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  1. I have a very specific challenge and I really hope that I can keep using Squarespace so solve it: I have an event where people can get a Bronze, silver or gold ticket, with each their own price and limited availability (stock). When selecting a ticket, they must be able to add bus transfer witch is optional and unlimited. Lastly I want them the fill in some personal info. After that they receive a quote / invoice with the corresponding product and info in their mailbox. What is the best way to do this? So they don't have to pay for the ticket directly, but after getting a ticket the stock amount is updated and they receive the invoice / quote in their mailbox. Can I do this with a service product, or schudule form, or do I need a third party solution? Spend quite a few days already looking at multiple solutions, but none that ticks all the4 boxes. Hope someone here can help me. Thanks a lot!
  2. In the new Fluid Engine, is there any way to have text wrap around another block of text? Is there code I can enter to accomplish this? I am a writer looking to highlight pull quotes (individual lines from my writing) in a larger font at various points throughout an article. I have included a screenshot of my current efforts. The pink text is the pull quote, and as you can see, the surrounding text does not properly fit around it, despite the hours I've spent trying to manipulate it.
  3. I need to remove the Request a Quote button from the header of just one page of my site.
  4. Site URL: https://porcupine-bird-ax5f.squarespace.com *site password is handtasteferments* Hi, I am building a site for my client that will host a number of "pop-up" food events every month, some of which are on multiple days, i.e. Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1st. Always at the same time (i.e. 5-8pm) and with the exact same content (location, menu, sign up, etc). Right now I can only select a start date and an end date, but then the event looks like it goes from July 31 at 5pm to August 1 at 9pm. I display events on both the homepage as a summary block (with date and time as meta data below the content) and of course on the actual event listing and detail pages. I'm looking for a way to include both days so instead of July 31 - August 1 it says "July 31 & August 1". I've already used CSS to remove the little tag date that was showing up on the thumbnail so it's just the text itself. Thanks for any help!
  5. I am wanting to add a 'quote' section for customers to provide details where I can return a quote
  6. Hello, Since Fluid Engine you can now ad a quotation block where you can scroll through several quotes. However, I see the quotes are in the font of the Heading and I want to adjust that. I can't seem to find where I can adjust that. When I go to Site Styles and select the quotation-block, I am directed to Assign Styles but the list is very long and the obvious choice Quote Block doesn't seem to do the trick. Where can I adjust the font of the quotation block? Does anyone know? Many thanks for the help!! Arthur
  7. Hi, I have a client who would like visitors to be able to request a quote for their services and then book a time to discuss that quote (a la calendly). Is anyone aware of a plugin that can make this possible? Maybe it could integrate with Squarespaces appointment tool? Thanks in advance!
  8. Site URL: http://florencehb.squarespace.com/work/project-three-fylys Hi there! I’m having an issue where on the page, the drawing of the four rats should be much lighter. The background is white when I open it in other programs. If I change the layout of the image block so the text is beneath the image, the image appears correctly again. It is in the RGB colour profile, so that shouldn’t be the issue. Does anyone know what’s going on? Here is the original image for reference.
  9. Site URL: https://www.jadeeleanor.com/ Hiya, I have a quote on my home page that doesn't seem to centralise on the mobile version, I'm not sure why, you can't 'zoom out' of the site to see it fully either, does anyone have any idea as to why/how it can be fixed? It look pretty naff and unprofessional. It the bit that says "Relaxed. Natural. Documentary. Super Chill. Wedding Photography." Thank you! Jade 🙂
  10. Site URL: https://www.decadentdog.com/services Hi, I seem to have hit a wall and am looking for help. I have some quotes on a site and I'd like to get the initial quote to hang. On the services page that I've linked, the bottom quote is in H4 style. I've tried adding in custom CSS that I've found online and tweaked to no avail. #block-ID h4 { margin-left: .01em; } #block-ID { h4:before { content: '“'; position: absolute; //font-family: "Platform-Bold"; font-size: 2.3em; margin-left: -.6em; font-style: italic; margin-top: 10px; @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { margin-left: -.5em; margin-top: 5px; } } h4:after { content: '”'; position: absolute; //font-family: "Platform-Bold"; font-size: 2em; //margin-left: -.1em; font-style: italic; margin-top: 10px; } } And also this one h4 { hanging-punctuation: first; }
  11. Site URL: http://lightcrestphoto.com Yesterday I added two quotes to my site and was able to edit them freely. Today, when I go to 'edit' and hover over the text nothing happens. There is no longer an option to edit the text. And when I try and create a new quote it just auto fills with the default text and doesn't allow me to change it. The only thing I can do is drag the quote around or delete it. Any help is greatly appreciated. I've attached screenshots for reference.
  12. Site URL: https://www.highhoprecords.com Hello, we just made our new record label website here in SquareSpace. We would appreciate your feedback and to know what your experience is as a visitor. Thanks in advance!
  13. Site URL: https://chiroup.com I want to show some reviews of my customers on my site. Is there a way to add an image to the quote block? Right now I have it set up in columns but it doesn't format the way I want it to. I also tried using the image card block but that doesn't format correctly either. You think Squarespace would have an option to add a little image to the quote block for customer reviews. You can navigate to my site to see how they are set up now. I was just hoping there was a way where they could be formatted a little better. Let me know, thanks!
  14. Hi all, im thinking to build a website on square space and im wondering if its possible to have like a place/tool/gadget in the website where possible customers can apply to request a quote for a service. Thank you so much
  15. Site URL: http://www.breemelanson.com Hi everyone, Can some help me with the CSS to turn the carousel block font on this page to match the quote block above? @tuanphan Would you be able to help me on this? Thank you!
  16. Site URL: https://www.thehairranch.com/ So odd. On the desktop site, all 3 quotes appear. On the mobile site, only 2 quotes appear (the second column from Kristen and third column from Eileen). The quote from Tammy (the first one or left side) is missing. Cannot figure this out. Been looking for 2 days now. I must have hid it somehow? Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  17. Site URL: https://www.silverstreakstudio.com/ Hi, I have tried various snippets of CSS from the web but cant seem to get my content blocks to stack in Tablet View (portrait). Website is in Brine 7.0 and is live. Specifically, I need to stack the blocks on my Aerial Page: https://www.silverstreakstudio.com/aerial so the image of the floating raft is above the text block starting "Getting airborne.." This will mean all the blocks on the page are stacked in case the code is easier for the whole page. Also on the Home Page, https://www.silverstreakstudio.com/ The Text blocks and button currently to the right of the Showreel all need to be stacked underneath the Showreel so they are full width like they are in Mobile view - see image attached. After the Photography index block, there are three columns (two images on either side and text in the middle) that also don't work in Tablet view (screenshot attached). Is it possible to reduce the size of the image block widths slightly so the text column in the middle is wider? And/Or is it possible to remove the spacer between the bottom of the text box and the button only in tablet view as the spacer works well in desktop mode? Finally, I have also been struggling to reduce the top and bottom padding in the quote blocks. I want to reduce the space between the text and the separator line and also between the separator line and the edge of the box. For some reason there seems to be more space on the bottom than the top. Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help with all this!!
  18. Site URL: https://paddlefish-echidna-g6yw.squarespace.com Hi all, This is my first post on here. I am a copyeditor and I want to add a price quotation calculator to my website. I came across this website and was wondering if building similar style pricing is possible using Calconic or Convert Calculator (or other!) https://www.capstoneediting.com.au/pricing In a nutshell, the total price is dependant on multiple variables: word count + turnaround time (itself dependant on word count) + service type (3 options) I have had a look at both the above, but they don't seem intuitive enough to show the kinds of conditional visibility on turnaround time options I need to display once customers have selected the word count required. Is this kind of form something that requires customised javascript? Or can it be done through using form builders like the above Thanks in advance 🙂 Abi Taylor
  19. Is there any plan in place to add a "Request Quote" feature for customers? Many of our customers need a formal quote before they can approve an order with purchasing departments. This has been the single biggest issue we have with squarespace. I feel like this feature would be quite simple to setup: enable users to Request a Quote (generate a simple pdf document) on the Cart page with things they have in the Cart. This would be an additional option to the "Proceed to Checkout" option. If this option is not added we may have to migrate to another site builder in the future as this is one of many issues we have had with squarespace. Furthermore: I just got an email about how you can now print Shipping Labels with Squarespace for USPS, something that I'm not really sure how high the demand is but for sure not useful for our store as we only rely on Fedex for shipping. Thanks.
  20. Site URL: https://aqua-ellipse-e5tx.squarespace.com/home/weddings-sk5ee I've just added a 'Quote' box into one of the sections to my website, but cannot seem to find where the font can be changed. The only options available when I edit the Quote element are 'Content' and 'Design', and under 'Design' the only option in 'animation'. Any Suggestions? I was looking to add a quote using a script type font.
  21. HI All, Squarespace newbie trying to figure out how to create a portfolio of work which is a full page image with a description box about the project. The description box also has navigation arrows to go to the next project which is on a new section. I was hoping to have side horizontal scrolling but currently have scrolling up and down. I have managed to work out how to add a code block with text and arrows but it is a bit clunky. Would be good if the box could stay in the top left. I would also like it if on the mobile version the box was at the top and the image underneath instead of the box over the top. The arrows seem to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the page scroll has a mind of its own and starts going up and down! I created the arrows by adding a markdown, linking the image and then copying the below code. ![uparrowtint](/s/noun_up-arrow_61411-tin-01.svg) Then I right-clicked the image and copied the address into my code block I got the section ID's and added to scroll to the next section. I added the smooth scroll CSS. This only appears to work in Chrome and not Safari and one of my clients uses Safari so would be good to work out why this is not working? When I clicked the arrows to go to the next section it would go to the next section but align to the top of the description box and not the background image. Not sure why? I added the Scrollify plugin to Code Injection header from this link: Now the page scrolls to the next project and moves to show the top of the image but is not right. It sort of moves to the top of the description box and then moves down. Sorry for the long post. Any help would be great!
  22. Hi, I have some products that require a shipping quote rather than an "add to cart". Once I give a shipping quote to a customer, how then do I put it back through the store so the customer can use the online interface? I would rather keep everything in the same system rather than do a manual order via another service, which doesn't look very professional either. Off the top of my head, all I can think of is to make a new shipping option specific to that customer's quote, but sadly that would be visible to others, and other shipping options would also be visible to the customer in question. Thanks for any tips
  23. What is the CSS to edit a quote block? I want to be able to change text font, size, style, weight, color, etc.
  24. So I have a business and I am a middle man for most of it. Based on the dropdown feedback I get, depending on their location, the email would go to different people for a quote. Is there a way to set up my quote form so that based on a certain location, the email would go to one person and based on another location, it go to someone else? So if someone needs a quote in California, it goes to one person, but when they say its for indiana, it goes to another person. I hate having to get the email then reach out on my owner, losing time and also losing out on others who are doing something similar and we use the same contact/person for fulfill our orders. Thanks
  25. Site URL: https://tmforwomen.squarespace.com/ Hello, I have used the following code to change my quote block text colour to a gradient: .quote-block { background: -webkit-linear-gradient(45deg, #ff5797, #fdc346); -webkit-background-clip: text; -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent; } It works great when viewed in chrome, however when I opened safari, I noticed the quote block text was completely missing. See screenshots. Please help and thank you. Site access https://tmforwomen.squarespace.com/ pw: tmaus
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