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  1. Site URL: https://www.onyxlab.com.au Hey guys, Two things in the shopping cart page: I can't find the class or hashtag to use for the 'remove item' X button. If you add an item to the cart, since my background is black, the X button appears to be hidden. I want to make this X white but can't find the proper tag to code in CSS. I would like to disable people to override the number in the quantity input field I know squarespace doesn't have the option to have customers have a limit on items ordered, I need the input field disabled so customers can not order 2 or more. Can someone pls help me? Edit: fixed problem 2 with code: ._2BFKBVmHw { pointer-events: none; } But I would still love to change the colour of the X 'remove item' button to white, I can't find the ID to target it
  2. As a graphic designer myself, In your section: "Folks I have worked with", I would just have the logos. Even if the logos are not well known to the reader, it gives a clear snapshot on the companies/people you worked with. TBH, I can't be bothered reading that wall of text of companies, unless im really bored. Have your instagram and facebook icons in the footer on the left, it seems quite alone and far off from your content on your page. If you align it left, it will align with your page content Under your logo: "Creative | Illustration | Design", replace the words, it's a given you're creative, work as a illustrator and in design. These are common words used by all designers at some point in their career to justify their work, people already know you're creative. Encapsulate who you are as a designer, for example from what I see: you can change it to: "Contemporary | Unafraid | Whimsical" Overall its clear and clean. Love your work too, fun, nice to look at and clear.
  3. Hey, Thanks for the message, I implemented the way I wanted it on my website. Just found out the restricted areas here are only for USA and Canada. Had to find a work around
  4. EDIT: Fixed! Idiot me had "</div>" all over the middle section, deleted those and site working fine! Hello, I added a simple code block with no CSS and no JS and it's making my site bug up. For example, text spacing and height changes, button padding changes automatically. But when I remove the code block, everything goes back to normal. My code block below. There are different IDs because I need them when I generate my JS for selected postcodes that are valid or not <div class="postcode-checker"> <div> <p>Enter your NSW postcode to check if we deliver in your area: <input type="text" id="postcode" placeholder="Postcode..."></p> <p id="wedeliver" style="display:none;" > <strong>Yes, we deliver in your area!</strong> </p> <p id="wedeliver1" style="display:none;" > <strong>Yes, we deliver in your area!</strong> </p> <p id="wedeliver2" style="display:none;" > <strong>Yes, we deliver in your area!</strong> </p> <p id="nodeliver" style="display:none;" > <strong>Sorry, we currently do not deliver to your area.</strong> </p> </div> <p id="nodeliver1" style="display:none;" > <strong>Sorry, we currently do not deliver to your area.</strong> </p> </div> <p id="nodeliver2" style="display:none;" > <strong>Sorry, we currently do not deliver to your area.</strong> </p> </div> <p id="nodeliver3" style="display:none;" > <strong>Sorry, we currently do not deliver to your area.</strong> </p> </div> <p id="errormsg" style="display:none;" > Please enter a valid NSW postcode </p> <p id="errormsg1" style="display:none;" > Please enter a valid NSW postcode </p> </div> 217617234_Jre1.8.0_1812021_06.19-23_31_05_16.mp4
  5. Site URL: https://www.onyxlab.com.au Edit: Please see next post
  6. Please read the rest of my post, I did mention the password
  7. Site URL: https://www.onyxhive.com.au Hey guys, updated my website, would like some feedback on your thoughts.
  8. Heya This is my feedback: Hover over 'shop now' has a white boarder animation, this looks like a glitch over the white background. I suggest you change the white to something else. Maybe orange like your links in the footer to give it some brand presence Serifs font is good for main headings but maybe look into sans-serif for body text Everything is large but your header social icons and cart are small, enlarge these
  9. Thanks! I just started the business and still waiting of a new items to make the cakes and start my insta! Oh yes, agree. This was on the cards, you didn't know cause I never said anything in my OP I double check alignment, showing ok in most responsive dimensions when i view it in developer mode in Firefox. Ill check again As yes, sure! One of my questions i had. Since I haven't started making the cakes, I will def. add a instagram block 🙂 Sure Great tips! Thanks! Also I just created a business facebook account through my personal facebook and assigned /onyxlab.cakes as onyx.lab was taken. I assume it just happens to be my username?
  10. Natural skin tone colour palette is nice. Here are my thoughts; There's a huge gap between 'sign in' and the first picture. The 'sign in' button is in an awkward location, middle? Usually sign in buttons are in the top right. This aligns with majority of the websites we see today. 'Sign in' button is really small. I recon make it 2-3 points larger but still keep your small/minimalistic look The steps and descriptors is not clear to me and why I should buy your product. For example: You have "step 1: detox".. sweet, I know step 1 but what us detox, what is your product that detoxes? Why should I click "shop now?" to find out what is detox and your detoxing product. This goes for the rest of the steps To solve this problem, in my opinion: Get rid of the hero image, start off with "step 1" on the left as normal then have your detox product picture on the right. Under step one, have a few words (max 10 words or less) on what is detox or why detox Have 'sustainable' in a skinny section, do not make it as big as the steps. This information is supplementary Step 2, same as point 1 above but have the step 2 on the right and image on the left this time Natural + organic same as point 2 above Step 3, same as point 1 above Overall the landing page is clean, easy to understand, colour scheme is really nice. product page is easy to read. Nice job!
  11. These are my initial thoughts The dark/burnt orange is great but the semi-dark mustard colour isn't working with the orange. The photos are all over the place and it's hard to stay focused on an area The text alignment are not consistent Example: "PLAYFUL PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY WITH A PURPOSE." is right justified, where as "PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY TO INVEST IN YOUR BRAND WORTH." is left justified. Either have one or the other or middle The heading and body text are not consistent Example: you have "FOR BRANDS TARGETING" in orange which suggests its important or heading on top of a body text, while "Custom tailored imagery to visually" is the same but it's under body text. Either have both orange at the top over a body text. "WHAT WE SOLVE" blue is too dark for the dark orange. I can already tell it fails the constrast checker test. https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/ Your blue is #0B4466 and orange is#C64901, this failed all tests. You need to have a lighter blue Same with the mustard background: f4b61a and orange text. It failed I think you're showing way too much on the landing page, too many products, too much information to scroll through. Point of a landing page is to get people interested in a quick snapshot then links to lead to your other works. Don't have all your works displayed on one page, it's quite bombarding The "WORK BY INDUSTRY:" section, images are not the same size, this makes the text not aligned and makes the viewer look all over the place Footer is way too big. Your logo does not need to be that large. Make it small. Over all you have great photos, alot to show and it does showcase the skill in these photos. If I was looking for a photographer and found this on google, I would prob look else where cause there is just way too much going on. Straight to the point is the best approach. Remember, stats show that people will look at your landing page for a few seconds and determine if they should continue reading.
  12. Oh I like it, clean Few nit picking things, I am a graphic designer and dwelling into UX/UI design as well. By all means these are just my opinions Have some type of visual indicator that "our services" in the nav has a drop down menu, like maybe an triangle arrow in the 'our services' section, have the pictures have a hover indicator. A very effective hover for pictures is enlarging the picture when the mouse hovers. This gives the user some dynamic when interacting with your website but also they know it's some type of link. change your telephone and envelope icons in your footer, those are very 90's/00's icons. Have it minimalistic like your social icons and make them white I would have your hover social icons in the nav to be the navy colour you have on your page, not orange. To me it's clashing with the 'contact us'. With the second section: "Whether you are an Individual, Business Owner....." no need to have the logo on the left, I feel your forcing your logo on the readers/viewers. Replace it with maybe some icons that resemble your text on the right When you click a link at the top, the visual indicator you're on that page with the double font colours is not working. It's not legible, a simple underline would be suffice. Have the font colour the same, on some pages it's navy, on other pages its white. Be consistent with the colours. The hero images on each page are not the same height, make it the same height. This will make your page seem more professional and cleane Over all you did an amazing job! I can navigate the site well, easy to understand, things are clear in terms of eye movement and navigation.
  13. Would like more feedback from anyone to better my site and processes.
  14. YOU ARE A GOD! I've been googling and trying different IDs and codes to try make this work!!! TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYT!!!!
  15. Thank you for your help it's https://salmon-hibiscus-r5wx.squarespace.com/cakes/p/4f1th57mhdbv9aijxjimdkvgqus3il
  16. thanks for the feedback! I will def. take in your feedback as I was playing around with CSS and images. Haha yeah my profile pic needs to be me, that was a placeholder, forgot to mention. I signed up to your spark plugin as well!
  17. I am running into a similar problem. I have options to add on additional stuff to my cakes which bumps up the price, but the product variants is making it really difficult. In your situation, what I would do is create 4 different drop down boxes with all 4 drop downs having the 11 different flavours and naming each drop down "Select flavour 1,2,3,4"
  18. Site URL: https://salmon-hibiscus-r5wx.squarespace.com/ pasword: dante123 hey guys. Question 1 I managed to find the YUI ID for the border I want to change to red but of course we can't target YUI only. Been searching in the source file on what ID or other could be targeted but nothing changes the border. Can someone help me find the ID please? Picture attached Question 2 When an answer is selected from the drop down menu, either yes or no, is it possible for the border to turn green? If yes, how can I change that?
  19. Site URL: https://www.onyxlab.com.au Hello, Password: dante123 Can i please have some feedback regarding my site A few things to note pictures are placeholders
  20. Site URL: https://salmon-hibiscus-r5wx.squarespace.com Password: dante123 EDIT: I fixed it! How? I had to target the section THEN the ID. So my CSS looks like this: section[data-section-id="608ab106b153c010dc12f69a"] .product-quantity-input, { display: none; } Hey guys, In a single product page, I want to 'display: none' on the quantity but only 'visibility: hidden' works. Why is this? I am targeting the right class. The reason why I want to use 'display: none' is because the "add to cart" button bumps up. When using visibility: hidden, the add to cart button does not bump up as per screenshot. I have used 'display: none' on my front page and it works and it does bump up the "add to cart" button. Why doesn't this css code work in the single product page?
  21. THANKYOU! Yes it helped a HUGE BUNCH!
  22. Site URL: https://salmon-hibiscus-r5wx.squarespace.com Hey guys, Trying to connect my .com.au domain to squarespace and I have edited the DNS settings in my domain admin area but squarespace cannot recognise it There's only 1 place in my domain admin area to change the DNS so I don't know what's going on? My domain is active and ready to go.... screenshots added that both are appearing to be correct
  23. Thank you, though which ID can I change individual elements? I've been searching and copying and pasting IDs (not YUI IDs) and I can't seem to find individual IDs? What do they look like? Thanks! I will def. brush up on css as I am fairly new to it.
  24. Thanks! Very useful and I have started targeting classes instead of blocks. Though classes are universal and not individual. The question remains unanswered, can I target individual IDs? One problem I also faced with one class: .product-quantity-input, { display: none; } This css removed the quantity of the products on the home page only, NOT the quick view or the full view of the product. The reason I used "display: none;" is because the elements below it bumped up. BUT if I used .product-quantity-input, { visibility: hidden; display: none; } Then the quickview and full view of the product removes the quantity. Now here's my question, why is it that a class that suppose to be universal, how come display: none; worked on my homepage only where as display: none; & visibility: hidden; together worked on ALL pages? Also using visibility: hidden does NOT bump up elements under neath it which I wanted like it did with display: none
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