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  1. Anyone heard if we're any closer to this auto-tagging customers based on purchases feature? I lose too many hours manually performing this process one customer/order at a time.
  2. This is happening to me as well. First time someone told me about it was September 5th. There is is no way SquareSpace can pass the buck on this, there is clearly an issue and seeing their responses of things like "it should be working" are not very reassuring that they're actually taking it seriously. SquareSpace has clout, reach out to Chrome developers and work on a resolution. Don't put the burden on every user.
  3. I think SquareSpace Member Areas is what you're looking for. It has an additional monthly charge to add to your site but you can customize the Member portal which can only be accessed by those who have an active membership. Well worth it though to keep everything in the same ecosystem and give your customers the ability to manage their subscription.
  4. I love how far SquareSpace has come over the years and appreciate that more marketing tools are available within its ecosystem. However I am really hitting a wall when it comes to features for quickly tagging and segmenting customers based on products purchased which is normally pretty easy in other ecommerce CMS platforms. My store offers a variety of software downloads which can be used in different programs so I'm trying to segment my customers by the type of software their download was for in order to send them product updates or emails about future releases for their program. Currently to do this, I have to click on each order, see what software they downloaded, then click to their profile and add those tags in. Then I have to repeat this for every order on my site which is a bit mind numbing. Once tagged I can then use filters in the Profile's section to create a Segment from those tags. However this could all be made much simpler by creating an additional parameter to the profile filter which allows you to filter customers either by product name or tags of purchased products (see attached screenshot). Product tags are already part of the SS ecosystem, they just don't seem to be connected to customers. And some order data already exists in the filters just nothing product specific. I think if this minor change was added to the Segmentation filters then it would really make Email Campaigns within SS that much more of a powerful tool! Similarly if customers could get auto-tagged when ordering certain products that would also be groovy but that would undoubtedly be a much more complicated feature to add. Anyway, just thought I'd share. If you agree this would be useful maybe comment below so the team knows it's a desired feature. Keep up the great work SquareSpace team!
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