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  1. Site URL: https://www.survivaltechniques.co.uk/shop Hello! I am moving my shop over to Squarespace from BigCartel and can't find a way to register the correct shipping for my products. I sell a range of paintings, prints and canvas bags which have a big range of shipping prices, ie a painting is going to cost a lot more to send than an A3 print. I can only find an option to set shipping rates by weight or flat rate, neither of which work as customers often buy a combination of products, which each need to be packaged separately. Is there a way I can set a shipping rate per product
  2. Hi there, Would anyone be able to help with the re-ordering in my shop also? I'm on version 7.1 and have tried some of the above codes but with my own categories in place and they didn't work. My shop is: https://www.survivaltechniques.co.uk/shop-all And I would like the order to be: Prints Paintings Other Stuff All
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