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  1. Site URL: https://www.caseyjscalf.com/ Just trying to lay some crumbs for the next person... So there is a feature in Squarespace that if enabled will send anyone that ever visits your site to the login page if they hit the "esc" escape key while on your site. I finally found out this was the root issue (I had no idea it even existed) and if you need to disable this *feature* it is super simple. Watch this video for more help: https://www.charlotteohara.ca/blog/disable-escape-key-login-squarespace-tutorial
  2. I find that there’s no way on SquareSpace to customise the log-in link URL, is there a way to do this with code? id like to change it away from /account/login, please help.
  3. Site URL: https://www.baysidela.org I don't remember any option asking me if I wanted to add a "Login" to the menu navigation. All of a sudden it showed up. Does anyone know why this showed up, and how I can remove it from the menu? Do I need to include some kind of HTML code to turn it off?
  4. I have a 2-factor authentication installed for my Squarespace Circle login, and since i've had it (years now), it goes through phases where it boots me out and forces me to login again, retrieving a new authentication code from my app every couple of hours or so. It's happened 4 times today already, and done so as I'm in the middle of making updates to a client's site. Is anyone else facing this issue, or just me?
  5. Site URL: https://cat-fish-xrta.squarespace.com/ Hello guys, since I have embedded Commerce7 to Squarespace, I copied and pasted the installation code as Commerce7 guide below, but it seems the Login and Cart are not displaying correctly as I expect them to show on the right side aligned. I would appreciate any help about css code to correct this issue. Thank you! <!-- Adds the Commerce7 styles --> <link href="https://cdn.commerce7.com/v2/commerce7.css" rel="stylesheet"> <!-- Adds Commcerce7 widgets for the cart and customer account login --> <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(event) { var node = document.createElement('div') var accountNode = document.createElement('div') accountNode.id = 'c7-account' node.appendChild(accountNode) var cartNode = document.createElement('div') cartNode.id = 'c7-cart' node.appendChild(cartNode) var header = document.getElementsByTagName('header')[0] header.appendChild(node) }) </script> <!-- Tells Commerce7 which account to connect to --> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.commerce7.com/v2/commerce7.js" id="c7-javascript" data-tenant="tenantId"> </script>
  6. Site URL: https://www.carriecooperdpt.com/ I'm working on a client site, and we're using member areas to create gated access to paid, injury-specific rehabilitation programs. But we've run into the issue where members are sharing their login information with others, allowing them to access the program without paying. Does anyone know how to limit the number of devices able to be used on an account?
  7. Site URL: https://www.marleyshouseofsport.com We run our logins via sentry login on our site which was easy to setup by copying their code onto a page and injecting code into the pages we wish to protect within accounts etc. https://www.sentrylogin.com/sentry/index_inner.asp They are amazing for this purpose and I really recommend them. Anyway this has been running 100% fine for the last year until yesterday morning when suddenly clients have found themselves unable to login. What is strange is on a desktop computer you are still able to login fine however when it comes to mobile or device like an ipad clicking the login button won't cause the pop up box to appear it just does nothing at all. We checked with Sentry and they say they have changed nothing in the code their end. Nothing has changed on the site itself so that leaves only Squarespace. All I can think is Squarespace has changed some of their code or something. If you use a mobile device vs desktop to go to www.marleyshouseofsport.com and click login on both you'll see what I mean. Squarespace isn't responding to my questions on this and I really have no idea what else to try. If anyone knows of anything that might cause something like this that I'm not thinking of please please let me know. It's caused an absolute nightmare.
  8. Hi! I am trying to set up a member area where a client would be able to sign in to see upcoming deadlines for subscription payments, but when logging in, it just takes me to my account and not a member area. How would I go about setting up a login for the member areas? And how can I edit the member area to show deadlines on payments? (are payment options something that show up automatically in the account login area?) Any tips or advice is helpful! Thank you in advance!
  9. Site URL: https://www.digital-architecture-library.com/ I have two member areas. Each member area has a homepage. Currently when a member clicks on the Login button and enters their credentials, the customer account sidebar appears but the page remains the same. Does anyone know how to have the login button redirect the member to their respective homepage depending on their account type? Thank you for your help,
  10. I'm looking to see if I can create a website for a private member club, working around some of the member area issues. Its on 7.1. I can not have them access the account panel, and there is no way to disable that. So... Is there a way with custom coding to display certain info if page password is entered? For example, if the page password is entered, display certain hyperlinks. I want to display a fake menu (I'll use anchor links) if a user has entered the password for a password protected page.
  11. Hi all! I am creating a website with two member areas, but realized that I need to enable the Squarespace "Account Login" in the header so members can access their subscription and manage their account. That creates some confusion because I had already created two other login areas "XXX Subscription for One Login" and "XXX Subscription for Two Login". Then, with the Squarespace "Account Login", it creates too much confusion for users. Is there a way to change "Account Login" on the Squarespace side? It changes to "Account" when you actually log in, but that still won't eliminate the confusion. Thank you!
  12. Site URL: https://www.haas-house.com/ I have my membership area setup. I've added the login option to my sites Navigation. I put my site in test mode then try to login with the customer email/PW I setup. I'm successfully logged in, but I'm not redirected anywhere... if that makes sense. Like I'll see the customer account info to the right, and the membership navigation replaces the original sites navigation, but it's weird that I'm still on the regular homepage until I choose a membership area page from the navigation. I have my membership area homepage set to a normal page (I think I read it can't be a portfolio or external link), so I don't know why it's not re-directing there. Any ideas? To be clear, customers can still access the membership content once they login, it's just a weird way for them to have to do it. In the image uploaded that's my regular homepage behind the account info. Which is NOT in the membership area Navigation or pages structure.
  13. Hey! I was wondering if anyone knows the code to move the "login" button to the left to align with the rest of the buttons on the mobile site. and will this affect the alignment on the browser view?
  14. Site URL: https://www.facilibuildhub.com/ Hello, I want to create a page on my site that requires users to login to access the content. I'm familiar with how to create password protected pages, but want everyone to have a unique ID to login. Is there a way to do this on Squarespace? Thank you!
  15. I've seen this happen on other sites but was wondering if I could make it on my own. I wanted to make a page that was only accessible of a person logged in through their Discord account and would only allow certain users through. I am not a master coder or anything so I am looking for a "simple" solution to get this working. Thank you!
  16. Hello, we wanted to use squarespace for creating our company website, however, we also have a separate micro site for capabilities that Squarespace doesn't support today. Is it possible to pass the login credentials of the user when he opens the micro-site from the main website? This is to avoid asking the user to signup/login again.
  17. Site URL: http://www.goodtimepilates.com/ Hi all, I'm trying to add a code snippet that allows users to login into their Mindbody profiles into my squarespace via the top nav, using the method prescribed by the Mindbody directions here or this YouTube video here (both are the same directions). When I follow the directions (adding a link, pasting <script src...> into Link Title, putting placeholder url in Link), instead of a clickable text appearing that reads Login | Register, I get the "<script>" tag pushing everything aside (screenshot below), essentially Squarespace can't parse the code and is displaying it directly as is. Any idea why? Thank you!
  18. Site URL: https://raspberry-seabass-y6wf.squarespace.com/home?p Hi there I have chosen to have the mobile navigation always visible (with some CSS), but the LOGIN is now showing on desktop. Is there a way to hide this on desktop, since it's already in the hamburger nav?
  19. A few of my members have received this error code - customer service said to have them clear the cache and to change browsers but that did not work. They are saying it is on the members end - but they are unable to get in, to cancel, to change passwords - nothing. Has anyone else had this problem? If so what is the solution? Thank you!
  20. Site URL: https://www.oratsa.com/ Is there a way (likely with CSS?) to change the title of Account to another name (i.e. Members' Only Resources) for the login header? "Account" appears when a Member is logged in (otherwise says "Login"). Thanks!πŸ’₯
  21. Site URL: https://www.artlytherapy.com/ My client would like to create a member area for primary school children. Having individual signons for each primary student will be an administrative headache. The idea is the school pays for a membership by class. Then the primary students of that class log in using the class userid and password. Does anyone see any issues with this plan? Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.
  22. I am looking to create a 'Client Area' on my website (as seen on https://www.btiservices.net/_login.php). This is where clients will login (with a username/password) to collect legal documents (PDFs) that are available to download. I had thought of creating password-protected pages (ie mywebsite.com/client-name, with the password they are given) but am wondering if it is possible to (a) give my client a bespoke username and login and (b) after they have logged in, take them directly to a specific page that has their docs on it. Any other ideas for how this could be achieved are welcomed! Thanks!
  23. Hi, I'm developing a website for my dad's construction company. We need to add a login page that means we can have individualized usernames and passwords for about 60+ employees. Once they login we are hoping to have their workplace inductions etc on there. What add on works best? I've heard memberspace and sentrylogin mentioned a lot. The login would have to be fairly secure. Thanks!
  24. Site URL: http://may29.squarespace.com Hi, How do I style the login pop up to be in the same colours and fonts as my website? I cant seem to find it under site styles
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