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  1. it's recommended to use rem and not pixels for mobile font size :-)
  2. Hi I dont have a direct answer to your problem (code) but what I do on a client's event page is add a banner/header to the page and then put the 'no current events but stay tuned for our fall 2021 clinics' or some such. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks so much @paul2009 This was a thorough explanation. Already building in 7.1 so I guess we'll just have to let it go. **UPDATE** actually I just discovered that when in QUICK VIEW on a shop page there are forward/back arrows to the far left and right of the window to allow one to move through products that way. Interesting!
  4. Thanks so much @paul2009 This was a thorough explanation. Already building in 7.1 so I guess we'll just have to let it go.
  5. @tuanphan can you provide a css remedy to this issue? I understand why it might not work for a shop with 10,000 products... but it would be nice to add it back in for smaller shops. I wish squarespace had some way to offer it depending on the amount commerce products.
  6. totally agree!! @tuanphan thank you for the fix! You're my hero.
  7. I'm having the same problem! So weird it's not an option in the color styles!!
  8. no the active colour is the colour I want, it's the black one I'd like to change
  9. Hi @paul2009 I have been wondering the same thing. In the case of a clinic (service product) it would be SO HELPFUL and time saving for my client if I could get it to collect in a google sheet.
  10. Thank you @tuanphan you are my beaver hero lol. What about the black hover colour? I'd like to change that too.
  11. @tuanphan @paul2009 I have a similar question. on www.taylorholisticvet.ca I have used this code and the ONLY part working is the colour of the menu items rollover (active) colour NOT working **actually it looks like the active colour is working... it's the black colour I'd like to change so need the language (css) to target that please** 'X' to close menu colour NOT working. Not sure what is wrong in the code. Can you or someone else help? //mobile font colors// .header--menu-open a{color:#92a5aa!important} .header--menu-nav-item-active a{color:#7bb6b1!important;} //---burger color // .header--menu-open .burger-inner:before, .header--menu-open .burger-inner:after{background-color:#508584!important} also, and this would be a bonus. the full menu doesn't show on my new iPhone SE. I have to scroll to see it. Does this have something to do with the scroll back option I have set for the site? Or does that not work when the menu is open? Any insight would be helpful here.
  12. Hi @tuanphan

    Looking for a wee bit of code to make this product here: https://www.seedsnelson.org/seeds-2021-calendar-fundraiser/calendar-plus-membership2 (pw seeds123)  

    The client has business subscription only...

    if you click through to pretend to buy you'll notice you have the option to add any quantity HOWEVER for this product I want to limit the purchase to ONE AT A TIME.

    The template is obviously BRINE.

    is this possible? can you help?

  13. thank you @tuanphan it's so frustrating that we have to do this though. I'll let you know how it works.
  14. Site URL: https://www.2chanceranch.ca Hi all, I've used a summary block "events: stacked" on the home page of the site. (image attachedf - it's the section right under the header) and for some reason it's NOT stacking on mobile? The image is really small with the text on the right. Is this an errror on sqsp's part? I wouldn't think I would have to add code to make it stack properly. Any help, code is welcome. Oh and i did try and remove all code from the site to check if it had something to do with that. thanks!
  15. They work for me in Safari Jane. I'm having a similar problem though. They dont' work properly it would seem on an unpublished (password protected) site. I am using the same code as on another site I did in January so it SHOULD work fine. Hopefully they will once site is published. Here's the help page on Squarespace https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/207135178
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