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  1. thanks, that still doesn't fix the line spacing issue though either. I decided just to make the font size smaller so it fits on one line.
  2. hi, this solution puts it onto a new line but it doesn't remove the space between 'pursue' and 'your' so the text isn't properly centered. It also doesn't create the same line spacing as between 'your passion' and 'for music'. Any ideas to fix those issues?
  3. Site URL: https://www.kaiyosonics.com/ Is it possible to make this: look like this: on mobile only? I just want a line break and no space after pursue as in PURSUE<br />YOUR PASSION just not sure of the code to implement it on mobile only Cheers!
  4. I ended up sorting this using the collection id for each page instead of homepage
  5. Site URL: https://www.kaiyosonics.com/book-online-lessons The options when trying to book a lesson are being cropped off on my scheduling block. It should have another 'recurring' option underneath 'add another lesson'. I think on some devices it may be cutting off some of the times as well. Is it the iframe height that is cutting it off? Here is one of the pages with the scheduling block: Book 1:1 & Group Online DJ Lessons | Beginner & Intermediate (kaiyosonics.com) Thanks!
  6. legend, thank you! i just have the same issue on 2 other pages, what would i substitute in for those pages? the links for each page are below: Info for Kaiyo Sonics DJ Lessons London | Beginner & Intermediate | Online & In Person | 1:1 & Group Book 1:1 & Group Online DJ Lessons | Beginner & Intermediate (kaiyosonics.com)
  7. I think it's on public now. URL is Kaiyo Sonics | 1:1 & Group DJ Lessons | Online | In Person I ended up just duplicating the section and hiding one on mobile/one on desktop and changing the content width on mobile. If there's a better way to achieve that though it might be handy
  8. Site URL: https://www.kaiyosonics.com/ Any ideas on how to fix this issue of the announcement bar pushing the site logo down but not the first section along with it on mobile? There are only 4 pages that it happens on and they are the pages where I've had to duplicate the top section and hide one on mobile and one on desktop using CSS so I could make mobile only adjustments to the layout. In doing so, the duplicated section that is visible only on mobile seems to have gotten rid of the transparent section behind the header or something. I've noticed when trying to edit these sections I need to add a 50px top margin in CSS just so I can click the pencil icon, otherwise it is up in the header section and then 'edit header section' appears when moving the cursor towards it and I'm unable to click on the first section's pencil icon.
  9. @tuanphan do you know the code to change the padding on a scheduling block? it seems to add a lot of blank space at the bottom.
  10. Site URL: https://seadragon-onion-dg7x.squarespace.com/ Is it possible to change the content width of a list section on mobile only? On the courses page, I have the content width set to 38% but it's way too narrow on mobile. I'd like it around 96% on mobile. Thanks!
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