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  1. Hey guys! @tuanphan Thanks for your prompt support for our users! @bryma We're terribly sorry you hadn't got detailed assistance from our Support Team. We would love to assure you that is not the way we usually help our users. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to help you with the settings and the installation process! Please accept our apologies again! Best regards, Elfsight Team
  2. Hi @JanaK Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately, due to the local holidays, we have been experiencing an unusually high number of requests and the response time might temporarily be increased. However, our team is currently working on your request. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience and sticking with us! Regrards, Elfsight Team
  3. Hi @CatHart, You can use Elfsight Google Reviews even if your business is not listed with an address on Google and you're working from home. To do it, follow the instructions in the article below - Displaying the reviews by your Google Maps embed code. If you have any difficulties or any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us - we'll be happy to help and set up the Google Reviews widget for you. Regards, Elfsight Team
  4. Hi @JanaK, You can also try to use our Job Board plugin. We offer a free Lite plan, which you can use without any limitations of time or features. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, we'll be happy to help! Best regards, Elfsight Team
  5. Hi @tuuluuwag, Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, it is not our code that requires some kind of specific plan for Squarespace, but Squarespace's free plan does not support the function of adding HTML code. Therefore, it is probably better to ask the Squarespace support specialist about this. Perhaps they'll help you with your use-case. If HTML (or Javascript/iframes) are available due to your current Squarespace plan, but you still have an issue with the Elfsight plugin, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team. We'll be delighted to check everything for you. Regards,
  6. @kennedyc We're so sorry you still have the issue, however we'll do our best to fix everything for you! Please, contact our Support Team here - https://help.elfsight.com/ Our support specialists and developers will take a closer look at your problem and find the best solution for use-case. Regards, Elfsight
  7. @Sebbo Unfortunately, and now we can't raise views to 1,000 per month and there are some key reasons why: We, as a company, spend a lot of resources on maintaining and support of free widget accounts: - Elfsight is a cloud-based service. Our team is managing all backend questions like loads on the servers or working with APIs. Thanks to that we provide all our clients with great loading speed and lifetime automatic updates. - The professional Elfsight support team is always ready to help our clients with installation and settings, no matter what subscription plan you have, even i
  8. @kennedyc Could you please disable the default Firefox settings? You should be good then. Please, write if it helps or not. We'll help you if the issue is still here.
  9. Hi! @tuanphan Thanks for recommending us! @Eggers We've also checked you website, it's so stylish and dynamic! Great work done! Thanks for using our Google Reviews widget. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have - we'll be happy to help. Also, If you need widget that selects reviews from multiple sources (Google, FB, TripAdvisor and etc.), try to use All-in-One Reviews widget, it will show the reviews in one feed. We'll be glad to assist you. 😊 Regards, Elfsight Team
  10. @kennedyc Hi! Our apologies for such a long wait! Thanks for using our Instagram plugin! As for the issue with Firefox, we have checked your site and came to the conclusion that the problem may be as follows: a secure connection mode is enabled in your browser settings, which can block the display of some elements, including Elfsight widgets. Please try to open your website in Firefox in incognito mode - there shouldn't be any problems. If you still have any difficulties with the widget, please contact our Support Team, we'll be happy to help you! Best regards, Elfsight Tea
  11. @JonathanPenner Hello! Thanks for reaching out! We're glad to hear that and we'll be happy to see you among our clients. Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be delighted to help you and answer any other questions. Have a great and productive year! Regards, Elfsight Team
  12. Hi! @Sienawalker Thanks for recommending us!!! We're happy you like our service. 😊 @hawaiiestatetours If you're still interested, try our Free Lite plan, it's fully-featured and has no limitation in time. Contact our Support Team and we'll be glad to find a solution for your needs! Regards, Elfsight
  13. Hi Jonathan! We are really sorry that you think so badly of us as a service. However, let us explain the things you most doubt about. 1. We care about our users and would never ruin their credibility and integrity of their website . Before your views limit runs out, you will get several notification emails from Elfsight Apps, so it won't come as a surprise. When your views limit is over, the widget on your website will be deactivated either until you upgrade your subscription plan or until the next views refresh date. When the widget is deactivated, it just won’t be displayed on your websit
  14. Hey! @tuanphan Thanks for mentioning us! @Daniel01462 We'll be happy to help you with the widget installation or settings! Regards, Elfsight Team
  15. Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹ @tuanphan Thanks for recommending us! @RAD We'll be happy to help you with your use-case! Please contact our Support Team - they'll help you with the widget settings.
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