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  1. I have put together a projects page for my website (https://www.rezaultharim.com/projects). Currently, it's just a list of the project titles with the description and images/gifs right along with them. The issue is that it seriously increases the loading time and makes the page look a bit messy. Is it possible to have the entire page as a list of projects with a dropdown option (on each project) to see the project details and images/gifs only when clicked? The other option can be to have an index at the beginning of a page. Clicking a project title can lead to specific parts of a page where the project is located. I have very basic knowledge of HTML and I haven't been able to implement any of the options above on Squarespace. So, any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I am using a blank page in a membership area to create a very large list of video tutorials for members. I'd like to have a search bar at the top for the members to be able to use to quickly get to videos that contain their keywords. As I understand it, the membership area is currently not indexed and search bars for member areas are not supported. Is there a workaround for this? TIA for any input.
  3. Site URL: https://thom-fountain-2l7f.squarespace.com/work Hello! I'm trying to add the Page Description under the Page Title in an Index on the York template. Ideally, it would sit under the Page Title. I could also switch over to the Jasper Template if someone knows how to do it there (but I believe the templates are similar). Thanks!
  4. I launched this website almost a year ago and still cannot get Bing to index. I get the message in Bing Webmaster Tools "Discovered but not crawled URL cannot appear on Bing". I've contacted Bing support about 10 times, they only reply with their standard "The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues which are preventing indexation. We recommend you to follow Bing Webmaster Guidelines to increase your chances of indexation." No issues indexing on Google. I'm at a loss, I've never had a problem getting any of my websites in the index, Squarespace, Wordpress, or other platforms. I even tried the Bing's new IndexNow. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi community! I'm creating a microsite for my company (it's not live yet), illustrating the process in which we do business, kind of like a vertical flow chart. I want to be able to have the customer click through and jump to different parts of the chart, depending on where they are in their journey, kind of like how on the Mohave theme, or any theme with an index-page, allows you to jump between sections on one page. I'm wondering if there is any CSS/code that I can insert to allow this? Please let me know. Thanks in advance!! ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Hi, I'm using the Index Navigation feature of Brine in 7.0. It creates jump links to every section of my long single page site. I'd like to find a way to comment out or remove certain links, as some sections are comprised of multiple pages.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying a new template with 7.0 (7.1 has too few options and cannot match my requirements) My issue is that I would like to have my text "centered" on each thumbnail of my projects... But they show justified from left even if I tick "centered" option (just because the text is longer than 4 letters....) When it's a very short text like 3 or 4 letters it's ok. But I would like to put the title of my projects. Any idea to solve this issue? Many thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Hi, First of all cards on the table - i am not techie. I'm far from techie. I created a website for my new business using Squarespace on the recommendation of a friend (a web designer), and I'm having huge issues with my site and google indexing it. I was under the impression that this was something that automatically happened, but after nearly two months my site has still not been fully mapped. Upon trying to remedy this I have used Google Search Console to try and manually get google to take notice of me, but have this morning received a message from google saying: Page indexing issues detected in petertillyhypnotherapy.co.uk To the owner of petertillyhypnotherapy.co.uk: Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Page indexing issue(s). The following issues were found on your site. Top Issues Blocked due to unauthorized request (401) We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search. Any clues about what the issue is? And how i fix it? Also, is this a common problem with Squarespace? I am a little disappointed that after a couple of months my website is not visible to google which is costing me new clients. Any wisdom would be MASSIVELY appreciated. Many thanks, Pete
  9. I am creating a new site with a 7.1 version template and I can't figure out how to create my home page without a trailing slug. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  10. Site URL: https://www.arkanummusic.com/ Hey! I've just published my site and logged into google search console via the Analytics -> Search Keywords option in Squarespace. My site does appear as my property in google search console, but when I request indexing via Check URL -> request indexing, I get an error and it says "site cannot be indexed, soft 404". Do you guys have an Idea why?
  11. Hello! I am trying to change the index font displayed at the top of my website, but I cannot figure out the custom CSS in order to get the font to display properly. I have been able to update it for h1, h2, etc. but the index/page description font is tripping me up. Any suggestions?
  12. Hello, I'd like to change all the colours of the index navigation bullets for ONE section. These are the bullets currently. There are great for everywhere else. These colours (orange, purple, and teal) are fine for everywhere else I need them to be different colours for this page https://africanaeconomics.com/africana-portal/ I know it has to be something like the following <style> #collection-638633baa89b9902cf5927fa{ .tweak-index-nav-style-faded-dots .Index-nav.overlay .Index-nav-indicator { background-color: rgba(255,0,116, 0.8); .tweak-index-nav-style-faded-dots .Index-nav-item.active .Index-nav-indicator { background-color: #1034A6; } </style> Thanks so much guys! https://africanaeconomics.com/africana-portal/
  13. Two issues at hand: 1. When I search in Google for "greenhorsellc", the first page that comes up is not my landing page. It is the "Who We Are" informational page. How do I get the top search result to be my actual landing page? 2. Google Console indicates my site is not indexed due to a redirect. How do I address this issue? As far as I can tell, it is only housed in Squarespace and shouldn't be redirected. Thank you all in advance for your assistance.
  14. Hiii!! I am using the wells template and was wondering how to add a code to have a hover effect on the index gallery so that when people hover the mouse they will see the title and a color overlay on the image. Is that possible? I achieved the hover effect for the type only, but not the color overlay for the image. Site password is 123 thank you
  15. Hello everyone, I am a wellness coach and teacher and designed my own website. I wanted to ask if anyone of you would be willing to take a look at my website and give me any suggestions on how to improve it. It shows up high on Google search, but I don't get many orders through it. If you know of any course or other resource to help me, I'd appreciate it as well. Many thanks and blessings. My website is dervesh.ca
  16. Help! I submitted my new site, www.orlandomagicians.com, to Google Search Console, but it won't index it. I've attached two different errors I've received. The domain is hosted by GoDaddy. This is the issue they told me to resolve, which I don't understand, since I don't have any duplicate pages, and certainly not the homepage: โ€˜Duplicate without user-selected canonicalโ€™, which currently affects 4 pages. Any ideas? Thank you!!
  17. I have a site on 7.0 using the Shibori theme. Is there any way to get the index page to display in a stacked style so I can nest multiple page sections under it? When I do this currently, nothing is showing up on the index page itself, it's blank. I'm assuming it's because how the template handles index pages. If there is not a way to change how the index page is displaying, is it possible to create the sections as individual pages (like I would for an index) and somehow indivudally embed them with html into a single page? I ask because some sections have full bleed color across the back and I think it would be easier for CSS customizations.
  18. Hello - I'm looking for a solution to move the title of my projects (index-item title) on the Jasper Jin template below the project thumbnail image. Currently, the title only shows on hover. Thank you!
  19. I've got my site crawled and indexed but is there no easier way to index all of my pages than entering the URLs manually into google search console?
  20. Hi, Is there a way to have the index to show the Page Title instead of the Navigation Title of the Galleries? Thanks, Celso
  21. Site URL: http://www.briantong.ca/#/stockandsupply/ Hi everybody, I am trying to remove the "back to..." and "prev/next" buttons on the index section at the bottom of a project page. Screenshot attached but currently they are sticking to the top of the first projects in the index section, which I do not want. The site is on the Avenue template. Increasing the "Page Padding" value does work to a degree, but I don't want the extra page padding to be added to everywhere else. I am open to adding some padding underneath the buttons too if cannot be removed and would rather just remove them. I am not familiar with code, so unsure as to even where to add it if there are lines of code applicable to this situation. Thank you all for your time and help in advance! Also, on a side note, why does "http://www.briantong.ca/#/stockandsupply/" have the index section and "http://www.briantong.ca/stockandsupply/" does not have the index section? It would be great to not have to include the extra # in between. Thanks!
  22. Hello! I'm currently applying for jobs and created a portfolio site. I was able to hide most of my pages and portfolio projects from search indexes, but my website still appears when you Google my name. I don't want to password protect my site, but I want the privacy so it doesn't appear when you Google me. Does anyone have any advice or experience taking their site off Google results? I tried my best but a lot of the tutorials I found were outdated or don't address the entire site. Thank you!
  23. Hi there, I have being using an uploaded font through css on most of my headings for my page (all except for the home page). I am using the York Template (as you can see on the template page its that main font on the home page). I believe I'm running squarespace 7.0 still, any code to make that text on the home page a custom font? Thanks!
  24. Site URL: https://www.abbaandsons.co/ Hello, I finally got most of my pages indexed and active on google. But my home page is failing because of a redirect error. I've been wrestling with this for a minute now... Any help is appreciated.
  25. Hi, I want to add a code box to two carousel sections that I have so that I can add index page anchor links. I have index page anchor links but I currently have to put the code box with the correct 'div id' source code in its own section. This has made the spacing on the page too big after the carousel sections. Any ideas? Many thanks, Jack
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