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  1. You just need to drag it into the folder. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543897-Moving-pages-around-your-navigation
  2. Just based on my experience the feature usually pays for itself and more, then anything else you also get with the Advance Commerce plan is just a bonus. But you will need to have reasonable volumes of online sales though. By virtue of the feature you're recovering revenue that would otherwise be lost, if that revenue generates profits greater than the feature, then it's worth paying for. Plus you're potentialy adding repeat customers, so perhaps you'll also need to take into consideration the lifetime value of your customers. I would look at your current analytics and see how many carts are being abandoned and how many are recoverable. I would say a good rule of thumb is if at least 10% of the recoverable carts cover the cost of the Advance Commerce plan then it is worth upgrading. Abandoned cart emails are surprisingly effective so you may find that the recovery rate is greater than 10%. Of course the effectiveness of your emails will depend on the copy of the emails themselves. But in addition to just recovering carts I've also found them invaluable for users providing feedback. Asking a question, like 'do you need any help' can help optimise your store even further to increase future conversions; like expanding which regions you deliver to or even UI improvements. As for third-party software, I can't think of a way that it's really possible. As @brandon says, you can't really get the users email address to send an abandoned cart email.
  3. There's not really an automation feature as such but you can turn a blog post into an email campaign but you have to send it yourself. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001280668#toc-turn-a-full-blog-post-into-a-campaign
  4. Unfortunately Squarespace are rather secretive around v7.1 just like they are everything else. For me personally v7.1 can't replace v7 without some big improvements to the header, like you mentioned secondary navigation. It would be nice to get some sort of direction or even stability from Squarespace regarding what they have planned but we probably won't hear anything until their test is over. But I know that they do plan on supporting v7 for some time to come, they just can't guarantee new features will make it to v7.
  5. Unfortunately the current API doesn't allow for the creation of products.
  6. Sure, just place the below in your websites global CSS. .sqs-block-summary-v2, .sqs-gallery-design-carousel-slide { padding-bottom:0px!important; margin-bottom:0px!important }
  7. I would say that all of these are achievable on Squarespace but they would require third party software. I’m not sure which inventory management system you are using, if they have a direct integration with Squarespace or if you would need to bypass the Squarespace commerce system entirely. If they allow it then you may just be able to add some sort of widget to your Squarespace website. As for the logins I would look at something like Memberspace. it will cost extra but it will do what you need it to. https://www.memberspace.com/ If you want to use Squarespace’s built in customer accounts to gate content then there is the plugin by SquareStudio but your content won’t be secure. https://squarestud.io/collections/plugins/products/subscription-paywall For users uploading their own photos I would use the upload tool created by @michaeleparkour. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.squarewebsites.org/blog/squarespace-websites-uploader%3fformat=amp
  8. The first page in the folder where the folder will link to. If you would like to link it to a different page then just adjust the URL in the below code and paste it into Navigation Title of the folder. <a href="/url">Folder Name</a>
  9. Unfortunately it's due to the aspect ratio of your image. You could use some CSS to shrink the font size but before you jump down the coding route do you have dynamic font sizing on? If so try and see what it looks like with it off first.
  10. I would look into the Universal Filter by @michaeleparkour. You should be able to achieve what you want using either a gallery page or summary block with this plugin. https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/universal-filter
  11. I think it's more to do with data protection stand point so you don't have customer data scattered around various different places. In the EU from a GDPR perspective this makes life much easier as it's one less data point to worry about but I can understand how it can be frustrating in your situation. I'm not really sure what would be involved to pass the email address onto your marketing system but you can pass on the email address quite easily from the tags available in the order confirmation page code injector. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815908-Using-Code-Injection
  12. Just based off my experience with Stripe I believe that the email address is passed on and is screened for fraud but not for receipt purposes. I say this because I have had a few payments be declined because of the email address associated with it.
  13. To create a sub navigation you will need to create a folder and put the pages (or links to them) in that folder. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205813748
  14. Would you be able to provide some more context about what you are trying to achieve and what isn't working for you?
  15. I've not done it myself but it looks pretty simple. The below link is a support document for connecting the API and the one below is a blog post describing how Art of Where works with Squarespace. https://artofwhere.com/help/integrations/connecting-aow-to-squarespace https://blog.artofwhere.com/squarespace/
  16. Have you loaded the jQuery library in your code? If not try adding the below to the global code injector header of your website and seeing if it works. <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
  17. Yes, you can hide it in the Style editor. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/212838128#toc-header
  18. Yes, if you are using a template with index pages then this can easily be achieved with just css. Just create two pages within the index, one for mobile and one for desktops. Then adjust the below code with your page URLs and add it to you websites global CSS. @media (max-width:640px){#your-desktop-page-URL {display:none!important}} @media (min-width:640px){#your-mobile-page-URL{display:none!important}}
  19. You’ll need to submit a feature request with customer care. But given how long it took just to get PayPal I wouldn’t hold your breath. https://www.squarespace.com/contact
  20. Unfortunately the URL mapping won't work if the page is still live on your website. You can disable the links on the thumbnails but the solution will largely depend on which template you are using. The below solution will work with the Brine family of templates if you place this in your sites global CSS. You will still be able to add CSS on the personal plan. .BlogList-item-image-link { pointer-events:none; } If this doesn't work then let me know which template you are using.
  21. If I'm understanding correctly you would like to hide the footer? If so add the below piece of code to the Global CSS of your website. .Footer {display:none!important}
  22. It sounds like you need to use an anchor link. So in the main product description I would add a piece of text that says Chinese Version or something along those lines. Then you will need to make this into a link with the destination URL being #chinese Now in the additional information section add the below to a code block, you can change the text Chinese Version to whatever you would like. <a id="chinese"></a>Chinese Version That's it you should now have a link that automatically scrolls the user down to that section. The below link may also give you some ideas on how to create a WhatsApp share button. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21935149/sharing-link-on-whatsapp-from-mobile-website-not-application-for-android
  23. If you want to put products on pages other than the main shop page like your homepage then I would recommend either using the Product Block or Summary Block. You can learn more about how these work using the links below. The product block is good if you want to be more selective about which products you want to appear on the page and the summary block is best if you have a large number of products that you would like to feed into your page. Product Blocks https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205814508-Using-Product-Blocks Summary Blocks https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543337-Summary-Blocks
  24. Are you referring to having quick view enabled on related products? If so you can't do this with the built in related products feature however you can enable this if you use a product block or summery block.
  25. I would advise the Brine template instead. I wrote a blog post below on how to achieve a sticky header in Brine. https://thompsonweb.design/squarespace-website-tips/fixed-header-in-brine
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