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  1. Hi everyone, I have managed to make folder links clickable in my desktop navigation bar but am struggling with the mobile view just like so many others. I have understood that folder links cannot be clickable in the mobile nav bar. Do you have any idea for a workaround? My site URL: https://meetra.squarespace.com/ @tuanphan: Would it for instance be possible to add a menu item in a particular folder in the mobile navigation bar and hide this item when in desktop view? On my page this would mean that after clicking on the folder "Professionals" the first menu item would be sth. like "Overview" and when clicking on it the user would be directed to the page https://meetra.squarespace.com/career (the same page which opens when clicking on the folder in desktop view). I have used the following code to make my folder clickable in desktop view: <script> (function() {window.addEventListener("load", function () { var tours = document.querySelector('[href="/career-all"]'); tours.addEventListener("click", function () { window.location = "https://meetra.squarespace.com/career"; }); })} )(); Big thanks in advance! This forum has been really helpful so far.
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