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  1. any solution for this so far?! the free version won t work and Squarespace wasn't able to put up anything in a year... not really cool. and I got so many clients to switch over since I love Squarespace but this is pain in the ass. if any one can help. would be awesome!!!!
  2. @bangank36 Hope this is the right listing to ask. Is anything like this able to programm in 7.1 ? video Gallery Portfolio with hover of caption / text on video Target: https://alex-freund.squarespace.com/fashion Would be lovely if there is any possiblity to make it work. THANK YOU.
  3. @bangank36 This is a great solution for videos and HOVER. Is it 7.1 ? and how was this achieved? Would love to know more about it. THANK YOU
  4. @bangank36 gallery blocks don t exist in 7.1 so what do you mean portfolio gallery video a combinaton of gallery blocks and image blocks? Trying to figure out how to get the videos in a portfolio overview with hover as well. there are a bunch of people searching for that, but no where a reply or a solved problem. Would be so lovely to know how to get that done. since it seemed to be easy in 7. All the best and thank you so much
  5. @UntitledInc The page looks like you found a solution. Was it just the option to work with blogposts? or any other work around? Would appreciate your help. Best Sandra
  6. would be interesting?! The style of the gallery....full width and three videos with padding. like a nice photogaller normally AND hover maybe a color or the name and like on the page he mentioned the video to start?
  7. So its just Wexley which offeres the Masonry Style HORIZONTAL bigger then Vertical? Did anyone ever try to find a solution for this? Still would love to implement it to my page since i love horizontal bigger way better then the vertical. Best Sandra
  8. This is excactly what i m looking for as well. Get rid off the tumbnails on the single project page. Would be lovely if someone is able to help. Maybe you @tuanphan
  9. Did you find a solution to change it? would be interesting. Best Sandra
  10. I m not sure what you mean. Just still trying to find a solution. 🙂
  11. Would be lovely to know what works...for a horizontal masonry. Just finding vertical solutions. Lovely greetings
  12. Isn t there any option to simply just CSS code this? VERSION 7
  13. Would be amazing if anyone could help out!!! Looking for the same tweak...either get the grid the wexley style or horizontal masonry. THANK YOU!
  14. I d love to know how this could work. Searching for ages now. Getting a masonry grid look for the blog posts.
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