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  1. Hey, I've gone through the docs and I just want to check if anyone knows how to migrate all your contacts from one website (a 7.0 site) to another (7.1 site)? I know you can add subscribers using a spreadsheet that only contains name and email, but that's ridiculous, right? I think you should also be able to import orders from another website. Why not? For context, I needed to create a new site because the client is upgrading from 7.0 to 7.1 and this project started a while ago. The CRM aspect of Squarespace should be independent of websites. Thanks
  2. Squarespace don't tell you this, but it might save you hours/days of frustration. My experience applies to 3rd party domains - Squarespace domains probably don't need this step. If your domain is already connected to a Squarespace site and you want to transfer the domain to another website, Squarespace takes you through the steps here. I recommend you make a note of the verification CNAME record for the new website. What you need to do: The last step that they don't tell you is to make the old site private by going to Settings > Site Availability > Private. If you don't do this, you might forever see the old site, even though Squarespace says the new domain is connected to the new site. And within 72 hours, Squarespace support will not help you, saying you need to wait for the DNS updates to propagate. This isn't true 😡 Typically transferring a domain within Squarespace takes maybe a few hours at most because you only need to update the verification CNAME record. This happened to me. It was almost 48hrs since the domain DNS was updated, and Squarespace wouldn't help. I used a DNS checker which said the updates had propagated globally. To do this I went to https://dnschecker.org/, selected CNAME from the dropdown and entered the CNAME verification record like this XXXXXXXX.newdomain.com The results showed this was globally pointing to verify.squarespace.com, which is correct. So I knew it was a Squarespace issue. Just by chance, I made the old site private, and voila, the new site appeared when visiting the domain instantly. I hope this helps someone because my client and I have had a stressful couple of days with no support from Squarespace.
  3. Yes it does defer. You can see that the script is detected in the HTML, then queued before the request for the 3rd party script is fired.
  4. I concur with Creedon. Providing your images are well-optimised and your 3rd party scripts are deferred, you've done everything you can.
  5. Hi Ingrid, In the gallery reel the image is not loaded until it appears on the screen. And I'm pretty sure that's the case for all images on the site - they don't load until they become visible on the screen by just 1 pixel as I've had this problem before for clients with lots of images. You can see here, this is the next image in the reel on your for-your-dogs page: There is no image src so technically that image file has not been loaded in to the browser yet. When I click the arrow so that image becomes visible: You see the image src has loaded. Images can be forced to load earlier with some javascript if that's what you want, but it's not simple enough to share here. Send me a DM if you'd like a quote and let me know if you just want this feature on the gallery reels or also on other galleries and images that appear as you scroll down the page. Andrew
  6. Hi everyone, I've noticed this too and the reason is because if you've uploaded a HD 1920x1080 video then Squarespace will use a low-res 640x340 version of that video if you view the website on small screens like mobiles. As Paul says, the reason is to keep the video file size small so it can successfully load on lower quality internet connections. However, I think visitors expect HD quality video even on mobile, and most people have the connection speed to pretty quickly access high resolution video. So I've written a plugin that overrides what Squarespace is doing and forces the higher resolution version of the video to play. I've done a demo on Youtube, and more information is on my website. Any questions let me know. Andrew Digital Freelancer
  7. Thanks Paul, that's absolutely correct. If you're using Squarespace 7.1 you can upload videos directly to Squarespace without needing Youtube or Vimeo. Definitely give it a go and check it on mobile. My experience, and the experience of people who've bought the plugin is that Squarespace is compressing the video to 360p on mobile, making it is very pixelated. Here's a screenshot of the code which shows the resolution version of the video being used: Uploading via Vimeo results in a better quality video, but you do need a paid Vimeo subscription. So for anyone wanting good quality video on mobile, or anyone using Squarespace 7.0, the plugin is still a viable option. There's some feedback from customers on the Youtube demo, and here's a few quotes from people who've recently purchased: I hope that helps you make an informed decision. Andrew (plugin creator)
  8. Hi Melanie I'll email you. In short, yes it works, though if an iOS device is in low power mode it won't play. Andrew
  9. Hey @cbolger the plugin is available and works with your existing background videos unlike other plugins being offered. I'll send you a private message now, thanks. Andrew
  10. Hi @DOMINIK TARABANSKI I'll send you a message now. My plugin works exactly the same as how you'd normally use Squarespace to add a background video - you just paste your Vimeo video link in the section background edit menu. The actual plugin is just a one-time copy and paste. You don't need to fiddle around with anything or edit code yourself. And once added, it works with every Vimeo background video you add on your site automatically.
  11. Hi @QAAM yes of course. I'll send you a private message to give you all the details. Andrew
  12. Hey @adameus, yes I did. It works with Brine family templates and is £40. If your template is not part of the Brine family, let me know what template you're using and I'll give you quote for adapting the plugin to work with your template. I've got your email address as you bought the 7.1 version (thank you) so I'll send you an email now. Andrew
  13. Hi @Margiada56 you're talking about the category and tag filters you can apply to summary blocks. Previously it was an open text field so you could comma separate multiple tags/categories, but now it's a dropdown so you can only select one. I agree that this is a severe limitation in the latest update and hope that Squarespace see sense that it is really useful to be able to filter by multiple categories/tags. Andrew
  14. Hey, I thought I'd follow up with some more findings. I think Squarespace might have fixed this issue I described because I don't notice the blank space when scrolling back up a website after a page refresh. On a side not, it turns out you can use the Squarespace imageLoader function in 7.1, so you can control when Squarespace fetches an image file. This has been very useful for a client's website that has a huge gallery with lots of images. As you scroll down, Squarespace loads the image file as you get to it. So it momentarily displays a blank space followed by a glitchy (not-smooth) image reveal. I've overwritten this to lazy-load the images 500px before they appear on screen, meaning the image has already loaded by the time you scroll to it, and the fade-in animation is nice and smooth. I am going to develop this as a plugin because I think it's a really useful feature. Let me know if you'd be interested, thanks. Andrew
  15. For the benefit of anyone else reading this, a quick update since my last post announcing the plugin... I've had quite a lot of interest through the forum here, Youtube video and my existing clients, so I've written instructions and packaged up the plugin for sale at £40, which I think is good value. Customers who've already purchased the plugin, like Adam who posted above, have been super happy. I am offering support to anyone having issues. The only issue so far has been with a Vimeo video that wasn't set to allow embedding. I'm currently in the process of setting up a Squarespace store to sell the plugin as a digital product, but until then I'm communicating with people via email, sending an invoice for payment via Paypal or bank transfer, then sending the instructions and plugin file. So if you'd like to purchase the plugin you can send me a private message on the forum here or submit a contact enquiry via my website - https://www.digitalfreelancer.co.uk/ Any questions, let me know, thanks. Andrew
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