I am seeing this verbiage (below) right before a customer checks out with a subscription in their cart. I need to take this off. I also need to make it so their accounts are charged on the 1st of every month, not on the day of the month in which they signed up for the subcription. "By clicking subscribe, you agree that: your subscription will be set to continuous auto-renewal payments of $100.00 every month with your next payment due on June 17, 2022. You authorize us to take this amount from your card every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time on your account." Any help would be great!
  15. Site URL: https://www.stewartblamfordphotography.com Hi there, Im reasonably new to the service providing customer accounts on my website. When I turn them on, the link in the header is provided but very awkwardly placed. I know that from Squarespace, they have advised that it would need custom code which is something that I'm no good at. Ideally I would like it in the top right side inside the circle on the home landing page. Is this something that can be done? Any help appreciated!
  16. Site URL: https://www.giveadamngift.com/home Hi, another Squarespace user here frustrated at not being able to customise the customer nav bar icon in 7.1 like we could for 7.0! I found info in this previous post here about changing the 'login' text in the nav bar to an svg icon, and added the code below. I'm currently trying to change the colour of this from white to #4c7bb2 and make it so the customer icon also appears in mobile view. Can anyone please help? /* Login text to icon */ .user-accounts-text-link span { color: transparent; } .user-accounts-text-link { background-image: url(); background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: right; filter: invert(1); }
  17. Site URL: https://justgoodjuju.com/ I want to change the Customer Account sign in link in the header from 'Sign In' to something else. I tried: span.sign-in { content: "New text"; } I guess I am referencing it wrong. Anyone know how to do this?
  18. I exclusively sell digital products on Squarespace. I've invested a lot of time and money into my website but would love to further customize my customer accounts. Currently, customer accounts for digital products/orders only allow the customers to save payment/billing information. Are there plug-ins or coding I can do to allow customers to log into their accounts and also re-download their digital products (albeit with limits that I can impose)? Additionally, are there plug-ins where I can have customers "favorite" or "heart" digital products, essentially "saving" those products for later? All major retail websites I know offer both of those features but I know these are not offered natively with Squarespace.
  19. Hey! I run a "made to order" clothing brand where customers essentially pre-order items from my e-comm store. I'd love to find a way to update them on the progress of their orders. I've thought about email notifications and this is my back-up solution. But I'm wondering if it's possible to create an online portal where they could see a "tracker" for their order progress? I would likely update a data source that would link to this tracker? E.g. (o) FABRIC ORDERED (o) FABRIC IS BEING CUT (o) GARMENT IS BEING SEWN etc etc. Alternatively, does anyone know of a way to display custom order statuses in the customer account area, and how I would manage this? Thanks so much in advance!
  20. I have a page in where I want to apply the sale price just to some client accounts and not to all of them, I would like to manage the sale price to specific accounts. Is it possible?
  21. My site has customer account that comes up with pop up sign-in. In some browsers the pop up is not happening and unable for customer to sign-in. Mobile version needs multiple tap to get sign-in pop up. Is there a way to change that pop up to a page since I created it with link. squarespace version 7.0- brine family
  22. Site URL: http://www.mimiceramics.com I'm trying to customize my header links with different icons. I was able to change the shopping cart icon to my own, but I can't seem to figure out the customer login icon. This is the default: I'd like to change it to the one I've already loaded to the Squarespace site: uploaded image Any help would be great, thank you!
  23. Hello , I really would like my customer sign-in link, to be aligned to the left of my bag instead of the right. I added a picture below so you can get a better picture on what I want it to look like 👍. @tuanphan
  24. Site URL: https://www.rosaparkselementary.org/ I need a custom code solution so that donation receipts have the donor's address included in the body of the email. Right now, Squarespace doesn't provide a JSON variable for donor's address.
  25. Site URL: https://annabelreese.com Hello, I'm using the Bryant template for my site (https://annabelreese.com). When I enable customer accounts the corresponding "Sign In" link gets displayed in the navigation, which is fine; however, I'm unable to move that link to a different position. Is it possible to move? Or am I stuck with it being fixed in the first spot? Thank you in advance.
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