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  1. @kako I haven't been back to check this page. I just logged in and saw your response...thank you very much! I am also wondering how to change the layout to a single column in the mobile version only. Here's a link to my site https://www.aasah.com Thank you!
  2. @tuanphan I'm still working on it, so it isn't live. I've attached an image of what the product titles look like in the desktop view. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your response! The issue is that I like the line height and font size as it appears in the desktop view, so I don't want to change it. Just hoping to find a way to adjust the font size in mobile view only.
  4. Hey Guys! I've already used custom CSS to adjust the mobile fonts on my site, however, I can't figure out how to adjust the size of the product titles in mobile view. I'm using the Jaunt template. Any help would be great...thanks!
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