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  1. @tuanphan Your code is seen on this page - https://www.elevatedphotos.ca/ Here is a page without the code - https://www.elevatedphotos.ca/real-estate-photo-gallery-interiors Do you know how to add back the padding after your code on the first page?
  2. Is it possible to have a shop section in the Hayden 7.0 template which allows us to sell downloadable photos and organize them in folders? If so, are there any instructions on how to do this? If not, what are some recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Are they working on an automatic transfer option? Trying to decide if I should wait or invest the time into doing it manually.
  4. Would simple pages like this transfer over so we don't have to re-add the images and gallery, etc? Or will nothing transfer over at all at the moment? If not, should we wait for them to offer this or just start rebuilding in 7.1 from scratch by keeping two windows open and lots of copy/paste? Or should we download the site attributes somehow, then rebuild? https://www.elevatedphotos.ca/220-mill-street
  5. Thanks, but this also cleared the padding on the rest of the site. Is there a way to apply to just the text box?
  6. Still need help as there is no solution yet without affecting other elements.
  7. Yes, I'm working on www.elevatedphotos.ca. You can see there is a black text box but I need that to span the entire width of the page. Thanks for your help! I know you can do this with 7.1 but I just don't have the time to manually transfer the entire site and its settings, SEO, etc. Isn't there a faster way? Can we pay someone to do this?
  8. If we have Hayden 7.0, are there any pages at all that would transfer over? You mentioned canceling. Does that mean we have to purchase a whole new order to get 7.1 instead of using the usual template switch method for free or included with our plan?
  9. Does anyone know when they will be finished allowing us to transfer our 7.0 website to 7.1? I certainly don't have enough time to do it page by page and I'm hoping for a faster solution from Squarespace. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know the code to place a coloured background behind a block of text that spans the entire page width without padding on the sides? This is for the Hayden template, 7.0. Thanks!
  11. This should really be a simple Squarespace feature NOT having to rely on code.
  12. Unfortunately the free plan has only 200 views. Tagembed offers 1,000 views, which is much more realistic.
  13. Would you consider raising views to at least 1,000 per month?
  14. Elfsight only allows 200 page views per month . Tagembed offers 1,000 views per month. 🙂
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