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  1. Site URL: https://www.biancasaunders.com/stockists Hi, Would anyone please be able to help, I want to invert the Newsletter Title on one page so it's white. I've managed to invert the other text in the footer and the social links with this code below but couldn't do it for the title so as the site style for the footer text is black, the title is currently not visible: <style> /* footer text */ footer.sections p { color: white; } /* footer link */ footer.sections a { color: white !important; } /* footer socials */ footer.sections .sqs-svg-icon--wrapper { border-color: white !important; } footer.sections .sqs-use--mask { stroke: white !important; } </style> Thanks for any help!
  2. Hey Guys, I've come across a weird issue with my newsletter block in the footer section. It looks wonderful on desktop, but on mobile the width of text is being shrunken to a smaller size. I've set the content width as far as it can go in the newsletter block options. Here is how it looks when viewed on mobile: What's also strange is when I go to edit this section it changes to how it should actually appear. See below: Any help would be awesome thank you so much! Site: JuniperDewdrop.com Password: penguin
  3. Site URL: https://www.arirosenfield.com Hi My client wants all 3 blocks to be even on desktop - so even though on some screens they are even, on most because of the dynamic nature they squish and are uneven what I want to do is -reduce the padding of the newsletter block on the top so its even with the rest -make sure the newsletter button is alright to the right of the sign up, and reduce the width of both of those blocks so they sit next to each other -reduce the padding at the bottom of the newsletter block -make sure they sit next to each other on an even line on desktop Can someone help me with this?
  4. Site URL: http://www.palnikstudios.com/contact @tuanphan Hello again πŸ™‚ site: palnikstudios.com/contact password: yes I'm looking to remove the padding as shown in the pictures below. I notice that it's because I have no disclaimer on the newsletter sign up. Is there a way to remove that space somehow? I also can't for the life of me, figure out how to change the button color to black text. I like what it does on hover. I've been trying to target everything like this... .newsletter-form-body>div { padding-top: 0 !important; margin-top: 0 !important; margin-bottom: 0 !important }
  5. Hello, I've added reCAPTCHA to my newsletter block -- unfortunately, the reCAPTCHA button appears AFTER the "sign up" button which may lead to confusion. Is there any way to adjust its positioning (aside from the center, left, right options in the newsletter block)? If not, what alternatives have you used to make this easier for visitors? Thanks! Justin
  6. brian0526


    I'm considering building a site for my client using Squarespace. But, given this would be my first site built on Squarespace (I've build on GoDaddy, Wix, and Wordpress), support is very important to me. I tried to chat with Squarespace on Monday during their office hours. No one was there. I submitted an email. No response. I came back to the site today, Friday. Still no one available for chat. Is this typical?
  7. I'm trying to fix email field width 100% same as button but I can't find solution can you please help me to fix it.
  8. Site URL: https://www.lionatpennard.co.uk/get-in-touch I have various forms on my site, and separately have newsletter sign up blocks. However, is there a way of adding a newsletter sign up field on a form...it seems like an obvious feature that doesn't appear to be available. Surely anyone sending a contact form, for instance, should have the option whether or not to be added to a email database? Thanks
  9. Site URL: https://www.cdamovement.org Looking for CSS customization to change the placeholder text in the newsletter form on the homepage to change from "First Name / Last Name / Email Address" to "Name / CDSBC Number / Email." Much appreciate any help!
  10. Hi all, I am wanting to have a newsletter subscription option in the footer of my site, however want visitors to be able to choose between multiple newsletters that they can subscribe to. Is there a way for site visitors to choose from a dropdown menu which of our projects they would like to hear updates about and only subscribe to that newsletter? Alternatively, is there a way to code the name fields within the newsletter block so that instead of saying 'First name' and 'Last name', it could say 'Please type which project name you would like to hear updates about'? Thank you!
  11. Working for an nonprofit that sells a variety of products. Some are physical (merchandise -- dance gear, CDs, books), but our primary sales are event tickets, live workshops, and dance class series. We often have to send out updates about classes and events and have been doing so (until recently) by exporting our sales on Squarespace and copy/pasting email addresses into our company email, then sending from there--not through squarespace. It's been a total slog and it's time to start using squarespace as our main database for emails, marketing, and customer profiles. While we've successfully set up automated emails via Marketing to go out immediately after specific purchases, we'd like to have a way to easily send out follow up emails to those same customers. Is there is a way for Squarespace to automatically populate mailing lists based on costumers' specific purchases? We only recently upgraded to user profiles so part of my confusion comes from managing profiles... Feels like there should be a way to search our customer profiles for specific item purchases but I'm not finding them. I see that we can manually add tags to individual customers, but that seems a little backwards to me (ex. If I want to add a tag to customers who purchase purchased tickets to a specific show (ie - Tag: "Holiday Show 2021") how can I find out who purchased them without squarespace auto-generating that information in the profiles hub? Trying to figure out what makes the most sense when it comes to user profile management for the org at this time. I'm not opposed to using Eventbrite or Scheduling, I just feel like there is a way to manage mailing lists and send e-blasts through squarespace based on specific purchases. Is there? Hoping that this is possible/easy, and that I just am missing something obvious here.
  12. Site URL: https://www.manderleypress.com Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to Squarespace but have found this forum very useful - I've managed to customise my site to include my own font and have been tinkering away with bits of recommend css code so that most things look the way I need them to. However, I have reached a stumbling block with my first newsletter. I simply cannot get it to use my own font, either in the main body or in the endings or the footers etc. What am I missing? Any advice gratefully received.
  13. Site URL: https://www.para-para.world/ Hello from the Uk! I have created a newsletter capture form on my website. I've managed to get the font to be white but when you fill it out it turns back to black and you can't see what you're typing. Also a big white outline appears around the field when you click on it. Can anyone help me fix this? Also is it possible to align the placeholder" first, last, email" to the left? I've attached some screenshots. My custom CSS is: .newsletter-block .field-element::placeholder { color: white; } /*** NEWSLETTER FORM FIELDS ***/ .newsletter-form-field-element { background: none !important; border-top: none !important; border-left: none !important; border-right: none !important; border-bottom: solid 2px white !important; } Many thanks!! George
  14. Site URL: https://www.yogalafontaine.com Hi! We'd like to offer people to subscribe to our newsletter on social media or even having a link at the bottom of our emails. How is this possible with Squarespace? I only see the newsletter block, but that doesn't give this option. I've seen some other companies sharing a URL where people can subscribe. Thanks for your help!
  15. Hi, I was hoping that someone here could help me 😁 I would like to customize my newsletter block so that it ONLY requires "First Name" and "Email" No need for Last name. Can that be hidden through some code? Any help is greatly appreciated! spiridonakou.com
  16. Hi, there. Im wondering if anyone could help me with hidding a field on my newsletter form. Im trying with css to display none the filed but is not working. Hugely appreciate any feedback. BEST
  17. Site URL: https://www.effektfootwear.com/signup Hi all. I have been scouring the web to figure this one out, found my way here, but cannot seem to get the code working. I'm looking to remove the "Last Name" field required for email sign up. I currently have business plan, have tried pasting a variety of codes I have found on the web and nothing seems to work. I am trying to apply this to the landing page where I have successfully removed the header and footer as I want the sign up to be the only action people can take. Is anyone able to help? Thanks, Ben.
  18. Site URL: http://www.godsofmarssaga.com Hi there, I tried to use a custom code to make just a line where the email address goes (instead of a box). But then the text "Email address" disappeared. Need help bringing it back and changing it's color to white -- while everything else stays the same (black input background etc). Here's my CSS currently: /*** NEWSLETTER FORM FIELDS ***/ .newsletter-form-field-wrapper input:focus { color: white; } .newsletter-form-field-element { background: transparent !important; border-top: none !important; border-left: none !important; border-right: none !important; border-bottom: solid 2px #ffcc00 !important; } *Also, a note - I am using the Business plan for the site if that matters in any way with the code. Looking for help thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://www.afsanaparis.com Hello, I'm trying to improve the newsletter on my website. I want to replace that box where a person would enter their email with just a thick line. I tried one plugin but it just gives a terrible result on mobile. Thank you for your help in advance. (Image with the box surrounding "Adresse e-mail" is what I have right now, would want to look like the other one)
  20. Site URL: http://https/www.rotaterecordings.com/ Does anything know how I could achieve an animated rotating newsletter sign-up like this?
  21. At the moment, the newsletter confirmation page is just plain black and white but i want to change the colours and font to match my site style. Is there a way to do this?? Ive attached a screenshot of how it currently looks.
  22. Site URL: https://wrasse-buffalo-6zlc.squarespace.com/ Hi i want to make my newsletter sign up form align left in the footer Can anyone help me with this custom code? Additionally I want to make the padding around the box less- in particular below the subscribe and box so there is no so much space. On mobile it makes the box and button on two lines - is there any way to make it smaller on mobile to fit one line?
  23. Site URL: https://jellyfish-kumquat-hdzl.squarespace.com/ Hey everyone, I'm still fairly new to customising Squarespace using CSS and have spent a while attempting to format the newsletter block to look similar to the example pictured. Specifically the "Email Address" field and "Submit" buttonβ€”I want these on one line without a gap between as seen in the attached screenshot. I managed to get things looking fairly close but couldn't get everything to work for mobile/smaller screens specifically, every time I preview on mobile the newsletter block reverts back to displaying the field stacked above the button, ideally it would all remain as one single line and scale to fit the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated! URL: https://jellyfish-kumquat-hdzl.squarespace.com/ Password: TEMP_B1803
  24. I want to create a site in the format of a newspaper website, i.e. New York Times, The Onion etc. Main stories...scroll down to see more stories and photos. Needs to change regularly. Clean and simple. See nothing in the sample templates at all close
  25. Site URL: http://www.asarodger.com Hey Squarespace community, Just checking in to see if there's been a removal of the integration with MailChimp? I recently tried to add an email block and only got the choices of using Squarespace emails or collecting to a G-Drive Sheet. See screenshot attached, there used to be an option for mailchimp, but it seems to have disappeared. Curious if this is just me, or if the partnership/integration has ended? Cheers! Asa
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