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  1. @tuanphan it is www.sarahkoester.com - I don't like how my different projects get displayed on mobile...
  2. P.S.: Especially on mobile. When I check my analytics and the activity log it seems like most people only visit the main pages like WORK; VIDEO; GRAPHIC DESIGN - but not the project pages themselves...
  3. Site URL: https://www.sarahkoester.com Hey everyone! I'd like more people to visit my specific project pages e.g. Benjamin or Sissi as there are more photos. Is it possible to add a cute little CTA like "Click on a project to see more"?
  4. I have the hover effect - however I'm not sure if people understand that this is not only a caption but will lead to another gallery with more photos. Same for mobile - there is no hover, only the images.
  5. Hey everyone! I'm a photographer and using flatiron for my portfolio. I'm currently trying to figure out how to make it clear that there are more photos of specific projects when people click on an image. From analytics, I saw that most people do not visit the galleries which are linked to my photos on my landing page. Can someone help me please? 🙂
  6. Also, would it be possible to achieve a page style like this? https://conradbauer.net/portfolio/2577-miles/
  7. https://www.sarahkoester.com/events#/eyeem-x-bpw-summerparty/ This link should work now!
  8. Hey, is it possible to customize the Flatiron mobile theme that the title appears white and centered on top of the image? Example attached (https://www.lawebdecanada.com/work/featured/)
  9. And would it be possible to use the space to display the photos in a grid form instead of stacked?
  10. What is the custom CSS for this if I only want to get rid off the white space for specific pages?
  11. Site URL: https://finch-dodecahedron-y9kf.squarespace.com/events/#/new-page/%23/new-page/ I want to remove the page description only on this page.
  12. Hey, I want to know how I can customize my CSS for a hover effect on an image in poster mode. I'd like to add links to the text that appears when hovering. Example page: https://beyonce.com/album/
  13. Hello! I tried to embed a video using Wistia. It autoplays on the actual project page but when I try to use the video thumbnail on my homepage where people can chose the project, there is just a small white box, showing nothing. How can I make the video thumbnail play on the homepage? (It shows processing & uploading but the status does not change at all and as mentioned before it works on the actual project page...)
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