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  1. I'm a small business owner in Australia and I sell both GST applied AND GST free products. I'm currently spending a small fortune with accountants trying to manually reconcile my sales waiting for Squarespace to catch up to their competition in this area by offering a checkbox to offer product items tax exempt. Has there been any movement in the last two years on this?? Or is there a reasonably effective workaround?? Right now my only option seems to be to move platforms back to Shopify?
  2. Hi! I am at my wits end with trying to figure out a better way to set up sales taxes on my squarespace e-commerce page. I already know Squarespace unfortunately fails in this area majorly. I feel like I will have to move to a different platform if I cannot figure out some way of automating the sales tax calculation without having to enter a sales tax rate for every zip code/zip code range manually. Does the TaxJar integration with Stripe Orders API solve the problem with sales tax calculation at check out by some miracle? Is anyone familiar with that? Any words of wisdom will be much appreciated! Ania
  3. So we all know that squarespace lacks the ability to correctly charge sales tax. (IE local option sales tax). But, their integration with stripe is also an issue. I wanted to talk to someone on the phone, but we all know that isn't possible either. I use Quickbooks to run my business. I get the sales amount from stripe imported using a app in quickbooks that imports the data from stripe, square, and paypal. Well stripe doesn't break out the sales tax they collect only the amount they collect, their fee, customer name etc etc. My quickbooks is constantly in need of attention because I have to send in my tax liability report to the state of Iowa every quarter. (Saying what jurisdictions get what amount from my sales tax pool) So first of all my tax collected is wrong because squarespace has no realistic way to enter tax obligation other than hand entering 5000+ 9 digit zip codes and maintaining them every month encase of changes. And their chosen partner (Stripe) doesn't pass thru the amount of tax paid. Every month I have to go thru and find / fix hundreds of orders in quickbooks to make sure my taxes are paid correctly. If I'm incorrect in this someone please point out what im doing wrong. To me the only solution is to switch to someone other than Stripe/Squarespace, because honestly it doesn't seem like either really cares that business owners are possibly getting into tax issues with their state.
  4. I am an artist that provide a service and create artwork/prints for clients. I do not charge sales tax or shipping, just a fee for my work. Recently, I started setting up my google merchant acct and they ask about taxes by state info. I am now wondering if I should reconsider charging taxes or will this just be more problematic?
  5. Hello, I'm working on an Accounting website and I'm trying to recreate this state list in squarespace, but I'm not sure how to do it. On the old website there is a list of states, you select a state and hit Go. Depending on the state you choose, you will be redirected to that state's Tax page. Is there a way to do something similar in squarespace?
  6. Hi, I'm pretty bewildered at the convoluted sales tax-collecting process on the Squarespace platform. I have a Commerce Squarespace Plan and it's connected to my taxer account but I just discovered, after numerous sales, that I'm not collecting any sales tax from customers... Why isn't the 'automatic' tax collecting process automatic? Is there another platform where it is automatic? Why isn't there a simple, straightforward, honest way for business people who aren't web developers or internet savvy people to simply create their website and store and have things run smoothly? I need a product for an idiot. From what I understand, I have to go into TaxJar and set up the sales tax collection manually...which isn't at all 'automatic'. I also have to be register in every state I intend to sell products to? Why? Aren't I just paying my sales tax to my state at the end of the year, or do I have to report separately to every state from which a customer buys? I don't get it.. The whole reason I'm paying the extra money for a commerce plan is to make the tax collecting process easier...and it doesn't seem to be working. So Squarespace is gladly reaching into my pocket and taking a few hundred more out of my pocket while I'm not even buying what I thought I was. ..Not a great way to do business or keep clients. I've searched the forums and it looks like there are plenty other irritated and confused users of the Squarespace platform. If anybody has any advice, either on how to deal with the issue and simply collect the appropriate tax from customers at checkout, or for a better platform that is more idiot-proof and intuitive, I'd be most thankful for your input!
  7. Site URL: https://kundalikombucha.com Hello, I have tried all the different options I can think of: manually entering every Zip code/range I possibly can making the entire state a high enough tax rate that it covers all taxes in my area using TaxJar to automatically enter tax rates ... & squarespace somehow still won't collect the correct tax rates every time when purchases are made from my online store. For example, say someone makes a $26 purchase from zip code 80026, where the tax rate is %8.485. Squarespace manages to calculate the correct amount of tax for this purchase ($2.20). Now say someone makes the same $26 purchase but from zip code 80211, where the tax rate is %8.0. For some reason, this time Squarespace only takes $1.04. This is very frustrating and cuts into my revenue. Can someone please assist me? Thank you, -K
  8. Site URL: https://www.katikaia.com/ Would like to be able to keep the sales tax on product inclusive on the site for all UK shoppers but remove the tax at product level for any overseas purchases, is this possible? It seems perhaps not reading the forums? Is there a plug in you can intregrate to do this on squarespace? Thanks
  9. Is there a way to set squarespace to remove UK VAT for EU countries at checkout. I want prices to be shown on the site as inclusive of tax as my main customer base is the UK, but then takeoff VAT for EU buyers so they can then pay local Vat and duties directly.
  10. Hi there, I know this is not possible at this point, but this is URGENTLY needed and is a big loss for many European businesses that are using Squarespace. It is required in B2C business model to show ONLY the end price where the VAT is already included. So you have to select the option where tax is already part of the product price. But then there is an issue, if you want to deliver to non European Union countries (Switzerland is a good example), you are not allowed to collect German VAT from the Swiss customers, since it is a totally different amount and also, because the customs are imposing their local Swiss taxes when the package crosses the Swiss border. So this puts the business in a very non flexible position, where you need to exclude this country from the delivery list completely, which is not only financial loss of the potential revenue, but is also discriminating for the potential customers in non-EU countries. Dear Squarespace team, there must be a very simple and easy fix for you, how to make it more flexible, it could be an easy option, where you can actually deduct the VAT, so let's say in the "Tax" section, I can also exclude particular VAT % from specific countries, so it is the same system as you have now, but just "negative", meaning it will remove the unnecessary tax during the checkout automatically. Sort of working like "discount", but obviously is legally and from taxes perspective reflected accurately on the invoice. You have a great product, but this kind of flaws are pretty frustrating for someone who is in Europe and wants to try all the available options there is order to find the right target group and the right way. Thanks.
  11. Hi dear community, I have troubles to find the function "adding manual taxes". Under eCommerce > Taxes, there is just a completely black page (with info for US Taxes, which is irrelevant for me). Is it due to the case, that I still have the demo verison and the function is only available in the paid version? Any ideas? Would be very thankful for your answers! Kind regards, Johanna PS: The LInk https://support.squarespace.com/hc/de/articles/206540947 looks useful, but as long as I don't see the feature it does not serve.
  12. Site URL: https://ambrand.nz/ hello I need to show our product prices including and excluding gst ( Tax) Does anyone know how I could do this? Thanks
  13. Hi, I am selling workshops in Netherlands but when an order is placed, no sales tax is shown (it says zero) in their order confirmation. How can I apply the tax on the product I'm selling? I cannot find the guideline for non-us site owners.
  14. Site URL: https://www.defenda.eu/ Hi, We sell internationally. There is a hesitancy to deal with UK companies who export from the UK currently due to Brexit and potential additional taxes. When someone visits the checkout on our site the first thing they see is 20% VAT added to the price no matter where they come from. We would like for no tax to be shown at checkout until the user inputs their location. How should we achieve this please? Thanks 🙂
  15. Site URL: https://www.westendknits.com Hi, I just got word that businesses in CO need to start charging a delivery fee for basically all orders. It needs to be listed separately. Does anyone know how to do this? I use the TaxJar extension; I wonder if TaxJar will start automatically adding this as a broken out line? Does anyone know? Thanks.
  16. Site URL: https://www.nscp.org/nscp-store Hello - we have a store with just 9 items - https://www.nscp.org/nscp-store I'm looking for help to set up simple flat shipping rates and adding taxes - this may be done with an extension but I'll still need help most likely at your hourly rate. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi, I am selling both food items and pottery on my site. The food items do not need to be taxed in california but the pottery does. I can't figure out how to apply taxes to only certain items though. Is there any kind of work around for this?
  18. Site URL: https://blazingshuttles.com Our SquareSpace account is not sending sales tax or shipping to PayPal. Everything looks fine in our account, but when we view the transactions in PayPal they are recorded as a lump sum with no way to differentiate between product, shipping, and tax. For example in the attached screenshot you can see that SquareSpace correctly adds $11.48 in tax to a $164 sale with $7.50 in shipping. But when we view the same transaction at PayPal.com, we see only a single number $182.98. This is causing significant problems for us because we rely on accurate PayPal data being imported into QuickBooks. Any way to fix this behavior without routing everything through a third party service? 😩
  19. I am an online retailer but would like to offer my customers the ability to schedule a local pickup. I have made arrangements with a local business to handle the fulfilment of my products after the sale is made online. The problem I am running into is with sales tax. My understanding is that since the product is being picked up within the state I have a nexus, I am required to collect and remit sales tax. However, on Squarespace when the "Pickup" option is selected it generates the sales tax from the buyer's billing address zip code. For a local pickup it should be charging any buyer sales tax regardless as the fulfilment is being made within the state my business has a nexus. I spoke with one of the agents on chat and was informed there is no way to change this directly through the website. This issue makes the local pickup essentially useless since there is no way to collect tax from any customer with an out of state billing zip code. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? I appreciate any help!
  20. Site URL: https://roamerbatteries.com/shop/p/12v300ah Hello, I'm having an issue with taxes on our website. Please see images below. So when our accounting software pulls through the subtotal, because it is set to VAT inclusive, our accounting software then adds another 20% VAT when it generates the invoice. This means I have to go into our accounting software and manually change the price with every invoice. I was hoping to change the website so whilst it still show a VAT inclusive price on the site, when it generates an invoice for the customer, the subtotal is a VAT-free amount (as it's this figure that is pulling through to my accounting software) Is there a way to do this? I have tried using the tax section in invoices, but when I click the option to show the amount less VAT, it always auto-changes the VAT-inclusive price box in commerce. Any ideas? The website price includes VAT, but when it goes to our accounting software (screenshot below) it is then adding another 20%. So I have to go into each invoice and manually change the prices to make it correct.
  21. I am trying to have the tax amount for other states populate but it is not working. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  22. I have added our state and local tax percentages in the 'Tax' section of Commerce on the back end of the site. I also checked to make sure that the 'tax is included in price' is NOT checked, however when I go to the front end of our website and simulate a purchase tax line reads zero. Am I missing a step?
  23. HELP! I have added the Country taxe (Canada) AND the province taxe (Quebec) on my website and on the Canadian (GST) is showing at checkout. I cannot publish my website until this is fixed 😞 I have tried checking and unchecking ALL the options. Can someone let me know of they have an idea about this issue?
  24. Site URL: http://bayfieldberryfarm.on.ca Hello, after talking to customer support they directed me to here. Our business sells two kinds of product one that is a no tax item (food) and others that are taxes (liquor). There is no way in their system to make this happen. They suggested maybe seeing if someone has a way to customize it so that it does? Anyone can help out? Thanks
  25. Hi, Can someone help clarify this query. If my setting for national sales taxes at 20% is programmed with the "on mode", does this mean that I have to present my prices without the extra 20% sales tax ? Example if product price at 120€ (with tax at 20% included), on my product sheet, I will have to indicate the price at 100€ (exclusive of the 20% sales tax). At checkout, this 20% will be added to the total amount.
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