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  1. Unfortunately I don't think this is possible just with Squarespace Analytics. You'd need a third-party tool like Google Analytics (and it sounds like you're aware of what the setup there would look like already). I've worked around this in the past by setting up GA and ecommerce tracking, and then sharing a link to a Google Data Studio dashboard with the client which can be a pretty self-service way of looking at the data.
  2. @Needery Hard to say what's causing this without looking more closely at the results in Google Search Console. I just took a quick look at the site and the majority of the URLs are indexable (not being blocked by to search crawlers) and you've done a good job with other SEO checklist items like page titles, descriptions, etc. Have you added the automatically-generated sitemap to Search Console? I'd also be happy to run a one-time site health audit for you – msg me for more details about that. I can either share info about how to do this yourself, or we offer it as a paid service if you don't have time.
  3. @ibisette Sometimes it can take Google a while to reindex a website, and currently the feature in Google Search Console that normally allows you to manually request that a URL be reindexed is disabled, and has been for several weeks. If you haven't already, I'd recommend creating a Google Search Console account and adding your website. Once you've done this you can submit the sitemap that is automatically generated by Squarespace — that should encourage Google to reindex the site periodically. Message me if you need help doing that :)
  4. Hi @Aitch congrats on being close to finishing the site! We wrote a guide to managing URL redirects through website migration to Squarespace that will answer a couple of your questions: https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-migration-seo-rankings For the other questions, can you share: Is the old site also hosted with Squarespace, or with a different host? Where are domains registered (the "before" migration domain and the "after" domain)? The article linked above outlines the steps for a migration if the root domain is staying the same, but since you're planning to change domains, there are some extra steps to plan and sequence, and an extra notification step with Google once the changes are complete to help the new site get indexed.
  5. Hi @Brandimore - you're on the right track, it can just take a while for Google to re-index a new website. When I search your name, I see the new site come up in the 5th SERP spot (after some social profiles), and when I add "coach" to your name, you have the 1st spot. That's a good sign that submitting the sitemap to Google has worked, and the bots now know to crawl your new website rather than the old one. There are some additional steps you could take to increase visibility of the new site in search. For example, I'd highly recommend setting up a Google My Business listing connected to your website – that will help establish your position in the search results when someone searches for your name (also your business name). If you're interested in chatting more about keyword research monitoring SEO impact as you start blogging, message me and I can share more info.
  6. In most cases Squarespace doesn't allow for parameters in URL redirects. See this note in the support article: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815308-URL-redirects
  7. Agree that this would resolve it. Curious to hear from anyone that tries this whether GA ecommerce tracking works with this implementation though. In my experience, GA has to be implemented through Squarespace's built-in integration in order for ecommerce tracking to work.
  8. Hi @spaziosquadrato - yes, Mailchimp and Squarespace are completely separate, so you (or the client) will need to sign up for Mailchimp first. Then you'll be prompted for your Mailchimp account credentials when you go to connect to Mailchimp from Squarespace. All of the problems I've run into with the Mailchimp/Squarespace integration seem to be related to connecting Squarespace to an existing Mailchimp list. If you're starting with a brand-new, single-list Mailchimp account it should go smoothly!
  9. No problem @Skor and yes, I'd recommend including an explicit redirect rule in the new website for the homepage that looks like this: /index.php -> / 301 This would make sure that if there are any backlinks to the website from elsewhere on the web that include the index.php path those links would still resolve to the new homepage after the migration.
  10. Hi @Skor - we published a guide to managing redirects when migrating a site to Squarespace that covers this topic which might be helpful: https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-migration-seo-rankings You will need to be careful to set up 301 URL redirects for all pages/posts on your website that will move to a different URL after the migration. The post linked above includes a guide about how to generate those URL redirect rules using a formula in a spreadsheet! You don't need to make changes to the sitemap on the old website, because after the domain is point to the Squarespace site that old sitemap will no longer be accessible to search engines. Squarespace generates a sitemap automatically for every site, which is accessible by just adding .../sitemap.xml to the end of your site URL. After you finish the migration, it would be a good idea to submit the sitemap in Google Search Console, to encourage Google to re-index the new site and take note of all the changed page URLs. Feel free to get in touch if you need assistance with the move!
  11. Hi @agovella - if you've implemented the summary_large_card info via code injection then it should be working. Try running the page URL through Twitter's card validator tool – sometimes that's necessary to force Twitter to refresh the cached info it stores about a URL after it's been shared already. https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator
  12. Hi @AllyLehman - saw your post looking for advice about improved search visibility for St. Louis Candle Co. I'd be happy to connect with you and offer some advice if you're interested. We offer one-time SEO audits that are helpful in identifying a list of priority issues to address on your website. Depending on how comfortable you feel making website edits, we can either help you make the edits or simply provide advice about what to tackle first. Let me know if you're interested - there's a contact form and scheduling link here. We also published a checklist of our top Squarespace SEO tips which might be helpful.
  13. Hi @elliotcoulter - offering another resource for improving how your website is displayed in search engine results. We put together a checklist of our top SEO tips for Squarespace that you view here: https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-seo-checklist Happy to answer any other questions you have.
  14. Also looking for the answer to this question...
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