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  1. They work for me in Safari Jane. I'm having a similar problem though. They dont' work properly it would seem on an unpublished (password protected) site. I am using the same code as on another site I did in January so it SHOULD work fine. Hopefully they will once site is published. Here's the help page on Squarespace https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/207135178
  2. I would LOVE to add your solution to my clients site! I have tried the solution that jonjonjon refers to above but it doesn't work well with www.hoofgeeks.ca which often has multiple product blocks on a page (in that case it only works for the first one on the page). Any chance you'd be willing to share the code or link to where you got it for me? Or even what it's called so I can look for it myself @MarcWilson?
  3. hi there, the folks at Ghost Plugins has this https://www.ghostplugins.com/steps/8gn93krh if you search 7.1 and then 'mobile' you'll see lots of other options too. Good luck
  4. Hey Scott, I've been considering doing this with a clients site as she kind of has 3 redunant items in 3 seperate menu dropdowns (in other words it would be better if pepole would just click on the main folder name as you've been discussing here. But I'm curious what people think about seeing this when there are other instances on the menu where we DO need a 'heading' nav/folder item and it isn't clickable even though you get the hand rollover icon? Thoughts?
  5. the folks at @ghostplugins have one! HERE hope that helps.
  6. hi Paul www.seedsnelson.org dang looks like the inner scrolling is back too. thought I fixed that. sigh
  7. actually @paul2009 I tried the html version on some of my 7.0 sites and it doesnt work. Does it need tweaking for those versions?
  8. Hi all, wondering if there's some easy css I can add to all my clients sites so that the font weight doesn't increase like it appears to do in Firefox? Hasn't been a huge concern until this current site I'm working on where it removes all the subtle texture and feel I'm wanting from the heading fonts. It looks terrible in Firefox! Firefox also really seems to boost the saturation of all colours... if there was a fix to that too, so that my sites look identical across all browsers that would be wonderful. https://wisteria-flounder-azc3.squarespace.com/ LTvet2 is the pw
  9. hi @brandon I just had a look at your fixit website and am interested in your fixed menu code. Just to let you know your demo site link is broken (the link that says "Here’s an example site with Fixit added." I would like to see the demo. Can you send it on please?
  10. hi, would this work in Brine? I need more specific directions than you've provided if that's possible. I understand where to put the css, but don't get the rest of the directions.
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