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  1. My events page has been running successfully for many months, but today all of the events have disappeared from the webpage as presented to visitors. I can still see them in edit mode but I can't see what I might have done to make them all invisible. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks, Adam
  2. Hi community! I want to add the following shareaholic code to event pages of my website. I was able to do it for my blog pages by going to Page Settings > Advanced > Page Item Code Injection. But it seems for event pages there's no Page Item Code Injection option, only Page Header Code Injection (attached screenshot). Is there anyway I can tweak this code to only show up on the event pages and not the event page landing? Code here: <!-- BEGIN SHAREAHOLIC CODE --> <link rel="preload" href="https://cdn.shareaholic.net/assets/pub/shareaholic.js" as="script" /> <meta name="shareaholic:site_id" content="3910f41d5db90ac8072e79f044c119b0" /> <script data-cfasync="false" async src="https://cdn.shareaholic.net/assets/pub/shareaholic.js"></script> <!-- END SHAREAHOLIC CODE -->
  3. Hi, how do you change button colors on the event page? I tried to change the color setting but for some reason it won't reflect the changes I made. https://www.chicagoawakening.church/events https://www.chicagoawakening.church/awknevents/ (I'm trying to change the button colors on this pages. Currently the button background is shown as white.) Is there any way to apply the change to the entire event page? So I don't have to change them block by block (since I have recurring event happening every wk) Thank you so much!!
  4. Hi everyone Hopefully this is a simple thing to fix. I'm trying to make the thumbnails on my events page smaller. Right now, they are at 1:1 (which works for the image dimensions), but they're way too big and also causing the images to blow out. Anyone know how to resize these, like we can in a gallery? Thanks SITE: https://www.saraleonlaw.com/news-events
  5. Site URL: https://www.sidoti.com/events I want to get our events to show up when someone searches "x near me" or "online conferences". I have tried putting the event on Eventbrite which is another issue since it doesn't even show up in the searches there. What can I do to our Squarespace page or update the HTML to make this happen? I am fairly new to Squarespace and coding but have a more experienced team to help. Is there a step by step guide someone can link me too. Any idea why Eventbrite isn't even showing in their search. It's published, active, and public so I don't know what else the issue could be?
  6. Twice I have had a disaster with my shop page settings. I have set up a SHOP page with products created in the commerce section as 'services' (I also have 'products' shop page), and saved it, then later come back to find that the same page is no longer a shop page but an EVENTS page, and all the products details have been disconnected. (I also have a separate Events page with links to the services shop products.) The last time my Shop page mysteriously became an Events page, I had to not only create a complete new shop page, but also recreate all the service products themselves, as the option to transfer products to a new shop page wouldn't function. Is there a button I can push to magically undo whatever has happened to make my shop page an events page, and how do I make sure this never happens again? Advice appreciated.
  7. I'm the website admin for our church and our events repeat yearly. Basically, what I'm doing is manually going into each past event and update the date for the upcoming year. Is there a more efficient way for me to do this? Is it possible to mass edit and import events with a CSV file?
  8. In 7.0 these were on by default and existed right below the address on the left side-bar of the event. In 7.1... I don't see them, don't exist. I also can't find options under Design > Site Styles, does the option exist anywhere? Thanks. ** The website link isn't online right now, still in demo mode **
  9. Site URL: https://armyoflove.co/new-projects I'm looking to use the Events summary to highlight new music albums. Ideally, I'd like to be able to edit the link in which clicking the thumbnail photo takes the user. I do not believe this is possible, however I do think it's possible to disable the links on TITLE and PHOTO. I used the following code and it seems to work half the time, and half the time the photos and titles are still clickable - which leads my users to an empty page. here's the code: <style> .summary-item-list .sqs-gallery-image-container { pointer-events: none; } </style> <style> .summary-title-link { pointer-events: none; } </style> Can you assist? Thank you.
  10. Hi all, I want to remove the "See event" button under each of my "past events" on my Events page. Can anyone suggest some code injection to make them disappear? I find them unuseful and inesthetic (they are huge!). Thanks
  11. I have created a stack of events in the event page. Get them nicely presented on that page. Now I want to expose the coming ones at the start page. Im adding an event section but can't find the stack. If I use the ugly calendar section you can pick the stack of events I created but not on any of the others. Is the only way to recreate each event in the added section and hardcopy the url link to the button? This seams too much extra work. the idea must be that you don't need to have the same text/information on more than one spot on your site, right?
  12. Site URL: https://coconut-dolphin-d2rs.squarespace.com/upcoming-events/event-two-mtzrb-56k6s Hello, Is there a way to add content blocks to the left column of the Event Detail pages? I would like to add content blocks below the event title and meta data. I thought about using CSS to hide the left column so I can create a custom column with content blocks but then there is no way to change the event title. Here is a sample page: https://coconut-dolphin-d2rs.squarespace.com/upcoming-events/event-two-mtzrb-56k6s PW: torch Thank you, Jeff
  13. Hello, I'm wanting to have an "add to calendar" link on my event pages that allows people to automatically add the event to their calendar. I've used a third party plug-in called Eventable, which generates a code (which I've inserted using the code block) - but wondering if any clever people out there know a better way to do this as it's completely new to me and I don't really love the look of it at the moment. Brine template https://celery-recorder-da9w.squarespace.com Password: BLUE Thanks, Emily
  14. Site URL: https://miguelmateas.com/daily-science-picks Hi there! I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could help me edit the text of the "View Event" button and the "Back to All Events" link. I'd like to replace this text with something. Thank you so much in advance to any customisation gurus out there! 🙂 Miguel
  15. I'm still learning 7.1 after doing a few sites in 7.0. I've created an events collection on a new site I'm working on. The main collection summary page has an image section under the header banner (which then bleeds under the banner, as I want), and before the list of events. However going into a single event page, there doesn't seem to be any way of showing an image in the same way. Ideally I want the event's thumbnail image to show at the top of the page, and bleed under the header banner. Instead all I get is the site-wide colourless banner image. Using dynamic header styling is an option, but not ideal. There seems to be no way to add an image section to the single event page. Am I missing something? Is there a way to make show an event's image on the event page?
  16. I have an Events page with a linked Calendar block at the top. On the desktop (and on "mobile view" on desktop) the Events list in earliest-to-latest order. But on an actual mobile device, the Events list begins with the latest (last) event at the top of the list so the user has to scroll to the bottom to find current events. How do I get the Events to list "earliest to latest" on mobile devices?
  17. Hi all! I'm looking to utilise the blank space on Events pages (as shown to the left of the screenshot) to add adsense to every event/calendar page. It would appear after the '.eventitem-column-meta' Any help greatly appreciated.
  18. Just looking to hide the "Back to All Events" link that displays at the top left when viewing an individual event on an Events Page. It was an option for v7.0 but I don't see a way to do that for v7.1.
  19. Site URL: https://draft-gbtl.squarespace.com Hello! I'm working on a site for a client and would love some coding help!! Does anyone know the JS in order to link Event Titles to the Event's source URL? I've searched the forum and haven't found a working solution for this. (But maybe @tuanphan might have some insight into this?) I would like it to work on the Events page: https://draft-gbtl.squarespace.com/events-calendar, in Summary blocks that have events: https://draft-gbtl.squarespace.com/summary-block, as well as within the Calendar block: https://draft-gbtl.squarespace.com/calendar. (Basically, just anywhere that the Events title shows up, I'd like it to link to the source URL!). Password: draft My deepest gratitude in advance!
  20. I'm using a summary block to display events from my events page, but I'd like to change the click through destination to be my booking page instead of the event details. I know I can add a text link in the excerpt, but I'd prefer the title and image to link to the booking page as well. Changing the clickthrough destination is possible when pulling blog posts into a summary block, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it with events without code. If it's too complex to get this function to work with each event in the summary block, I'm happy to have the entire summary block click through to my booking page. Thanks for any insight. I'll share a solution if I come up with my own.
  21. When we originally tried getting search console to get our events displayed it kept giving errors that we had no location, along with other issues so we filled out as much as possible in Squarespace to get it to populate. As a side question...can anyone explain why our December event is linked to this random Veterans Job Fair? I had search console recrawl the page but nothing has changed. Posted in google forums twice but haven't gotten 1 response.
  22. Hi there, Does anyone know how to target the infotext on single eventpages? I would like to make the p a little larger and the heading lighter. Thanks! Site: https://www.naturalhealing.dk/begivenheder/personligt-retrte-p-bornholm Password: Suikido
  23. I'd like to completely hide the standard event summary list on my events page so I can create the look I want using only summary blocks. I tried hiding the section with a section ID but then when I use a summary block with event filter, the event link are broken and won't go to the individual event pages. I used this on my blog to hide the standard blog summary and replaced it with summary blocks, I'd like to do the same thing on events: <style> .tweak-blog-item-show-date .blog-item-wrapper .blog-meta-item--date { display: none; } time.blog-date { display: none !important; } .blog-meta-section { display: none !important; } </style>
  24. Hi All, My squarespace page is relatively new, as it was moved from a different website building tool. One of the reasons I switched over was the improve our Events page and optimize Rich Text Schemas for google. I've seen other squarespace pages do it. However, the current Events page im working with doesnt allow for titles or images - thus wont show up in Rich Text indexing. I would like to try to add these things but the default Events page tool doesnt allow me to edit anything. How can I add blocks to this page? it doesnt seem to allow it? maybe this is a subscription issue? I think I am currently using Basic.
  25. Site URL: https://www.coastalathletics.net/events Hey! On my event pages on the link listed above, I have form buttons placed on each page to collect registrations. I would love to have these placed in a more centralized location under the address of each event-specific post. I have searched for this capability and tried writing some code but have had no luck. Please let me know if you have questions, any help is greatly appreciated. Best, Patterson
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