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  1. Hello, I use the Flatiron template and figured out how to add a social media button to the bottom bar - I would like to change it into the upper space of my website, appearing next to my Imprint (https://www.sarahkoester.com). Is that possible? Also, on mobile the social button gets completely hidden - any solutions for that? Thank you!
  2. Hey, I created a new website and on my iPhone I can already see the new Squarespace website. The friends I've asked so far also see the new site but on my MacBook I still see my old website I had before moving to Squarespace. I tried to clear the cache and cookies but the problem still occurs on Safari and Chrome. What else can I try to solve the problem?
  3. Hello, I was wondering if there is any possibility to remove the text overlay on the mobile version of Flatiron? It looks really bad as the text takes up most of the images as the hover does not work and it is just a fixed textbox on mobile...
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