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  1. Site URL: https://mcad-grad-exhibit.squarespace.com Hello, I have created a website with multiple individual pages that are each using a summary block to pull in graduates by category (this website is for a college graduation exhibit). Each graduates category is their major and the season they graduated. I would like to use the individual pages as the category pages because currently the link .../[blog name]/category/[category name] is uncontrollable visually. I want to use the individual pages so that for each major it says the major at the top of the page. Also the summary block I'm using has Lazy Summaries which allows me to view up to 100 grads. See an category page here: https://mcad-grad-exhibit.squarespace.com/graduates/category/Animation You can see that it says nothing at the top. I could add "Graduates" but if someone clicked on a major under one of the students names, it might be confusing if it doesn't say the major. See the individual page I made here: https://mcad-grad-exhibit.squarespace.com/animation You can see that it says "Animation" at the top. Ideally I would like to redirect the category slug to the simple slug I've created, the pages using the summary blocks. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. PW: grad2020
  2. Hi, We've just pushed a coming soon page for a new squarespace site www.strathearnengineering.com. The SSL is showing as unavailable but I can't work out why. The domain is hosted by a 3rd party and for IT reasons the client/supplier don't want to transfer the URL over to Squarespace. I've only ever worked on squarespace with sites that have the domain hosted by squarespace. The lack of SSL is presenting obvious problems and I need to get it fixed. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks, Peter@designbloke
  3. Once someone has clicked the add to cart button (and the item has gone to their cart). How do I automatically redirect them to another page within the site? I thought maybe changing the ecommerce site to allow express checkout - so once they click purchase it redirects them to the checkout page - but instead would redirect to another page within the site. Ex. They want to purchase a blanket within the shop. They select how many they need and then select "purchase". Once they click "purchase" they are then directed to a new page allowing them to purchase monogramming for that blanket. Thanks ahead of time!
  4. Heya folks! Long time user, first time writer ha ha. I'm building a new form and trying to do a custom redirect based on form input, specifically using Tom's tool for drop-down selections here: https://github.com/tomsWebConsulting/twcsl/tree/main/Form Block Select Field Post-submit Redirect Change#form-block-select-field-post-submit-redirect-change The form isn't using a lightbox, and I think I've figured out the failpoint- the redirect URL link in the post-submission area of the form settings is set to "#", but just redirects to "stenofastrack.com/ft-checkin#" instead of the URLs specified for the options in the form field description. Straight redirects by putting an actual URL into the link field works fine, I'm making sure to test using an incognito browser, but I'm a little stuck as to how to fix the redirect. Any help would be incredibly appreciated, you all rock!
  5. Hi all, I have created trial content that is public (about half of a full article) as a teaser for site visitors. If they like the content, they can sign up and get access to the full articles. However, if someone has purchased a subscription and happens to visit a public page that links to the trial guide, they will be taken there instead of to the full guide that they purchased. Of course, they can still get to the full guide by visiting the member area--either by typing in the URL for the member area page or clicking on a link in the member navigation. I think this is a little confusing for members, so I'm wondering if I could create a script to query the Profiles API and check if a user is signed in and has purchased a subscription. Then if they clicked on a page that leads to a trial guide, and they are both signed in and have purchased a subscription, they would be redirected to the member area. First off, I'm wondering if this is possible and secondly, how I might go about achieving the querying of the Profiles API. Any tips would be much appreciated!
  6. Site URL: https://www.treatyoakdistilling.com/ I am trying to create a custom form that will redirect users to different landing pages based on the selection they make. The form is a drop down asking visitors to select their state. I would like the form to re-direct them to a specific landing page based on which state they selected. Help!
  7. Hello. Client is not using this function so would like this url to redirect to home, however it's not working. I have this in URL mappings: https://www.opsishealth.com/cart -> https://www.opsishealth.com/ 301 Also have tried relative urls, but they aren't doing anything either. Maybe this page can't be redirected? I don't see it listed within my list of pages. I think I am missing something simple. Thanks for any advice.
  8. Site URL: https://anna-stacy.squarespace.com Hi all, I'm transitioning from my old Squarespace 7.0 site (anna-stacy.squarespace.com) to a new 7.1 site (annastacy.com) and have created 301 redirects for all pages but the splash. Unfortunately, as I can only apply a 301 to disabled pages and I can't disable the homepage, I can't make it so that going to anna-stacy.squarespace.com (old URL) takes users to annastacy.com (current URL). Any ideas for a work-around? Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, I built a Squarespace site for client who was previously using WordPress. They publish a lot of PDF reports and want the URLs for the old PDFs to be redirected to the new PDF URLs on Squarespace. Is this possible? I'm looking at the URL mapping now and I can't work it out. Thanks so much for your help 🙂
  10. Site URL: https://www.m2avc.com Hi, I'm working on an integration with a major Air Conditioning company and to authorize my app I need to have a redirect URL that will display the authorization code. They recommend PHP but I can't use PHP with Squarespace. Does anyone have any ideas of where I could begin to look for how to do something like this inside the Squarespace sandbox? The example response is below. It uses a 302 redirect with query components. I need to pull out just the code, format, and display it in a web page for the client to copy and paste into an app. In this example the code is 12A3456BCD789123. Thank you all in advance. HTTP/1.1 302 Found Location: yourApp://authCode? code=12A3456BCD789123& state=a1bcd2fgh3ijkLm4opQRST
  11. We're trying to use Google 'Change of Address' system in Search Console. (A company name change forced a new website update) Both sites (OLD/NEW) are in Squarespace. Search Console is asking for a 301 redirect from the OLD site Homepage! I've tried a few things in URL mappings, and reached out to Squarespace support, but they tell me you can't redirect a LIVE homepage! Fingers crossed someone has found a solution to this... However, no one seems to be asking this question online anywhere. I can't be the first to hit this problem, can I?! Thanks in advance, even if it's a lot of people telling me it's not possible. 🙂
  12. All of the URL mappings I have configured in squarespace do a 301 redirect from the old slug to the new slug on HTTP. Then the new slug on HTTP corrects to HTTPS via 307 redirect. I haven't found any other forums with the same issue. Example: URL Mapping configured: /insights-innovations -> /blog 301 Resulting redirect chain: Expectation: The 301 redirect to http:// shouldn't happen. It should just do a 301 to the new slug on https://
  13. Site URL: https://www.komododigital.co.uk/ Hi everyone, I'm having massive issues with 302 temporary redirects at the moment. I assume at one point the company I work for transferred from one domain to another or changed the site around. The problem is that I have recently audited my site on SEMrush and it has shown that there are 980 302 redirects. I have followed all the advice from Squarespace for the redirects and it still isn't working. For example, I have tried /agency-approach -> /approach 301 and tried to do the bulk redirect e.g. /insights-and-resources/[name] -> /insights/[name] 301 I have had a senior developer look into this and the folks at SEMrush and none of them seem to know the solution. I am aware that 302 redirects aren't the end of the world, however, 980 of them cannot be good for the sites health. Any help here would be greatly appreciated, cheers.
  14. Hello All! I was curious if it would be possible to link the navigation bar pages to the main page? For example this webpage: https://www.brassfeedammo.com/. If you click Contact us in the head navigation bar it will automatically jump down to the contact us info, would this be possible? Thank you! Also Site Password is Ammo123!
  15. Site URL: https://amandapeterstherapy.com I'm hoping someone can help me out with our new Squarespace site Google issues. We've submitted a new sitemap and everything, but continue to get a "redirect error" for our main page. Both with and without the "www" in front. I've read through a couple forum posts but can't seem to find what could be causing this. We have never setup a redirect, our URL has never changed (this is a brand new site launched in March). When doing a google search "site:amandapeterstherapy.com", we can see that 3 of the pages are listed, however our main home page continues to not show up because of this apparent redirect error. Should I try submitting a new sitemap? Any efforts reaching out to Google haven't been overly helpful...I'm getting mainly boilerplate responses. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.
  16. Hi everyone, weird question here, but is it possible to force the spyglass icon in the main navigation to link to a different website entirely? I work for a nonprofit that uses a Squarespace-based site for most of our content: https://www.strongtowns.org/ However, there is an auxiliary website we want to direct users to when they click the spyglass icon: https://actionlab.strongtowns.org/hc/en-us Is there a way to accomplish this (with code or otherwise)? I'd also love for the actual /search URL on our site to redirect to https://actionlab.strongtowns.org/hc/en-us. Right now, I have a code on the /search page that disables the search function, so it just appears as a blank page--which isn't ideal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  17. Hello, I'm working on an Accounting website and I'm trying to recreate this state list in squarespace, but I'm not sure how to do it. On the old website there is a list of states, you select a state and hit Go. Depending on the state you choose, you will be redirected to that state's Tax page. Is there a way to do something similar in squarespace?
  18. Hello! I am new to Squarespace and a novice to site design and coding. Recently, I launched a website at apexeyenc.com, but there is a unsecure notification when typing in that domain name. Only when the entire website address is typed (https://www.apexeyenc.com) are you able to browse through the site. The SSL certificate is active, and I have attempted to run the site through multiple SSL checks and passed (doesn't appear to be a mixed content issue). Any help or suggestion is much appreciated! Thank you so much.
  19. Hi, I'm trying to redirect the link: nadiamena.com/portfolio to a Google drive folder with my portfolio, but I can't figure out how.
  20. Good morning, My site have been hosted with Squarespace now and have been fixing some URL redirect reported from the Google search console. The examples below are seen as 404's and would like to fix them. Some of the reported URL contains spaces and some french accents and wondering how can I trap these in the URL mapping page to redirect to a proper pager of my choosing. Here are some pages that are reported from the search tool.... /blog-fr/category/Outils Électrique /blog-fr/category/Événements I would like to know how to enter them in the tool as the source URL and then write them off to be able to trap them properly instead of users getting 404's Thanks
  21. How come no 301 redirects will work on a store page? Anything with a /store url can't be redirected whether to a page on your site or not. I don't know how to show this problem since everything is really in the back end of my site, but this is what I was trying to do. /store/prints -> https://noahlang.pictorem.com/ 301 /store/outdoor-gear -> /outdoor-gear 301 Both of these should work but donʻt.
  22. When I load my page www.kaileemandel.com/coaching, the code in the Embed block is redirecting the visitor to the Embed block instead of loading the page at the top This is the code https://kailee027552.typeform.com/to/rJ46koPe How can I prevent this from happening?
  23. I'm at a loss and pulling my hair out. I tried to create a 301 redirect on my site under the URL mapping tab. As soon as I did no one is able to access the site, and all that can be seen is a privacy error. I searched for the privacy error and it's coming back as possibly an SSL issue. I verified my SSL settings are on "Active", "Secure" and "HSTS Secure". I went back and deleted the redirect under the URL Mappings tab and deleted the redirect. It's still not working. Please. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  24. Hi, any help will be hugely appreciated. I would like to use Squarespace for our new company website. MD is unsure, they want their three latest blogposts to appear as headlines on the home page. Their blog is in Wordpress. I have been searching for custom code to enable me to pull the content from the external site and update when a new blog is posted. Many thanks all. Rebecca Sire is still in trial development so can't supply that but here is a link to the rough homepage. https://blue-strawberry-n7pa.squarespace.com pw: test
  25. Hello Squarespace community, I'm new to backend Squarespace so apologies in advance for asking very simple basic question. I recently changed a URL slug from "my-journal/" to "blogjournal". I entered /my-journal -> /blogjournal 301 into the URL Mapping section. However when I click on the old URL link https://www.gursharnrait.com/my-journal/i-didnt-feel-the-warm-fuzzies I am not redirected to the new URL https://www.gursharnrait.com/blogjournal/i-didnt-feel-the-warm-fuzzies Instead I am taken to a page that reads "We couldn't find the page you were looking for. This is either because..." Could you please help me understand what I have missed or what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance, G
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