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  1. Hello Everyone ! I am reaching out because I am a bit stuck on some little coding tweak. I already went through the forum but the answers I found do not really work. Here is my issue: I have the pro version of Squarespace which allow me coding. I have a website (Brine template) with an english/french version and on both version I created a event calendar page. In order to have my logo color to pop-out and keep up with my branding / visual identity, I added a green background to that calendar page. Desktop / Tablet version: It's looking good as a small image is displayed on the day
  2. I'm in the initial stages of designing two websites for a parent brand company that wants ongoing events displayed in a calendar block on each site. These two calendars should be identical (it's essentially two branded venues - a bar and a restaurant - who host public events in their shared space). Is there a way to sync the two different websites' events/calendar blocks so that the client doesn't need to post each event twice, once on each website?
  3. Hi, I'm using the yui calendar block on a clients website. By default, the latest added event is on the bottom of the list which shows when hovering the date. Which, in our case, doesn't make sense, as we don't want to highlight the ongoing events from the past on top, but the newest event. As the calendar block doesn't have any settings like changing the order from ascending to descending, I already thought of an easy solution. Simply reversing the list like so: ul = $('.flyoutitemlist'); ul.children().each(function(i,li){ul.prepend(li)}) Unfortunately the calendar block
  4. Hi.. Does anyone know how to filter a calendar block based off of an event type. For example if I had a calendar showing all events but I only wanted to show events from category A. I would like to expose radio buttons to the user so they can filter the calendar.
  5. Site URL: https://estherhafoundation.org/events-calendar?view=calendar&month=01-2021 Hello! I'm trying to delete the times on the events calendar (9a,12p etc.) and I can't seem to do it. I looked around and tried to utilize code in both the css of the specific events page, and in the design area, and im not sure if im doing it incorrectly. span.eventlist-meta-time { display: none !important; } I used this code and I just pasted it into the design CSS block, I'm not super familiar with coding. It didn't work though. I'm using the Impact template. Thank you 🙂
  6. My Calendar is displaying events on the incorrect days - For a Wednesday event its showing it for Thursday. Can anyone help?
  7. Is there anyway to skip the regular hours in the availebillity calendar? So i would like to show on my site I've our house and tiny houses are for rent.
  8. Site URL: https://www.deepbelonging.org/program-calendar Hello! I have successfully used CSS code to crop all images on my site to be circular. HOWEVER, this does not seem to work on the calendar (events) page or in the store. The images there seem to be thumbnail images, so I'm not sure if additional code is needed for these elements. Thank you!
  9. Site URL: http://www.theplacestamford.co.uk Hi, Is there a way to change the colour of the dates in a calendar when there are events on? On the mobile they are a light grey on a white background but would ideally like them to be a darker more obvious colour. Also is there a way to have text to go with the calendar that only shows up in mobile view?
  10. Hello - does anyone know how to change the color of an event calendar? I would like the hover description to be a color other than gray.
  11. Hey All, I'm wondering if anyone has figured out a way to get the calendar to default to display the earliest event from the event page. Example: I'm working on a wedding venue website for an outdoor venue, no one will be booking in winter, is there a way to get the calendar block to display the earliest event weekend, not just the current month and day? So, if you were viewing it now, it wouldn't display Feb, it would just display May as that's the earliest it can be rented. Thanks in advance,
  12. Site URL: https://www.hollyhotlipshere.com/ Hello, does anyone know if there's a way of making a calendar view default to a different month other than the current one? So mine is obviously defaulting to July at the moment when the page loads, but I'd like it to appear as August 2020 as that's when all the relevant events will be.
  13. Hello! I want to display events using a Calendar. When there is only one event a day the calendar shows the thumbnail of that event. When there are more than one event a day the calender shows text. Is there a way to get rid of the thumbnails altogether and only show the text, even if there is only one event that day? Removing the event thumbnail is not an option. Making the calendar smaller to hide the thumbnails is what I want to avoid. The website uses the "Personal" plan, so no custom code except custom CSS. I tried removing the images with CSS, but it will onl
  14. Site URL: https://www.leperchoirfrance.com/availability I am looking for some help to get some custom code so that the calendar format attached, when in mobile state portrait still displays the thumbnails. I understand that in portrait mode under 600 pixels the thumbnails won't render so looking to try and get this coded so even when it is in portrait on mobile, it displays the thumbnails.
  15. Hello, I was considering using squarespace to make site that lists art exhibitions happening in my city. My first instinct was through the events tool but I suspect it won't work... If there are two exhibitions, one that started last week and runs for six weeks, and one that starts a week from now and runs six weeks, I can't figure out how to show in separate sections 1)things that have yet to open/begin 2)things already open but not ended yet 3)past events (this part is easy enough, but adding for context)
  16. I want to have three event pages on my website (we will be having a lot of events so don't want them all to be in one long list). Is it possible to have one calendar that includes all the events?
  17. I would like to have a calendar on my site that will allow any of our 10 members to book lodging at either of our two cabins. I would also like them to be able to book it from the site and have the calendar reflect who has either cabin booked and the dates. I was originally told this was possible and purchased a business plan. I've now been told this isn't possible. My next option is to embed a Google Calendar. I've been told this is possible but can't figure out how to embed it anywhere other than the header, footer, or lock page. I would greatly appreciate any help guidance on bein
  18. I have a client using Scheduling. She has a custom email with her domain set up through Squarespace/Google (work email). Per recommendations, she is using her personal iCloud email as the main account email to login to her site. She has connected both her iCloud and custom email to the scheduler, as we need it to check both her personal calendar and her work calendar for availability. However, all of the client appointments that are getting created are being sent to her personal calendar. Is there a way to keep both connected, but only have new client appointments go to her work email?
  19. I would like to get a custom css to change the titles of the default Calendar in squarespace. I need it so I can have a Spanish version for the months of the year. Is there a code for this?
  20. Hi, I'm looking to find out if a quanitity can be added to Squarespace Scheduling in some easy way!? The website is for a historical building that will provide tours for individuals and groups at a set rate per person. So the customer needs to be able to book a date but also add how many people will be on the tour so the payment updates correctly for them to make the booking. Maybe be a simple way to do it but I just can't see it... Any ideas and help!? Thanks, Paul.
  21. Hi Everyone, I have several upcoming events in October which I would like to display using the calendar, however the month currently starts in August. I don't want event attendees to see an empty calendar, so I would like to make the calendar only display the month of October, or at least start in October. Could you help me with the code for changing the display month? I tried piggybacking off of previous posts but it did not quite work. Thank You
  22. Hi, I'm working with a client who has a wedding / event planning business. They also rent out 'items' for use at events (including magicians, bands, DJs, food stands, etc). Anyone have any experience in managing this kind of business in Squarespace? I'm assuming it will need to be a third-party integration to manage the items (dates, returns, etc), so happy to pointed in the right direction or if anyone has done something similar with SS without external help, I'd love to know. Ideally linked with Scheduling to know when things are booked (or not), etc. Any help would be appreciated. Than
  23. Hello, Looking to move away from Wordpress, and SquareSpace is coming highly recommended from others. The website is for a small bed and breakfast business, however I am trying to find out info on displaying calendar bookings. The backend system in question is called resonline (https://www.resonline.com/) and hooks in to booking.com etc. so people will book in from a well known booking website, and resonline calendar is the source of truth for bookings. Is there any way to integrate this in to a calendar back on a SquareSpace page? Just reflecting the calendar would be enough, s
  24. Site URL: https://www.trilakesreformed.org/calendar I've followed the instructions for embedding a Google calendar into SS and at first it was working fine backend and front. Then it was working in the backend, but not the front (only shows the color background of the calendar). Now it's not working in either place. Has anyone had success embedding Google calendars with consistent success? My client needs to embed because the SS calendar is difficult and clunky to use and because it's not printable. Here's the code google gave me to use. <iframe src="https://calendar.goo
  25. Site URL: https://panda-ocelot-kt64.squarespace.com/ Hi all, was wondering if there was a way to increase the size of the calendar date font (1, 2, 3..) in each date. I've tried several things and can't seem to get anything to work.
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