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  1. Hi @Marzon Thanks for sharing this code, super helpful. I got it to work except that it seems to repeat the image below. I then resized the image to match the original logo size which almost works but it seems to repeat on the right hand side (only slightly) I wonder if I need to change "background-size: contain" to a different command? Or if I need to just play around with the image size? https://clover-chinchilla-wcbd.squarespace.com/
  2. Great thanks @tuanphan That worked a treat! One last question - is there a way to hide the business information but keep the logo?
  3. Hi @tuanphan 1. No. Maybe it's something glitchy with SS - as I can only see two columns instead of three. 2. Screenshot attached Thanks, Emily
  4. Hi @tuanphan https://piece-collectors.squarespace.com/ password: CACTUS Brine Template I have 2 Questions: 1. How can I add a newsletter block to the right hand side of the footer? 2. Can I change the business name on the right hand side of the footer to be a logo instead? Thanks!
  5. Hi @paul2009 Yes, I want to add icons - I've attached a mock-up to give you an idea. Thanks, Emily
  6. Site URL: https://piece-collectors.squarespace.com/ Hello, I'm using the Brine template and wondering if it's possible to add an image to the Product Description? I know that it's possible to do so in Additional Info but I'm wanting it to be in the actual item description. Site Password: CACTUS Thanks, Emily
  7. Hello, I'm wanting to have an "add to calendar" link on my event pages that allows people to automatically add the event to their calendar. I've used a third party plug-in called Eventable, which generates a code (which I've inserted using the code block) - but wondering if any clever people out there know a better way to do this as it's completely new to me and I don't really love the look of it at the moment. Brine template https://celery-recorder-da9w.squarespace.com Password: BLUE Thanks, Emily
  8. Hi Experts! I would like to add an accordion menu on the product pages, so that the menu sits below the Product Title and Price and above the Add To Cart. At the moment, I can add it to the Additional Comments section using the mark-down block and these instructions https://fallonmade.com/blog/accordion-dropdown-squarespace-css, but it's too disconnected. I would like a similar look to how it's been done here https://www.net-a-porter.com/au/en/product/1208675/anderson_s/textured-leather-belt I'm using the Brine template. https://grey-turbot-sygy.squarespa
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