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  1. I'm trying to figure out how to customize the left/right arrow button hover states for a banner slideshow. I've found the selector for the button stroke and background colors, but the button background color only changes when rolling over the stroke? I also can't for the life of me get the arrows to change color on hover. The arrows appear to be broken into two elements: the carrot and the horizontal line. Any thoughts? I'm trying to get the button background to change to #FF2F79 and the arrows to change to #FFF7F0 on hover. No change to the button stroke. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Hey there! I'm a newbie website designer and I'm having some issues figuring out how to have the homepage banner be the right size on the site. When you open it up, its MASSIVE! My client really wants it to be rotating images that cycle through automatically, but they size and resolution just don't look right. Please help! Thank you! Site url: https://www.jmillerconsulting.ca/
  3. Hello. I'm trying to add CSS to display the full height of the banner image on this webpage. I'd also like to hide the Page Title background wrapper that is appearing as a white box in the top left corner of this page. This site is on the Marquee template and I am unable to update to Brine at the moment. https://www.theneighborhoodinitiative.org/layla-15
  4. Hi, Has anyone else noticed that banner images don't display on desktop in Windows 11? They display on mobile devices though. I checked other browsers on Browserstack and Windows 11 is the browser not showing. So I don't think it's a local issue with my device. I see coloured blocks instead of video, and coloured blocks instead of images. I hadn't 'upgraded' to Fluid Engine. I've just switched Fluid Engine off in my Circle Settings, and tried to re-insert the image, but that didn't work either. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Hello, Our banner artwork appears fine on our site when viewing on a computer screen, but the mobile view does not resize the banner and cuts off the bulk the image versus resizing for the mobil platform. Any tips on why this is happening, and how resolve it? We've found that the majority of site visitors use mobile, and don't want to reduce the impact of the image. Thanks in advance.
  6. Does anyone know how to custom code the corner radius of the text card in a banner slideshow? I've been looking everywhere and none of the code I've found or written seems to work. Pic attached for what I'm talking about. I have this same block type throughout my site and I need all of the cards to have rounded corners. THANK YOU!
  7. Hi SS group. Im looking to create an automated rolling banner of images on my site, but ive stumbled across a roadblock! I have the solid option, with buttons to scroll through manually, but I like the idea of having it automated. I have none of the drop menus available, which another site its telling me to look for. Ive got the required code for this, but without the options of Banner slideshow or Carousel... it won't work. Any guidance from someone more knowledgable of SS? Thanks!
  8. Hello, There is a banner that I cannot get rid of on our website. It appears on every page. Does anyone know how I can remove it? Website is: Montclair PTO, Inc. It's the black banner at the top that says "Click here to buy your Hawktion tickets now!" Really appreciate any help anyone can provide.
  9. I have a squarespace website that has 2 stores using 2 different currencies. The first store (https://www.wanasambo.com/shop/all-garments) was built on squarespace, while the second store (https://www.wanasambo.com/shop-ng) was built on Ecwid and embedded on the site. The issue I have with the site is: The ecwid store comes with its own add to cart icon which is below the product listing page and the squarespace website has its own add to cart button which is at the navigation menu. When you are shopping at the Ecwid site, you can still see the squarespace add to cart icon at the navigation menu. Customers can get confused seeing two different add to cart icons showing simultaneosly. The video banner on the squarespace website does not look okay, and it does not auto play when the browser loads. My questions are: Is it possible to hide the squarespace add to cart icon when someone is on the Ecwid store? If no, can I turn off the add to cart icons in the settings area and create a custom add to cart icon that will not display when a customer is on the Ecwid store? I want the video banner showing on the squarespace store to be similar to the one showing on the Ecwid store. I mean I want the video dimensions to be the same and it should also auto play when the browser loads. If all or any of these are possible, I need someone to kindly help with the code to use in implementing it please. The website is passworded but you can see below screenshots for better understanding please.
  10. Hello hello, Is there a way to reduce the height of a scrolling banner image? I have a testimonial in a banner image and it's unnecessarily tall. Am I missing something to be able to edit it or is this requiring custom code? I'm using the rally template from the brine family if that makes a difference. Also is there a way to upgrade an old template? I've been using this one for years and I'd like to keep it but I'm noticing it's not as customizable as the 7.1 templates. Appreciate the help! Chelsey
  11. I'd like to add text directly below my banner image in a small font giving photo credit to the photographer. The space between the bottom of the photo and the first line of text is too large. I contacted support and they said it can only be done through coding. Is anyone able to help with how to code this? Thanks!
  12. Hi I need to fix my mobile banner. I need it to show like desktop version without being cropped
  13. Password to view the site is Memphis#1 I am wanting to set the opacity (to .5) for the images to the left and right of center, so the main image is visible fully, with a hint of what's to the left and right, and can't work out how to do it via CSS. This page will eventually have several Banner Slideshows, so a solution is as durable as possible would be much appreciated.
  14. Is it possible to add a background image to blog pages in Brine 7.0? I just added a blog to my existing site. I've set a background for all my other pages using the "banner" option. I'd like the blog pages to have the same look as the other pages but I don't see how to accomplish that. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  15. I've been messing with the css for a little while, but I cant manage to make a specific page's banner fit better. I would like to be able to decrease the height of the banner, and center the text within. Here is the link to the specific page: Contact — wholemedcare Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hello, I'm having a problem with a small verticle white line appearing in the header image of my home page when you are scrolled all the way to the top. It disappears as you scroll down the page. I've tried another image, an image without the logo overlayed, a png and a jpg. It also happens on mobile. Screenshots from laptop and mobile are attached with the line I'm talking about circled in red.
  17. When I set this up years ago I didn’t ever realize that on desktop the banner is a nice long short rectangle but just noticing now on mobile, the banner for each page is the full size picture. Is someone please able to help with the code to make the banner for each page cropped down to a basic long thin bar rectangle like it would be on desktop? Very much appreciated
  18. Hi All, I hope you are all doing well. Could you please advise the best solution for the above site (currently a coming soon place holder). My client would like to have the banner similar to the link below. The important part is that the change of images is automated and that they blend into each other. Plus, he wants the image to bleed into the navigation bar. Is it best, I create a video with the images and use that as a background or is there a code that does not mess with the page too much? The client is aware that this practise will slow down the page but is too keen for this effect. https://www.nathanburkett.com.au/ Thank you for your help on this. Andrea P.S.: please advise if you need the squarespace url
  19. I have this promo banner pop up (€100 off) showing on my site and can’t remember how I set it up - I would like to be able to edit it or remove it but when I open up my editor it’s not there….
  20. Site URL: https://www.thedesignmaker.ca/ Hi There, I need help resizing the banner slideshow on the mobile version. Desktop version is great but the mobile version crop the images and looks bad, I want to show the full length of the images. I've tried a bunch of code from the forum but nothing worked. If anyone could help me it would be really appreciate. Thank you!
  21. My home page image is a photo that has a logo and type overplayed on top. The logo and type are pure white. When I import this image into Squarespace, the logo and type appear light gray. I've tried saving the image as a JPG and PNG – same result. Any ideas?
  22. Hi! I have worked hard to complete my website, and find the desktop view looking great, and unfortunately the mobile view is anything but what I expected. I am reading up on Fluid Engine, because as I can see I'm operating on 7.1. Ideally I would like to leave the mobile top banner as is, and then add in another image in its place for the mobile version. That's all I'm looking to do - any assistance is greatly appreciated. Attachments include the mobile version compared to the desktop version.
  23. Hello, I would like to enable hover effect on my website for images in list section carousel and banner slideshow (under the PORTFOLIO menu item) so that an alternate image appears on hover. Is there a CSS code that could help with this? Website: https://toucan-rhombus-85w7.squarespace.com/ Password: AB123! Thank you.
  24. Hello, I uploaded a banner image to my site. It is currently on my Welcome page. You can see the Welcome text over the image and it is very distracting. How can I get rid of that? Thank you, Chris Reader
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