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  1. Hi y'all. In my calendar, my the flyout items appear to be behind the following text (or behind the following section, if I move the calendar to the bottom). Only happens in mobile mode. Does anyone know how to fix this? Any pointers would be appreciated!
  2. Site URL: http://www.blackhartstp.com I maintain our bar's calendar for shows and events and there are several features that are absolutely maddening. Many of our events are weekly, but in order to put each individual event up you must: duplicate the event, delete (copy) which has been added to the title, and then at times you have go in and manually adjust the individual event webpage because it just keeps adding digits to the html every time you duplicate. All of this means that it takes probably an hour or two each month rather than just setting the calendar for the year in one sitting.
  3. Our company uses the scheduling feature to rent out our inflatable bounce houses. Is there a way that when one bounce house is booked it shows as unavailable to book while keeping the available units open? I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Either it blocks out all bounce houses when one is rented, or it doesn't block out anything at all....
  4. Hi, I am helping a friend build a site for her small bakery. She only bakes a set amount of cakes and bread and bakes them on different days. Manually noting orders is becoming too much, as her stuff is quite popular. When looking into Commerce I can tell that I can limit the amount of e.g. cakes per day, and as a result make sure that she is not getting more order than she can handle per day. But I cannot figure out how I let the customers order for certain day. Let's say they want a bread on Friday but they place the order on Tuesday. The order then needs to be counted in the available amount of breads for Friday and not Tuesday. I have been looking for plugins that might help me manage this, but didn't find any. If I use a form to make the select a date, I'm thinking that the order wouldn't get deducted from the availability of the correct date but on the date it was placed on instead. (In the example above using a form would mean that the order would be pulled from availability of bread on Tuesday and not on Friday like it should.) I've also wondered whether I need to use scheduling instead of Commerce but I am not sure that costumers will get why their online bread order looks like they are booking a massage. Am I missing a trick? I am thinking that there must be thousands of small fresh product shops out there with this need for their online stores? Any input would be much appreciated!
  5. Hi The internal calendar in Acuity displays days that are busy with a circle around the date in the calendar - see screenshot attached. Is there any way to apply this to dates that are free with custom CSS, or at least highlight the days that are bookable better as customers are missing available days as the current display is quite faint (we have older customers) We are on the powerhouse plan so are able to edit I have made the fonts orange for now - but is not perfect booking link is here https://menodoctor.com/pages/bookings
  6. Hey Everyone, I am a cake business based in Brisbane Australia. I currently only use my website for gallery purposes to display my work and also when I want to sell for special events such as Christmas, Easter etc I will set up a shop. I am wanting to move to having products for sale all the time so customers can hop on, order a dozen cupcakes check out and pay. However my issue is that I need to be able to add a calendar somewhere, on the checkout page, or on the shop page under individual products for customers to choose a pick up date and time. I also need to be able to block out dates for when I am not available or fully booked. I have looked into scheduling however this doesn't suit as it's more for appointment style which is not what I need. Is there anyway of adding a calendar for this purpose? Essentially I'd love it to be like Shopify where you can go into the product select how many and it pops up with your cart in a smaller window with a calendar to choose your dates. I want to make it as simple and seamless as possible for my customer. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much
  7. Hello to the community. Question: Why do I have to create a separate calendar for each category? How can I give the user the possibility to select the category in advance via a filter, so that he can see all the dates in one calendar that match this category? I currently have two calendars under each other. That makes little sense. Many thanks to all those who can show me a solution.
  8. I have an events page with a standard Squarespace calendar on it. When viewed on a desktop the tiles display the images that I have chosen, however, when viewed on a tablet or a phone the tiles just show a darker shade of grey. Is there a way that I can colour code the events (by category if possible) so that even if the image doesn't show the category of the event will be apparent. Thank you in advance for any helpful advice.
  9. Site URL: https://www.sokytennis.net/ Is there a way to set up our calendar to send a push notification to people when events are created or cancelled? The calendar is on our site? Or if that doesn't work is it possible to embed a google calendar to do similar?
  10. Hello, I am trying to display on our home page, our daily event schedule. I have a monthly schedule done with the events of each day, and calendar block, that shows each days hours. Example on 1/25 I would want on the front page just the hours for 1/25 which consists of 2 events. Kid Jump Time 10am-1pm Open Jump Time 1pm - 9pm Is there anyway to get it so it will automatically update each night, and only reflect the current day?
  11. Hi there! We use squarespace for direct bookings of our rental property. These are done via a simple form submission. We manage our booking calendar manually and would love to display a simple calendar block that also shows when the property is booked/free. Any suggestions or solutions? It seems like now I would need to link each booking to a separate event, which would require its own page. I don't want to have to create event pages for each customer booking if I don't have to. Many thanks in advance for any assistance!
  12. Hi I'm already very busy and my business partner is very available. I don't want to use the Look Busy feature and he does. And in the meantime there doesn't seem to be a way to split this feature's effect on separate users. Or is there?
  13. Clients are constantly complaining that I have too many services in my add-ons section. How could we better organize this? Is there a way we could create sections for each type of add-on? That would be helpful. Curious why such a simple thing does not yet exist. There's too much mental friction going on at the moment in this area for users.
  14. I'm looking for a plugin that offers the same features that this plugin has: https://theeventscalendar.com/products/wordpress-events-calendar/ Specifically looking for the various views that are available. I reached out to them and asked about a SS plugin and they directed me to check out a separate product called Loxi - which didn't offer what I am looking for. I've seen the Elfsight plugin and that seems to have less features with a more expensive price tag. Attached is a screen shot of the features I'm looking for. It looks like they charge $99 annually Got any suggestions for plugins I should check out that might compare to this wordpress plugin?
  15. Is there a way to sync the calendars on two square space websites so when you block time off on one it shows up on the other?
  16. Site URL: https://www.northviewgardens.ca/events/event-one-mzga2 I've removed the time display in the actual event post. The time is still visible in Calendar view... any ideas?
  17. I'm looking to link Google Sheets or an Excel document to the Squarespace website, so that when the Google Sheet or Excel doc is changed, the changes appear on the calendar on the webpage. To be clear, I would like what is written on the Google Sheet or Excel doc to appear on the Squarespace webpage. Thank you for any and all assistance with this.
  18. Hi everyone! I am trying to find a way to create separate "add on" services to show only on my calendar scheduling vs my employees calendar. There is specific services only I can offer but do not want to make it "admin only add on". I was hoping there was a check box to click for what calendars you want to show certain add ons to but there is not. Thanks for the help!
  19. Hello everyone, I am a wellness coach and teacher and designed my own website. I wanted to ask if anyone of you would be willing to take a look at my website and give me any suggestions on how to improve it. It shows up high on Google search, but I don't get many orders through it. If you know of any course or other resource to help me, I'd appreciate it as well. Many thanks and blessings. My website is dervesh.ca
  20. Site URL: https://www.ramjamrecords.co.uk/ Hi, Please can anyone advise how I can force the calendar to display event thumbnail images instead of the shading on mobile (so it is the same as desktop). Thank you, Tom
  21. Hi friends! Reaching out to see if anyone has any sort of integration code to help with adding an availability calendar (to show openings) that can link with my client's current Fareharbor booking account. I am creating an entirely new website on Squarespace for them, and am hoping to enable some light integration if it's possible. The website listed is their current site that an owners teenage son created for them. It's not terrible for what they need but the UXD could use a little help and they are hearing this from the customer end as well. They do not want to migrate away from Fareharbor, so I hope to do as much as I can to just link and/or integrate if possible. Any advice would be helpful! Thank you!!
  22. Hi folks! I'm a musician and I run my music page through Squarespace. I have a "Shows" page on my site where I list all of my upcoming gigs. I usually fall behind keeping it updated because Squarespace's process for inputting event information isn't the most user friendly—at least to me. Anyway, I would think there'd be a way to simply sync my personal Google or iCal Calendar to Squarespace, and show that calendar publicly on my Shows page so I don't have to go in and input each event separately. Does anyone know if this is a possibility? I've done some searching and I've been led to the "Scheduling" section, and have linked the calendar, but I can't figure out how to show it publicly. Plus, that's more of a booking tool anyway. Everything just seems really overwhelming and I could definitely use some help! Thank you so much in advance! www.samohare.com
  23. Site URL: https://lifelab.world/events Site URL: https://lifelab.world/events Hello! I'd like to change the start of the week of the calendar from Sunday to Monday. Currently, it is on a Sunday. Is there any customized CSS that can be applied?
  24. I run a community news website and I would like all readers/users to be able to add their own events to our events calendar. Is there a way to do this with the Squarespace calendar or by using an embedded calendar that you can recommend? Thanks
  25. I am building a wedding venue site. I need the events to come into the calendar graphic as different colors. One color (red) for "booked" and a different color (yellow) for "pending." So I feel like I need to go into custom css and enter some kind of command that determines which is which. I also would like to NOT display the time that the event starts and ends - its a day booked or pending. Does anyone know what the custom code might be or is there another way around it?
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