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  1. @tuanphan Yes but I don't want the title to show on the Gallery page, ONLY on Lightbox mode. If you go to my Gallery page, you'll see that the titles are not showing up in Lightbox. And I have entered your code into the Footer Code Injection area.
  2. @tuanphan Thanks for responding and sharing some code. I entered in the Code Injection Footer area but it did nothing. I'm wondering if that's because I'm still on a trial site, not on a full subscription yet?
  3. Site and password: https://tangerine-primrose-rtrl.squarespace.com/ Password: portraits/LIB/24
  4. @tuanphan Can you help me too please? I need to have image title show on Lightbox, underneath the image, but not on the masonry grid. I would also like to have the controls say PREV / NEXT, underneath the title, instead of the standard arrow controls on the sides, is that possible?
  5. @melody495 Can i use my own GSC account to upload several different client's sitemaps and then somehow give them access to their individual URL and info? Or do they need to have their own GSC account to do this? I'm trying to figure out the best way to help my clients who are not tech savvy.
  6. Agree! Come on Squarespace, this seems like a simple fix.
  7. @joeridecock Do you know if this would work using YouTube videos somehow?
  8. Hi @tuanphan hoping you can help me. I'm not savvy with css and media queries so I think I've made a mess. I'm needing to have multiple forms on the site be 2 columns - but only on desktop, not on mobile.

    Can I make one piece of code and include all the blocks that need to be 2 columns. Or do I need a separate piece of code for each block? Hoping that makes sense to you!

    Site:  https://sequoyah-fund-draft.squarespace.com/
    Psswd: 810acquoni*

     If you can provide me with the correct code that would be so helpful 🙂

  9. @creedon hey there, apologies for a slow response, got busy on a couple of other jobs. I'm still challenged to get my forms to be 2 column on desktop but one on mobile. I know you mentioned something about the breakpoint, as well as some other CSS issues, but I'm a bit of a hack at this. Can you help/explain? https://sequoyah-fund-draft.squarespace.com/ Psswd: 810acquoni*
  10. @creedon Sorry about that, the password is: 810acquoni
  11. @creedon Can I ask you one more thing on this multi-column form issue? How can I keep it 2 column on desktop but only 1 column on mobile? It's looking pretty funky on the mobile view right now, lol.
  12. @creedon Worked perfectly! Now I know how to apply it to other form blocks. Thank you so much!
  13. @tuanphan Thank you for taking the time to respond. Here is the link to that page with the 2-column form. I'm wanting to create more of a space/gap between the 2 columns. https://sequoyah-fund-draft.squarespace.com/credit-builder PSWD: nativeSF
  14. @Ziggy Thanks for responding! The custom thumbnail option is only available if you upload videos using the video block. I wanted to bring in videos and associated thumbnails from Vimeo using just the video link, not actually uploading the video. Squarespace responded and acknowledged that they're having a problem site-wide with those thumbnails.
  15. @tuanphan Can you help with a similar issue? Using some of the code you already shared in these comments (thank you so much!), I've managed to split a very long form into 2 columns, but they are very tight and I'd like a wider gap between the two columns. This is the code for that (I think) - grid-column-gap: 50px; but the gap is not moving or changing when I adjust the px?? Here is the site: https://sealion-lime-c8k2.squarespace.com/. Psswd: nativeSF Thanks for any help you can provide!
  16. Is there any other way to figure this out? I'm having the same problem. Since I have about 12 videos to include, I can't upload them all since SQSP only allows a total of 30m of uploaded video. So I'm stuck with the horrible thumbnails from Vimeo. Why would they take away the custom thumbnail option, aaargh?!
  17. Site URL: https://www.genderandradiation.org/products This is an older site, using the Mentor theme in 7.0. Can anyone tell me how/where to change the font size of a product excerpt/description? In Site Styles, the only option appears to be either Show or Not Show the Excerpt, no styling options. Any guidance much appreciated!
  18. @tuanphan thanks for responding! we ended up deleting that text area so problem resolved, phew!
  19. I also need to do this - add text to a form without a corresponding field to be filled in - and would prefer not to use another external plugin. Anyone have any ideas?
  20. Worked perfectly. Thank you!
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