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  1. Hi folks, in Squarespace 7.1 they've added a feature which loads the background image of a section only once you've scrolled to it. Generally, I really praise this move from Squarespace in order to make sites faster, but it is annoying when you reload a page you've already scrolled half-way down, and when you scroll up the images don't appear until the top of the screen is about 20% from the top of the image, so you're left with a blank area for the majority of the time scrolling through that section. I used to be able to manipulate the imagesLoaded function in 7.0, but I don't know how t
  2. Folks, this is the answer that currently works for me, as provided by @Octopus. <script> document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', init); window.addEventListener('mercury:load', init); function init(){ // javscript goes here } </script> Andrew -Digital Freelancer
  3. Hi, the only way I can see (I'd love it if someone can suggest a better way) is to disable the ajax loading. A massive thank you to Jason Barone for pointing this out on Twitter: Add this to code injection footer. <script>window.Template.Constants.AJAXLOADER = false;</script> Hope that helps. It helped me! Although I do miss the quick, smooth page loading Andrew Squarespace Expert
  4. Hi Vinko, you cannot use a standard text block, it must be markdown or a code block. The synatx is < del > and < / del >. Please remove the spaces inside the chevrons, I added these so that the synatx would show in this comment.
  5. Hi, just to confirm for people that find this question like I did, strikethrough does work in Markdown blocks on Squarespace (and FYI the red colour in this example is not the default styling) so you don't have to use a code block, but it definitely won't work in a standard text block (hint hint Squarespace, are you reading this?)
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