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  1. Cool, thanks for those tips. I just tested it in TextEdit, by switching from the rich text editor to plain text, and it only produced dumb quotes. So this works! If anything goes awry, I'll try Xcode next. Thanks again!
  2. This is so interesting — I wonder if this is why the stubborn smart quote issue I was having when pasting in my code block is because I composed it in my Mac's Notes app then copy-pasted it from there! 💡 I'll try to avoid that in the future (maybe with a non-rich-text TextEdit file since I don't have a code editor app). Thanks @creedon for helping me solve part of this mystery.
  3. I was able to figure out a halfway decent workaround using Google Calendar's built-in features: Step 1: Create an event on your GCal Step 2: In the ••• menu, click on Publish Event Step 3: In the popup modal, copy the HTML from the top box Step 4: In Sqsp, add a code block and drop in that HTML you copied Voila: A little Google Calendar button will appear on your Sqsp page, and when someone click the button, it takes them to add it to their GCal, and the Zoom links or other details you added to your original GCal event will carry over to their Gcal event too. Screenshots attached bellow of the steps and what it looks like in each step. Now I just wish I had a similar fix for the iCal issue! 😅 cc @emily.klein @lrcss @JessCC @Sarah-W @aniquecoffee1
  4. I want to ensure that all quotation marks in my site's user-facing content, eg. my blog posts, utilize the typographically correct (and aesthetically pleasing) curly quotes. My preferred curly quotes are frequently replaced by straight quotes (which are used in code as well as for denoting measurements in inches and feet). Here's a visual that explains the difference between straight quotes and curly quotes and what I'm trying to accomplish. Here's an example blog post that uses many curly quotes throughout. Squarespace seems to choose erratically to randomly apply straight quotes or curly quotes, and it's not always easy for me to change them to the proper version. While I want curly quotes on the user-facing content, I need to ensure that straight quotes are exclusively used in code blocks because otherwise it creates bugs: The other day, Squarespace chose to randomly apply curly quotes within a code block, and this rendered the code block nonfunctional. When I tried re-typing the proper straight quote over and over again, Squarespace kept switching it to a curly quote. I eventually got it working by copying a straight quote from elsewhere within the code block then, pasting that. And vice versa: At other times in the past, when I tried typing a curly quote in a blog post or site content, Squarespace kept changing it to a straight quote. Super frustrating. I don't understand Squarespace's logic for making a quote straight or curly. I want to be able to control this logic using a code injection. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Hopping in this conversation, bummed to see that SqSp still hasn't supplied a native cookie management system / preferences page. I just signed up for Enzuzo since Termly's cookie mgmt system has been acting very broken lately; and similar to Termly, Enzuzo has Terms & Cond and Privacy Policy tools. But I'm having a rough start with Enzuzo too. Why are none of these tools simple? Has anyone found one that offers the above features and just works simply?
  6. Solution: Turns out the customer was declining all the cookies when she landed on my shop site. For some reason, the Functional cookies aren't grouped with the Essential cookies, which means that when a customer opts out of them, the site will not function properly. lolz. Thankfully the customer was willing to try all sorts of troubleshooting so she could get checkout working. Anyways, I hope this post helps someone else out one day! 🙂 --- The issue: Today (Cyber Monday of course! #soblol) I got a message from a customer saying she can't complete checkout because it continually shows a blank page when she clicks on the cart. She recorded a Loom video of this in both Chrome and Safari in normal windows and incognito windows, linked below. She said she rejected all the cookies so wonders if this would break checkout. https://www.loom.com/share/72bf99c818ed4803bf337fa33f8553f0 ⁉️ Have you ever encountered this or know how I can tell her to solve the issue? I've been getting lots of other orders all day but am freaked out that maybe a lot of other people are finding this blank-page when they click the cart too but they just never take the time to send such a thorough error report.
  7. Trying out Lazy Summaries now. Thanks for sharing these different strategies for fixing this problem. I hope Squarespace increases the Summary Block limit to better support bloggers! Thanks @paul2009 and @derricksrandomviews!
  8. Thanks @tuanphan! This worked perfectly! I'd been searching for hours and you finally helped me solve this problem. Thank you! 😄
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