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  1. I got this message for one of my clients sites this morning too. Be great if squarespace admin could explain.
  2. Never mind Tuan. It's fine for now. I think I'll be updating them to Brine (Kent is the current template and it's really limited). Appreciate the help you offered though.
  3. https://www.i-sea.ca/ on mobile it would be great if it didnt hide the menu when it became sticky. check it out and you'll see what I mean. Thanks Tuan! Hope all is well with you.
  4. I used this: /* stickyk header */ header#header { position: sticky; position: -webkit-sticky; top: 0px; bottom: 30px; z-index: 999; background: white; } on this site https://www.i-sea.ca/ however @tuanphan I'd like a subtle shadow on the bottom border that shows ONLY upon scrolling so can you provide the code for that? I tried the same code I used on this 7.1 site https://www.2chanceranch.ca but it's a boxed shaddow which on the kent template adds a shadow on all 4 sides... help? thanks!
  5. some time has passed now but there is this for those searching for patreon integration. I haven't used it myself but am investingating for a client. https://connect.appypie.com/apps/patreon/integrations/squarespace
  6. it's recommended to use rem and not pixels for mobile font size :-)
  7. Hi I dont have a direct answer to your problem (code) but what I do on a client's event page is add a banner/header to the page and then put the 'no current events but stay tuned for our fall 2021 clinics' or some such. Hope that helps.
  8. Thanks so much @paul2009 This was a thorough explanation. Already building in 7.1 so I guess we'll just have to let it go. **UPDATE** actually I just discovered that when in QUICK VIEW on a shop page there are forward/back arrows to the far left and right of the window to allow one to move through products that way. Interesting!
  9. Thanks so much @paul2009 This was a thorough explanation. Already building in 7.1 so I guess we'll just have to let it go.
  10. @tuanphan can you provide a css remedy to this issue? I understand why it might not work for a shop with 10,000 products... but it would be nice to add it back in for smaller shops. I wish squarespace had some way to offer it depending on the amount commerce products.
  11. totally agree!! @tuanphan thank you for the fix! You're my hero.
  12. I'm having the same problem! So weird it's not an option in the color styles!!
  13. no the active colour is the colour I want, it's the black one I'd like to change
  14. Hi @paul2009 I have been wondering the same thing. In the case of a clinic (service product) it would be SO HELPFUL and time saving for my client if I could get it to collect in a google sheet.
  15. Thank you @tuanphan you are my beaver hero lol. What about the black hover colour? I'd like to change that too.
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