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  1. All sections (and blocks) have an Edit button. 1) Hover over a section, click Edit Section 2) For other style changes, see top right of edit > click Brush icon for Site Styles What do you want to change that you can't find?
  2. Hi, on my android chrome, your navigation also doesn't show. There is probably a display: none set somewhere. I would suggest reaching out to your previous developer to resolve this or approach a different developer to help you comb through your custom code.
  3. Hi, looks like your accordion block is extended to the edge of the screen. Go to Mobile edit mode, and drag the block to be within the grid. Let me know how it goes.
  4. Magic 🙃 I used the inspect tool, this allows me to change the CSS locally (only visible to me and not affecting your website) Go to Site Styles -> Fonts -> Headings -> Transform, click the dropdown. Is this set to Uppercase? All your heading fonts are in uppercase as per Site Styles setting. Your custom font code only changed the font family, not the upper/lower case. Either change the option in Site Styles (this affects all headings so h1, h2, h3, h4), or add this line of code to where you apply your custom font and don't want the uppercase being applied. transform: none; Let me know how it goes.
  5. Hi, can you share the code that you used to apply your custom font that you are having issues with? This is a screenshot where I tried High Spirited, it doesn't appear to be in all caps.
  6. Hi, if your site is new, it can take a couple of weeks for Google to index your website, even after submitting your site map. I would give it some time. But you could check individual pages to see if any errors are stopping Google from indexing your page. You can do this in Google Search Console. I have a blog with a bit more detail on Why my website is not appearing on Google? This will tell you how to check individual pages. This is a difference issue to the one above. Once your website is in Google's index, if you want your site to appear on Google search based on different search terms, this is called Search Engine Optimisation. I would first check that your site is indexed first, and see if this resolved your search result issue. Hope this helps.
  7. You're very welcome! Please do mark my post as the solution to help others find the answer easier 🙂
  8. Hi, please share your site url as it's hard to tell what the issue is otherwise. You can set up a password on unpublished sites. Without looking, it sounds like it's jumping to the anchor link which would position to to of the screen. But if there is a header, to of the screen = behind the header. If that is the case, you'll need to set an offset from the top so that jumps to the section plus x amount down to go past the header.
  9. Hi, please share your site url so the community can try and help.
  10. I think @Squarespace_Design is just a customer like yourself (and me). Squarespace doesn't monitor this forum, please report all platform issues to Squarespace support so they can address them.
  11. Hi, which texts are H1 on your blog page? I can only see one H1, being your blog page title. If you want to change the blog page title for all blog posts, then you can go to Site Styles -> Assign Styles -> Blog Post -> Title.
  12. The code look ok. If the font isn't one of the 2 you have set for Heading or Paragraph, then you will need to upload the font file and treat it was a custom font. As Squarespace doesn't upload all font files available to load your website, that would be a lot of potentially unnecessary data to load that could slow down your website otherwise!
  13. Hi, how did you apply this font to your h3? Please share your custom css code so it's easier for the community to help you. Note, to use a font that is not the 2 set in Site Styles, you will need to use CSS to upload the font file then apply.
  14. Hi, what under Design are you looking for? You can first check Website -> Website Tools, see if you find what you are looking for.
  15. Try this in your Custom CSS. This targets just the links in that text block, as I don't know if this is an issue for other text links. #yui_3_17_2_1_1707855664255_218 a { border-bottom: 0px; text-decoration: underline; } You might need to add !important if not working. Let me know how it goes.
  16. Can't tell what's wrong without seeing your website. But using the above as an example, you need to change the height value if it's not tall enough for you. e.g. height: 100%.
  17. You're welcome! Glad it's working for you. 🙂 If you encounter more issues, I have an article that walk through the 5 common issues with custom fonts. Hope it helps!
  18. Rather than a bug, I think this is because you've effectively forced the minimum width to be bigger than the available width space for smaller devices? Not sure though, I've never set a column gap to be bigger than the default 11. 🙃 Squarespace do not monitor this forum, this is a peer-to-peer forum, for Squarespace customers to support each other. Squarespace support is the official channel to report issues and get help with the platform. Nothing we can do here!
  19. Have you seen Paul's post just above yours? You don't have to hire an experts to get support at Squarespace. Again, please see Paul's link just above your post.
  20. Hi, have you fixed the white gap issue? I don't see it on my phone. Android, chrome.
  21. Your font file failed to load for me. You need to check that your font file is correct.
  22. You're welcome, glad you got it sorted out! You are correct. %s = site title %p = page title %i = collection item title. Blog is a collection aka page, and each blog post is a collection item within blog.
  23. If you have set a Social Sharing image, description on Squarespace, then you need to tell Facebook to scrape your new details. You can check it here, and ask facebook to scrape if it's still got your old one. https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/
  24. Hi, if you share your website it would be much easier to see what's going on. I don't see anything immediate wrong with your code (except the last block should be "h4" not "H4"), however there could be errors in your Custom CSS code that can be affecting this. In the mean time, you can try re-adding the link to your src: url. If the file is not loaded correctly then your custom font won't work.
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