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  1. Our Wishlist is allows customers to submit their cart to you without paying for the products. This is ideal for sites where customers must submit lists of products, allowing you to follow up later. Think of it as a ‘favourites’ list. Customers can select products from your range and submit them as a ‘wish’ or ‘favourites’ list. . https://sf.digital/squarespace-product-wishlist Made by PaulSquarespace Expert and Circle LeaderFounder of sf.digital
  2. Site URL: https://www.forallhumankind.com/stillsgallery Am looking to sell some of my still images. Is there a good third party site that prints and ships and works seamlessly with square space?
  3. SquareKicker gives you the tools to take your Squarespace website to the next level... but sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get your ideas flowing. Here are some of the very best examples of Squarespace Websites to show you just how far you can take your designs with SquareKicker. SEE ALL INSPIRING SQUARESPACE WEBSITE EXAMPLES https://www.squarekicker.com/inspiring-squarespace-website-examples Posting New Websites Every Week!
  4. For simplicity let's say I have a massage studio and I have 6 rooms with 6 tables I want to have a singles massage and a couples massage appointment types How can I have the couples massage appointment type take up 2 spots when booked, so I would then only have 4 spots available for singles
  5. HTML forms have a type of input called date that come by default with a date picker, you can't change the type with squarespace but you can override it. Not all the old version of browsers will support this form input - link Create a normal txt input on your form copy the id of the input field (through right click -> inspect) open the settings of the page then advanced paste the follow code and replace YOUR-ID with the ID you copied <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.6.1.min.js" integrity="sha256-o88AwQnZB+VDvE9tvIXrMQaPlFFSUTR+nldQm1LuPXQ=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> <script> $( document ).ready(function() { $('#YOUR-ID').attr("type", "date"); }); </script> same with number field and others... A shame that Squarespace doesn't use the correct type for their forms, number should be input type="number" instead of type="text"...
  6. Hello everyone, I have some ideas on how to create my website, with the goal of promoting my work and commercial print. description as follow: Is there any simple tutorials I can follow?
  7. Site URL: https://enclaveatbaristo.com/ My client is a developer whose development has sold out... so the website is no longer necessary. We don't want to take it down because it will be a useful marketing tool for his next development. My client is baulking at the $490 fee to continue website accessibility with AccessiBe (a solution I use for most of my clients). What are our options? Downloading the site to a PDF that looks good doesn't seem to work... Thanks in advance for any advice or creative thinking!
  8. Site URL: https://falcon-fiddle-24bg.squarespace.com Hello I'm the owner of a restaurant and I created an online shop for people to be able order my food for pick up only. Is there a way for me to turn off online ordering when my shop is closed? I don't want to run into any issues of people ordering food while there is no one at the store. Below is the url and password to the private site https://falcon-fiddle-24bg.squarespace.com PW: 1234 Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I am not a professional website designer. I chose SQS because I thought it was the best in the industry for non-website designers. However, I’ve had a lot of negative experiences with SQS Support. I have an anxiety attack whenever I need to contact them because their customer service is so poor. If I had the time, money and skill to leave SQS, I would. I have a current website problem with a url that directly impacts my client experience and SEO. I asked in the SQS Forum, but no one responded. I asked the SQS Circle Leader who taught me SQS website design and she referred me to SQS Support. I reached out to SQS Support and their frontline staff bypassed the problem without solving it. This concerned me because she didn't identify or solve the problem nor did she tell me how to prevent it from happening in the future. I am afraid to change a url now because I don't know what will happen when I do. Upon my request, the representative escalated it. It may take days for me to hear back from SQS Support and when I do, I'm afraid they will tell me tough luck like they have on so many other issues. Here's my question: Do you have any recommendations on how to maneuver SQS Support to get a proper resolution to a problem (instead of bypassing it and sticking me with yet another unsolved and unsupported problem)? Hanna
  10. Youtube Gallery for Squarespace helps site owner to display a grid of youtube videos from your playlist or channel using Google's Youtube Data API. - Display video in grid with pagination support, grid columns and rows number can be adjusted responsive screen - Support video lightbox when grid item clicked - Allow user to filter based on title, published date, duration and tags/categories using text input, range slider, date range picker, and multiple select dropdown - Can extract unlisted videos and playlist using Google API - User should get their own api key from Google Console Use cases: - Yoga teacher who want to post their instruction videos - DJ who want to share their livestream feed in Squarespace membership area - Who want to replace Squarespace video gallery Youtube Gallery for Squarespace Created with ❤️ Ngan Le BeyondspaceStudio Squarespace Circle Member youtube gallery.mp4
  11. Hello, I am logged into this forum and my SQS website. I am having a domain issue, need help from SQS Support and am trying to submit a Support Ticket. However, SQS isn't recognizing that I am logged in. It just keeps bringing up the Support page with the three black boxes to choose from: "Squarespace", "Acuity" and "I don't have an account." Please see the attached screenshot. Each time I click on "Squarespace" the page reloads back to itself. Since SQS won’t bring up the Contact screen to submit a Ticket, I logged out of SQS, cleared my history, Cache, Saved Application State folder, shutdown and restarted Safari and my computer, but SQS still will not bring up the page to let me submit a Support Ticket. I don't have any way to notify SQS that their Support Ticket function isn't working, so I am posting it here. Hanna P.S. I just tried the Acuity Scheduling button and it works (but not the Squarespace button, which is what I need).
  12. Site URL: https://www.lelephant-voyageur.com/ hello Squarespace team! I received an audit report from SEMrush on my website, indicating that "some pages show issues with an external ressources block into the file robot.txt." . I installed widgets from GetYourGuide on some blogposts, and one additional code injection for GetYourGuide analytics (footer) . My pages are good indexed on Google Search Console, but I'm afraid this problem. And most of the time the widgets do not appear. Here is my website: https://www.lelephant-voyageur.com/ according to SEMrush and Google Search Console, indeed these codes from GetYourGuide are blocked. How can I solve this issue? Many thanks in advance! Romane
  13. Replace Squarespace boring date input with this datepicker input to provide the fresh look and feel for your squarespace website. Datepicker allows end users to select a date value with several clicks, it has month, year view options to quickly navigate to the desired date. Florists, chocolatiers, furniture stores, blessing stores, and other types of business whose customers want to schedule delivery can use the plugin Plugin comes with options: - Replace date input in normal forms and product forms - Change date format (British, American, Australian…) - Assign Lead time (preorder days) - Define cutoff times for same day delivery/pickup - Set up disable dates and weekdays - Support all Squarespace template version 7.1 and 7.0 - Provide a visual point-and-click to change the options of the datepicker Order Delivery Date for Squarespace Created with ❤️ Ngan Le BeyondspaceStudio Squarespace Circle Member Some example business Floral & Event on 7.0 template: Vased Arrangement: Sweet + Petite — Stems (stemfloral.com) Cake shop on on 7.1 template: Mentega Patisserie (squarespace.com) Backdrop business on 7.1 template: Custom Backdrop — Suite 5116
  14. Our Datepicker Extension for Squarespace allows international customers to select a valid date, regardless of the country they are in or the format that you require. It adds a datepicker instead of using a text box. Simple to install: 99% of customers install it themselves. We supply a step-by-step installation guide, customised code and full support if needed. Display the calendar in any single language. Match the colours to your site’s brand image Restrict the range of selectable dates or make certain dates unavailable. The Datepicker is simple to install but has powerful features, allowing you to block days of the week, special dates, set lead times and so on. For example, customers can easily select a delivery date in a Custom Product Form. For more information, see our website: https://sf.digital/squarespace-date-picker Trusted on hundreds of Squarespace websites.
  15. Community Box lets you add a directory with categories, search and map options to your Squarespace website. Your community can submit and manage their own profiles, or you can import and curate them yourself. Our many customisation options allow you to tailor the look and feel of the directory to match your brand. The first 25 profiles are free and we offer non-profit pricing. https://www.communitybox.co/squarespace Made with ❤️ by Katy Carlisle Squarespace Authorised Trainer and Circle member Co-founder of Community Box
  16. Add audio player to product's Quickview lightbox, the plugin read the audio blocks in product's additional info and append to quickview as a player with playlist support This plugin allow audio and podcast store owner to append a playlist into their record product's quickview. The audio files are fetched from product's addional block and append into the playlist. Note that feature did not support mobile since quickview is disabled on mobile (Squarespace restriction) Quickview Audio Player for Squarespace Created with ❤️ Ngan Le BeyondspaceStudio Squarespace Circle Member Quickview_player_gx2fvc.mp4
  17. Highlight content on Squarespace's page via keyword search, useful for directory website and other use cases. Help visitors/customers find a keyword on single page, allow them search the page with the arrow up/down for the highlighted keyword. Visit website for check the plugin in live site NOTE: plugin will create a search box to highlight all the content on the page, so user should prepare page content on their own Plugin comes with options: - After install the dependencies, place the search form markup on a markdown or code block - Assign the content that valid for the search (limit the search place in body instead of including footer and header...) - Exclude elements from the search (such as headings h1,h2,h3...) - Search bar with jump to matches: navigate through matched keyword, remove the keyword (like browser default page search feature) - Easy to change matches color via css Keyword Highlighter for Squarespace Created with ❤️ Ngan Le BeyondspaceStudio Squarespace Circle Member
  18. I thoroughly recommend this essential for professional Squarespace users. It allows you to: Import and export content (pages and collections) between Squarespace websites Break through the 30-item Summary Block limit with lazy-loading Summary Blocks Add tables with a Table Block Link multiple map markers to posts or events with an Advanced Map Block Quickly delete Squarespace demo content Quickly reset all fonts on a site and more... Squarewebsites Tools Extension PRO Available from: michaeleparkour Circle Community Leader www.squarewebsites.org
  19. You can add breadcrumbs to product pages with our Breadcrumbs Extension for Squarespace 7.1. You can add nested product categories as breadcrumbs, making it easier for customers to discover other products in your Squarespace store. A breadcrumb trail on a product detail page is a form of site navigation. It helps visitors to understand a product’s position in the store hierarchy. This can help users to explore your store more effectively, especially if you have a large number of product categories. https://sf.digital/breadcrumbs-extension It converts your product categories to breadcrumbs, automatically. Built by Paul Founder of sf.digital, Squarespace Expert and Circle Leader
  20. Selling or displaying products that are age-restricted? Our popup blocks access to the site until visitors confirm they are of sufficient age. Our latest version includes great new features, including: Blur or darken the site beneath the popup until the visitor confirms their age Include your logo on the popup to maintain brand consistency The popup can be customised to be displayed in any single language, can be color matched to your site and use your own custom fonts. Our step-by-step guide makes installation simple, or you can book professional installation by us. https://sf.digital/squarespace-age-popup Provided by Paul Founder of sf.digital Squarespace Expert Squarespace Circle Leader
  21. Automatically add an inquiry/enquiry button to selected (or all) products in your Squarespace store. Customers will be able to contact you via your custom form and you'll know which product they are asking about. You can add it to all products, tagged products or POA products. https://sf.digital/squarespace-product-enquiry-form Provided by Paul sf.digital Squarespace Expert Squarespace Circle Leader
  22. Welcome to the Resources category! Here you’ll find an assortment of Squarespace-related plugins and resources, made or recommended by fellow Squarespace users. To submit a resource* Create a New Post that contains: A straightforward title that describes the basic functionality of the resource. For example: Before and After Image Slider A (brief) description about the resource, its application(s) and how it’s helpful A link to the resource Click on Submit Topic when you’re ready, and it will be sent to the Squarespace Community Team for approval. Please allow 24-48hr for the approval process. *Only one post allowed per individual resource.
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