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  1. First 1 second glace: Very nice aesthetics! Note: My feedback is my personal opinion based on my experience and feelings The announcement bar at the top seems to go astray. It's quite camouflaged and people can miss it at first glance. Either change the purple to a lighter, vibrant purple or change the text to white or another design where the bar is more noticable Blue buttons seems out of place with your colour palette of your site. You have this kind of musky purple and you have this highly saturated blue (close to facebook blue) contesting it. Play with the colours, if you want to keep the blue or purple, have different shades. For example the announcement bar could be a light purple while the buttons are medium purple. Navigtion Bar: You don't need a "home" button/link. Most websites and people know the logo is the home button which is does. If you remove this, you nav bar will look cleaner and less cluttered Stock photos: Try get stock photos that are similar to represent your brand. For example your hero images have monotone colours of black, white, browns, oranges... very earthy colours. While your "modern, simple, actionable, accessible" photos are different photostyles and feels. Try match it all up. For example: "Simple" and "Actionable" have the same feel and look while "accessible" and "modern" are two different complete styles and feelings. Footer: Include links in your footer. Example: social media (if you have any), address, phone number, terms and conditions, pricing or anything that you don't want to have on the main top navigation
  2. Site URL: https://onyxhive.com.au Hey guys, So I set up abandoned cart alerts and its going fine as I tested my own computer and it did send me the email after 24 hours but it's going to junk mail, though normal order confirmations, email campaigns (which I verified my email) are not going to junkmail. Why are the abandoned cart going to junkmail? Is there anyway to bypass this just like order confirmations and my e-mail campaigns? Thanks
  3. I agree with WCS My thoughts: Your promotion bar at the top: Have a call to action, such as "click here to book now" "WELCOME.", It will look cleaner without the fullstop The footer seems very spaced out, I suggest to close the gaps and as WCS said, no need for 2 instagram links. I would get rid of the word link and keep the logo link Maybe have your pictures on the homepage to be a bit more interactive, with a hover animation. Plenty of picture hover animations if you google.
  4. Can we please have the option in ASAP!!! I had another dodgy customer!!!! She was blowing up at me saying it was my fault but she edited the date in the checkout page!!! PLEASE ITS HURTING MY BUSINESS
  5. Hi, Nice website A few things on my end, purely take this as an opinion from my POV Your logo is on a white background, try get a transparent background and just use the logo. (PNG file) The logo links back to the home page (are you over 21?), disable this link. There is no need for anyone to go back to that page when they said 'yes' The logo should link back to "https://www.milehighaccessoriesllc.com/home" not "https://www.milehighaccessoriesllc.com/" Left Nav "click here". Change the words, 'click here' means nothing to the user. Change it to something like "menu" I suggest prob not making a drop down menu and have the menu items in a horizontal row in your nav bar I suggest having a footer on your webpage and moving "about" "contact us" "legal" in the footer as links. People usually find the other stuff in the footer, not the main Nav. Menu on the right. It's not a menu, its more of a 'products' button Menu at the bottom, change to "products" IMO How do people order? Keep at it
  6. Hey, at first glance, its great! Nothing really screamed out that needed changing from a UX/UI perspective. Upon looking closer, here are a few things, IMO that are may need to change 'autograph your work with excellence' is in bright, highly saturated red. This is quite confronting and looks like a warning more than a tag line. It's also hard to see cause the font is thin and the background is brown. It's not really legible Suggestion: use a softer, warmer red. But it may be your branding colours so leave it About page: the animation "autograph your work", everytime it changes words, the blinking red cursor goes to the next line then it pushes down the picture. This is quite distracting when reading your about. There may be a code to tweak the animation not to go to the second line About page: The space between "Autograph Your Work With Excellence." and "Follow our Journey on Instagram." is way too spaced out. Close the gap Footer: The " Automotive, commercial and headshot photography company, Studio Lucé Photography, serving Hamilton, Waikato, National, & International." line is a bunch of links. It's quite confusing and not obvious they are info and links at the same time. Try re-design it something like, but formatting may be wrong to your branding or wording: An automotive | commercial | headshot photography company | Studio Lucé Photography Serving Hamilton, Waikato, National, & International Other than that, just had a quick skim, but photos are amazing
  7. Thank you for your prompt reply. While I agree editing a product on a product page is a good idea and will deem fit to majority of products, unfortunately it does not help anyone that has a calendar on their website before checkout. We really need an option to disable/remove that option and have an option or for that "edit" link to go back to the our website's editing product page instead of editing it in the check out page.. I know there will be more dodgy customers to come, but i think if this happens more than I assume, I will need to jump ship to another provider. 😞 I do like squarespace alot
  8. Site URL: https://www.onyxhive.com.au 2 customers have been dodgy on my site. I sell cakes, when you add to cart there is no way someone can pick the current or next day. I have also disabled customers editing how many cakes they can buy to limit 1 per item. But I know with the limitations of the checkout page, you CAN edit the quantity and the revisions. For example, a customer checked out with a cake and she edit the product so she can have it the next day. I e-mailed her stating there is no way my calendar lets you pick the next day. Anyways, I told her the cake won't be ready until the 3rd day not 2nd. She fully went psyco over email stating its my fault (when I know its not) and blah blah blah. I even subtle hinted she edited it herself. Lucky I have acknowledgement agreement on the form. This happened twice already and I already had to refund 2 customers because they were dodgy as. Is there any way to prevent customers editing their product on the checkout page?
  9. Site URL: https://onyxhive.com.au/cakes/p/custom Hello, The link:https://onyxhive.com.au/cakes/p/custom I am trying to target a section ID within a section. For example the section id is section[data-section-id="608ab106b153c010dc12f69a"] but I want to target the right div class specifically Div class="ProductItem-details-checkout" I want to rearrange the drop down menu, add to cart and description order on this page only. My other products are fine, I already rearranged the order but it uses the universal class which alters all products and new products I may bring in. How can I target only the "custom" page so the information on the right reads Description > Drop down menus > Add to cart but leave the other products alone as I already coded them. This is the order from what I coded but its not working for the "custom" page, its altering all product pages as the section ID is universal //Product Page Order (custom) section[data-section-id="608ab106b153c010dc12f69a"] .ProductItem-details .ProductItem-details-checkout { display: flex; } section[data-section-id="608ab106b153c010dc12f69a"] .ProductItem-details-excerpt { order: 2 !important; } section[data-section-id="608ab106b153c010dc12f69a"] .ProductItem-product-price { order: 2 !important; } section[data-section-id="608ab106b153c010dc12f69a"] .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { order: 3 !important; } Thanks
  10. Thanks This makes it very hard for me to offer custom items to my customers then pay. I don't want them to fill out a form then I have to invoice them, very time consuming and ineffective and not to mention not user friendly.... Is there any plugins or anything to help? Is there any workaround?
  11. Site URL: https://www.onyxhive.com.au Hello, I make cakes and I need to add variants but I can't add more than 250 variants, is there a plugin or bypass code that can bypass this? I assume this website uses squarespace as well and they have ALOT of variants: https://www.polespatisserie.com.au/product/single-tier/ Thanks
  12. Site URL: https://www.onyxhive.com.au Hey guys, The hero image purple text animation is over extending in mobile view. Sometimes the purple text animation in mobile view appears on the third line, my friend tried it and it was fine on hers. But on my android phone through the 'internet' and 'chrome' apps, they over extend. Please see screenshot. How can I fix this so the box resizes to mobile view? Edit: I half fixed it with code but the block is still over extending and leaving a black bar on the right #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1620650758501_2648 { width: 94%; height: auto; }
  13. Yes I found the solution and I already posted it
  14. Hello, Is there anyway of just adding the subheading to this page only? https://onyxhive.com.au/cakes The subheading works, but how the JS works, it's showing in the individual product page as well cause I have to edit the product name. Edit: I found a way to add the subheading via CSS only. But its adding to all products not just one, how do I target one product? The code I use: Edit 2: I fixed it! Used code:
  15. Site URL: https://onyxhive.com.au/cakes Hello, Is there anyway of adding a subheading under the product name? https://onyxhive.com.au/cakes For example under Cosmos, I want to write "cookies n cream" Thanks!
  16. Hi, Edit: He spoke with customer service from Stripe and with a few business verification he changed the MCC and he can now enable afterpay! It's not squarespace or stripe, it's afterpays restriction on which business gets afterpay enabled. Just posting for a friend, he's just in the middle of building a paint supply business and he confirmed with Stripe that his MCC is Paints, Varnishes, and Supplies 5198. This isn't in the "restricted business" list (https://stripe.com/en-au/afterpay-clearpay/legal#restricted-businesses) and should be able to activate afterpay in squarespace. How come afterpay can not activated? He has spoken to stripe and they advised they can not say or not say which MCC is in the approved or restricted list. He meets the afterpay criteria, Australia, site is in AUD, stripe is in AUD, sells physical products...... Squarespace FAQ state its stripe that determines if afterpay gets activated based on MCC. Also stripe chat said it's the MCC not the individual business What's going on?
  17. Hello! Few things IMO Icons are way too big (3d printed, hand finished, custom made), make it at least 2x smaller Logos for visa, mastercard paypal and applepay. Get rid of the white glow around them, it's a very 90's design. Disclaimer is spelt wrong in the footer General terms and conditions too long, just have "terms & conditions" You don't need to repeat "3DeerPrints" in the footer above the payment logo
  18. Nice colour palette, very pastelle Few things IMO Navigation headings to have a hover animation or change colour on hover, don't have it static Instagram icon next to contact larger, possibly 2x or 2.5x "get in touch" to lead to a separate page which has an online form, e-mail they can copy and paste, phone number, address, map etc whatever is relevant..... not a link to an e-mail client. You did this in your 'bespoke jewellery' page on link 'contact liz' which leads to a separate page of your contact details. I would put an online enquiry form there, instead of just your e-mail. Remember, people are lazy, they want the easiest way possible to do something. If possible, have close ups of your jewellery in "collections" I'm looking at the statues more than the jewellery, to me they are dominating the jewellery. Side opinion: if you want to show off your jewellery, the pastel statues with your jewellery blends too much, you wan't constrast. For example: have black or gun metal coloured statues which makes the jewllery pop more
  19. Site URL: https://www.onyxhive.com.au Hey guys, my business email is info@onyxhive.com.au and I have linked my domain and email from a third party server/company. I had 2 customers already that ordered and didn't get the confirmation e-mail of their order, but I have received their order on my end fine. Both users use @gmail.com and @outlook.com I do understand there prob are heaps of ways for my email to be in spam/junk or not even getting it with settings on their end. I don't do campaigns, I don't spam customers. Just wondering, is there a way to know if my business email could be counted as spam or junk?
  20. Nice, clean site, my feedback: The top right icons and cart, make them bigger. Looks unbalanced with the left words Have a hover indicator with your nav bar, a change of colour, an underline animation, anything Same with "lets talk", "learn more" etc buttons The 4 links, have the words: "design, admin, about, contact" larger font size than the body. Give it some font size heiarchy Get rid of the transparent black background behind them, give it a cleaner look. The reader already knows its 4 separate items, no need to box them If you want to show the reader they are also links, animate them, have a hover effect About page: Even though the background has a black overlay, the picture typography/sign makes your "hardworking portlanders" hard to read at first glance. It looks busy and messy Portfolio link: Just curious.... as a website that advertises brand design packages.... why is your portfolio such a tiny link and no link in the nav bar for your portfolio? As a potential customer/client, I want to see your portfolio easily....... Your portfolio is your marketing tool, not your prices, or what you do, or your admin. Contact: possibly have icons on the left next to your email, number and location. I feel that having those 3 stacked ontop of each other doesn't make sense. If not icons, increase the spacing between them so it feels like its 3 separate items, not one item. Appointment button closer to the contact button: it's too spaced out
  21. Site URL: https://www.onyxhive.com.au Hey guys, Is there any way of creating a new email Customer Notifications to customers? I dont want to edit existing Customer Notifications like order and fulfilled but create a new template for example when an order is done and completed, a follow up email to rate my service/business through google maps and even offer follow up discounts etc..... BTW it's not a campaign, this is a separate email notification to customers. Thanks
  22. Bump Website finished, though can always improve on feedback.
  23. worked!!! Would have never guessed that code! I was trying last night for hours trying to figure it out! Also with the quantity on the checkout page, yeah, I understand they can change it there unfortunately, but hopefully on my page, they get the hint that it's 1 per customer and not try be smart and amend 2 in the checkout page
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