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  1. @Abelli - the built-in sitemap generated by Squarespace usually updates to reflect new content quickly. The support article indicates "within 24 hours". Check the section of this article on What's Not Included to make sure the new pages you added aren't accidentally set to be private or not indexed by search engines. Otherwise I would reach out to Squarespace support.
  2. Couple of suggestions: if you haven't already, verify the domain with Google Search Console and submit the automatically-generated sitemap from Squarespace. This will help Google index the site accurately as you develop it (I know it's just a landing page for now). In the Settings > Advanced > SSL section, turn on the SSL and HSTS settings, so that all pages are served over https. The result you pasted above shows what an insecure http page being indexed, so that's something to clean up before the full site goes live. Not sure what's causing the Javascript message in the search engine results, but hopefully you'll get more clarity from Google Search Console.
  3. Great questions @Jo_SQSP - hadn't thought of using Jamboard for keyword brainstorming so I'll add that to my list of tools. We just published a round-up of our favorite free and affordable tools for keyword research earlier this week — some of our suggestions include Google Autocomplete, keywordtool.io, and Answer the Public. Check out the post for more details and screenshots. We also cover all the places where you should be sure to optimize for your target keywords in Squarespace 7.1. If there's anything we missed let me know!
  4. @KateMouse I think the issue here is that you've already created a GA4 property. The option to choose the previous UA instead is only available as you are setting up a new property for the first time. If you're looking to run a UA tracking property on your website, your best bet is to create a new property (by clicking the blue "+ Create Property" button you can see in your screenshot. Then as you go through the Property creation process you'll see the advanced options to adjust it to a UA property instead. Hope that helps!
  5. @Jeremyn - kind of depends what kind of events you want to track with the Facebook pixel. Squarespace doesn't have built-in Google Tag Manager support, so if you want to use GTM you have to add it using the Code Injection feature. This means GTM *will not* load on the cart/checkout pages, which Squarespace has pretty much locked down. So if you want the Facebook Pixel to track ecommerce/order related events, you would need to use the built-in Facebook Pixel integration that Squarespace provides. However if you wanted to just track some pageviews, or some other more custom events or "conversions" that you define in GTM, then that might be the way to go.
  6. @zebbieg - can you say more about where the user would be directed to when clicking on this CTA button? I tried loading the link in the CTA code you pasted and it looks like it simply loads the existing Learn More page on your site. Assuming you're on a paid Hubspot plan, I wonder if a different way to achieve your goals around integrating Squarespace and Hubspot for lead gen would be to replace the Squarespace contact form with a Hubspot generated form?
  7. @KateMouse - you can still create a new UA property if that's the tracking code you want to implement. This post includes a couple of screenshots showing where how to create a UA property instead of GA4.
  8. Hi @TFC - it's easy to get confused about how to implement Google Analytics on Squarespace right now! From your post it sounds like you had Google Tag Manager (GTM) code installed on your site previously and you are looking to add a GA4 property? If that's the case, first you would want to reinstall your GTM code snippets, and then second, use a new GA4 Config tag within Google Tag Manager to start loading the GA4 tracking code on the site. We just published an updated guide to implementing Google Analytics on Squarespace here (although this doesn't cover the GTM option yet). Reply if you still have questions!
  9. Hi @incontrolcc - like Glyn said you can add canonical tags to pages in Squarespace using the page header code injection feature. However if I'm following you correctly, you might want to be cautious — it sounds like just one section of your homepage contains this information about packages which is then replicated on a separate Packages page. You wouldn't necessarily get penalized for duplicate content here, since I'm assuming the homepage also includes other sections of content that are distinct from the Packages page? It's not unusual for a website's homepage to "preview" info that is explained in more detail on other pages of the site. Generally you would use a canonical tag to explicitly declare which version of two identical (or close to identical) pages is the preferred/authoritative version. If you canonicalize your homepage to your Packages page, this may result in less search visibility for your homepage, which probably isn't the intended result!
  10. Hi @Estela - you can see how Google is currently indexing your website if you run a search for site:https://www.seaforestation.com/ (see screenshot below). If Google is displaying your "About" page with a higher position than your homepage, that's probably a signal that your About page is viewed as a better search result for that search query. There are a few things you can do to optimize your site and encourage Google to crawl and index the pages accurately, but ultimately you can't force Google to re-index a site or display additional sitelinks — Google's algorithms will choose to do that if the website is well structured, contains valuable content and offers a good user experience. I'd suggest checking on the SEO Title and SEO Description for your pages (notes on that here) and also making sure to submit your Squarespace Sitemap to Google using Google Search Console (we have a video covering how to do that here) If you're interested in an SEO audit for your site, get in touch here 🙂
  11. Hi @MTakai - you probably already did this, but just to be sure: If you don't want pages on your Squarespace site to be indexed by Google or other search engines, you need to set the noindex tag on each page. Do this in the Page Settings > SEO tab (I think there's a toggle there that says "hide this page in search results" or something like that) You can also help Google accurately index your site by setting up a property for your domain in Google Search Console (free tool) and submitting your Squarespace website sitemap. We have a detailed guide/video for this process here. Even after you've completed these steps it might take a while for Google to reindex the site and remove those URLs if they were previously indexed. There's not much you can do to speed this process up.
  12. If your Google Ads and Analytics accounts are linked and you have imported your GA Goals as conversions in your Ads account the two systems should work together pretty seamlessly to attribution conversions to your Google Ad campaigns. You don't need to manually add any UTM parameters to the URLs you're using in Google Ads in the same way you would for other PPC conversion sources like Facebook ads. Couple of other thoughts that might be helpful: There is definitely a lag time in conversion reporting between Google Ads and Analytics – you'll often see a Goal / conversion in GA pretty much in real time, but the conversion doesn't show up in the Ads reporting dashboard until a few hours later. Do you know for sure that you are getting conversions from you Ads campaign yet? i.e. have you seen a "conversion" get recorded in Google Ads reporting that is not showing up as a paid search conversion in Analytics? Let me know if you want to book a quick Zoom call to review the dashboards and try to diagnose the issue – I have some availability Friday or next week.
  13. Hi @DCaamano - what user actions are you trying to record as conversions? If you can get those actions (I'm guessing demo request form submissions?) set up as Goals in Google Analytics, then your Google Ad account should automatically start recording those once you link the two accounts up. Happy to provide more support with the configuration if you need it - just msg me and I can provide more info.
  14. The Mailchimp integration is only available on Business and Commerce plans. Guessing you’re on the “Personal” plan, and that’s why you don’t see it?
  15. @salmonuhhhhhh - Google will grab this text first from the Page Settings > SEO Description field in Squarespace. If that field isn't populated with a description, it will default to text from the page itself, which I'm guessing is what happened here. Make sure all the pages have an SEO description set (from the pages menu, click the gear to get to page settings, and then click the SEO tab). Once this is updated, it may take a while for Google to update the search results and there's no way to force Google to reindex those pages immediately. However it will help to set up a Google Search Console account if you haven't already, verify your domain and add the sitemap... We have some instructions on how to do that here: https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-sitemap-google-search-console/
  16. Hi @Boise_Jim - the Screaming Frog tool looks for the first TWO <h1> tags on each page, so my guess is that the h1s you're looking for are in the "h1-2" column of the Screaming Frog report. Squarespace sometimes wraps the site-title or logo (depending on layout) in a <h1> tag, which makes the page title h1 the second one on the page. This shouldn't be hurting your SEO though – Google is likely smart enough to figure that out.
  17. Hi @GilesC - it looks like Google is currently indexing 43 URLs from your site - see the screenshot attached. Not sure how big the site is, but if Google's currently indexing most of your URLs then you probably just need to work on SEO overall to increase your search visibility — move those 43 URLs into higher ranking positions in the search engine results pages. If those 43 URLs are only a portion of your site, then there might be some underlying issues to address to figure out why Google hasn't indexed the rest of the site yet. Either way, I'd recommend adding your site to Google Search Console if you haven't already, and uploading the sitemap that Squarespace generates automatically. We have a couple of videos covering that process - I'll link them below. https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-google-search-console/ https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-sitemap-google-search-console/
  18. Hi @Maxgrilling - when you have a new website it's helpful to create an account with Google Search Console and submit your website's Sitemap there. This will encourage Google to crawl the site accurately, and over time you should the inaccurate results replaced by the correct links (assuming everything on your site is configured correctly). We have a couple of videos about how to set up Search Console and submit a sitemap - I'll link them here: https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-google-search-console/ https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-sitemap-google-search-console/
  19. Not sure what the issue is with the social link error code — both are accurate URLs that resolve to the right place. People often run into issues with the way Squarespace handles navigation folder URLs for dropdown menus – this comment thread might help:
  20. Hi @TheSignBridge - the most common 3xx status code is a "301 redirect" - that's what you use to point an old, retired URL to a new location permanently so that anyone that clicks an old URL is still directed to a functioning page instead of an error page. I'm not sure what SEO check tool you were using, but it looks like this is a reference to internal links on your site. It wouldn't cause a major SEO impact, but it is worth fixing. Find the page that contains these old links, and update them to the accurate URL for that page – it looks like the accurate URL is https://www.thesignbridge.com/sign-products
  21. Hi @dev13 - if this is still an issue, here are a few things you can do. First, double check to make sure your homepage isn't set to be hidden from search engines. In the Page Settings, on the SEO tab, make sure the "hide from search engines" option isn't turned on (and check on your SEO Title and Description while you're there). Next, submit the Sitemap for your Squarespace site to Google Search Console. We have a quick video with instructions here if you need it: https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-sitemap-google-search-console/ The only other thing to suggest is working on ensuring there are other webpages out there that link to your homepage specifically. Often these issues work out over time, particularly if the website in question is relatively new.
  22. Hi @RaffiatMixbook - I'm guessing maybe the blog post was initially perhaps accidentally published with "Nov 5" at the start of the title? If that's what happened, Google's crawlers may have indexed the page then, and not yet reindexed the page to catch the correct title. I can see from the page headers the SEO Title doesn't include "Nov 5" so you're all set there. I'd encourage you to register the site with Google Search Console (video guide to that linked below), and then use the Request URL Indexing tool to try and nudge Google to re-index that specific URL. Squarespace / Google Search Console video guide: https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-google-search-console/
  23. Hi @css_charlotte - based on some quick Googling, it looks like at some point in the past, Google has indexed pages from the site both with the www prefix included in the URL and without. It looks like generally Google has determined that the www version is the authoritative version, but it is still displaying the non-www version, specifically in the second screenshot you posted. In your Squarespace > Settings > Domain settings, did you chose to use the www or non-www version of your primary domain? Might be worth checking to make sure the primary domain is set to www. Also do you have your site set up with Google Search Console? If not, we have a short guide to getting set up here: https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/articles/squarespace-google-search-console/ Once you have Search Console connected, use the URL inspection tool to query both versions of the homepage and see if the results match what you want to display in the search results.
  24. Hi @David_Lopez123 - search engines have become a lot more sophisticated over the past decade and look way beyond simple keyword density now. Definitely avoid outdated "tricks" like trying to hide keywords with text that matches the background! My best advice is to focus on understanding what your audience (users/customers/clients) are looking for, and develop website content that answers those questions/meets those needs. It's definitely smart to develop a list of keywords or keyphrases that your audience is likely to use when searching for whatever your website offers, but you shouldn't go wild trying to include as many keywords as possible. Focus on quality content that is targeted for your audience, and offer as much evidence of your expertise and authority in your field as possible. If you have testimonials or reviews, include those. Msg me if you want to chat more about a user-centric approach to SEO.
  25. Hi @marcmoscato - given that there were changes to the site structure and URLs, you'll likely need to wait for Google to reindex the site before things stabilize again. As @creedon just wrote, it's always important to set up URL redirects any time you change the URL of any pages, and dramatic URL structure changes can be difficult to pull off on Squarespace because there isn't an option to create complex URL redirect rules that apply to multiple pages. Based on what Google has indexed on your site currently, it looks like there may still be some clean up to do – there are some potentially incomplete or draft pages included in the live indexed results currently: https://www.google.com/search?q=site:https://www.buffalobiketours.com/ Message me if you're interested in a website audit or more assistance with getting the site structure organized and indexed again! We could run an audit and then provide recommendations focused on the specific issues you're running into here. https://www.bluehillsdigital.com/products/website-seo-audit-report/
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