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  1. I have connected my company's paypal to our business play website on Squarespace, but I must have skipped a step because we still cannot accept payments. Two questions: 1. How do I embed a PayPal Checkout Button? 2. How do I connect our PayPal account to our online store?
  2. Hello Friends! I have added the recently updated PayPal Smart Buttons to my SquareSpace site and they are not showing unless I refresh my page every time. Any suggestions for this? I'm missing sales and sign ups! Thanks!
  3. Hi there, We are wanting to pre-sell items while they are still in production. We're trying to set the site & Payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal) up so that we can authorize the payment and capture funds closer to the ship date. Has anyone had success with this on SS? So far we've learned that the Stripe create customer API is not compatible with Squarespace. What about PayPal? Anyone have success with this and want to share how they've done this?
  4. I am attempting to connect a new business paypal account to my new squarespace site. Squarespace support says I have everything set up correctly. However after entering the paypal email address, squarespace wants me to create a paypal business account - as if the account is not a business accout. I am not the primary admin/owner of the paypal account although I can login to it. Does anyone know the permissions required on the paypal side to make this work? Do i need 'top level' admin rights?
  5. Hi Everyone, I am web designer, been working on and with squarespace for the last 5 years .... For some reason, I have been unable to link my PayPal to the squarespace site I am working on. Stripe works, Godaddy works, but I can't seem to troubleshoot the specific issue that prevents the linking with PayPal to happen. I have added and granted the API permission - all the business account information is filled out and approved by Paypal - they are no limitations on the account PayPal side. Paypal says to contact SQS and SQS tells me to contact Paypal.... I can't seem to do the last step the sqs guide provides which is to login in with the merchant id. Please, can anyone help ? I am at my wit's end and I have been trying for weeks now to no avail ..... Thank you, Amanda
  6. I have a code that produces a pay later button on squarespace. My site is retreat based and so there are multiple payment options. The pay later button is designed to split the ONE price on the page into 4 payments. Thats one part of it. The other part is....I need to be able to have multiple pricing options using the pay later feature. This is so that I can create a pay later button for each product option on the same page (other wise I will have to create a different page for every product that offers this feature, which would be about 50 separate pages just for this feature to work for me) HERE IS the paypal code im using in a code block that produces the pay later button <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" /> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" /> <title>PayPal Standard Payments Integration | Client Demo</title> </head> <body> <div id="paypal-button-container"></div> <!-- Sample PayPal credentials (client-id) are included --> <script src="https://www.paypal.com/sdk/js?client-id=test&currency=USD&intent=capture" data-sdk-integration-source="integrationbuilder"></script> <script> const fundingSources = [ paypal.FUNDING.PAYLATER ] for (const fundingSource of fundingSources) { const paypalButtonsComponent = paypal.Buttons({ fundingSource: fundingSource, // optional styling for buttons // https://developer.paypal.com/docs/checkout/standard/customize/buttons-style-guide/ style: { shape: 'rect', height: 40, }, // set up the transaction createOrder: (data, actions) => { // pass in any options from the v2 orders create call: // https://developer.paypal.com/api/orders/v2/#orders-create-request-body const createOrderPayload = { purchase_units: [ { amount: { value: '88.44', }, }, ], } return actions.order.create(createOrderPayload) }, // finalize the transaction onApprove: (data, actions) => { const captureOrderHandler = (details) => { const payerName = details.payer.name.given_name console.log('Transaction completed!') } return actions.order.capture().then(captureOrderHandler) }, // handle unrecoverable errors onError: (err) => { console.error( 'An error prevented the buyer from checking out with PayPal', ) }, }) if (paypalButtonsComponent.isEligible()) { paypalButtonsComponent .render('#paypal-button-container') .catch((err) => { console.error('PayPal Buttons failed to render') }) } else { console.log('The funding source is ineligible') } } </script> </body> </html> Paypal does have a feature with the options built in, its called the Buy now button. Im thinking a merger of the two codes could produce the results im looking for.
  7. Hi! Does anyone know or is anyone allowing customers to use the PayPal pay in 3 (there new buy now pay later) product? I had a client wanting to implement the shopify lite buttons just to use Klarna but if the Paypal option is possible on SS then that’s amazing! Thank you!
  8. Site URL: http://www.adhdsat.com Hullo! I'm trying to connect PayPal to one of my Squarespace sites. IT IS NOT WORKING. What's happening: I'm clicking Commerce I'm clicking Payments I'm clicking Connect PayPal I'm typing in my PayPal login info I'm seeing "You've successfully authorized Squarespace!" I'm getting a choice — "Go back to Squarespace" or "Continue to PayPal setup" Regardless of which I choose, when I eventually go back to Squarespace, I'm seeing "the rotating circle of death" over where it used to say "Connect PayPal" (image attached) I'm waiting for minutes; it's not going away I'm clicking the "back" button on Squarespace, to go back to the "Commerce" menu I'm clicking "Payments" again, to see if this stuck! I'm discovering it has not: it says "Connect PayPal" as if I had not just done that Repeat, repeat, repeat. No change. The funny thing is, this same problem occurred before, with the same PayPal account, and a different website. We tried it for DAYS, before it randomly worked. I'd love it if, this time, we could just get it to work! Any ideas? Thanks in advance! - brandon
  9. Hello community, I'm setting up the commerce feature of my website and I've connected both Stripe and Paypal. Regarding paypal, when I try to make a test payment (of $1 on a product I created) it's telling me that "this merchant only deliver in this countr: USA.".. I'm sorry but where do I set this up? This is a service I'm offering, not a physical good so I'm open to any location... Do I have to change something in Paypal or Squarespace? Thanks! Michael
  10. Suggestions : Payment method in Taiwan. These 3 years I am really happy there is such a great platform , but why there are only few people in Taiwan use SQS? There is a reason : SQS do not have a payment method for Taiwan. SQS have stripe , payapl. but Stripe do not surpport Taiwan , Paypal only support Taiwan transfer to other countries but who is a Taiwanese they could not transfer each other in Taiwan. That's why you could see my e-commerence site ( https://shop.toybrains.com/ ) uses shopline (which is largest in HK and TW) Suggest you could link up with this https://www.ecpay.com.tw/Intro/Ecpay_en, your Taiwan business will be boomed up. Forum funtion : if you could add SQS forum funtion as a funtion no my website, would love to pay for that. Reddit never dies because they have forum for communities to chat. Search funtion improvement : I have used search for 3 yrs , but it never satisfy me. Always shows no results .
  11. Hi, Do you know if I can change the "Pay with PayPal" button at checkout? I'd prefer if it said "Pay Now" or something, just so people don't think they need a PayPal account to pay (PayPal also offers CC payment as well). Sorry, you might have to input some details to get to the PayPal button area. https://secure.squarespace.com/checkout?cartToken=7Q54uhyw4PY1mHhaP_WshDVPsBGYd125IRpU1Ked&websiteId=62ef9807c27a2e3a90a61836 Thanks heaps
  12. I found that when a client cancels a PayPal payment during a booking the return URL directs to the generic Acuity Scheduling page instead of the page where the Scheduling block was inserted on the website, so that creates confusion. Is there a workaround for this?
  13. Hi, Squarespace offers Stripe and PayPal, but I'm not sure which one to choose, or whether to use both. I'm listing products in South African Rands (ZAR). Squarespace's documentation is contradictory about which payment option will work. Their documentation lists ZAR as being compatible only with Stripe, but Stripe's global website doesn't list South Africa as being supported. Their documentation specifically lists ZAR as not being compatible with PayPal, but PayPal's global website has South Africa listed as being supported. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  14. Site URL: https://thegivingplatemeals.com/home I have a client that is having problems with customers being unable to choose pickup locations while selecting Apple Pay or PayPal. Any solutions?
  15. KayAA


    Unfortunately PayPal will not connect to my square space page. I have contacted paypal and they have informed that there is no error on their end. When I press the connect button, the circle constantly turns and I am directed to the PayPal page to login at which point no connection has been made. Please help!
  16. I wonder about the connection of the payment methods established on the website. I explain, at first, PayPal was connected for the payment. After that, I wanted to change to Stripe. All the information in the interface tells me that Stripe is indeed connected. However, when it comes time to complete the payment, a PayPal button always appears? However, I cannot remove it in the design settings. Please tell me how to fix this situation as soon as possible so that Stripe is functional for all payments made via my website. I look forward to hearing from you, Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  17. Site URL: https://www.silverlakeyoga.com/prenatal-teacher-training We have a Squarespace Business plan. We are trying to add PayPal buttons so people can pay for one of our services using PayPal. I am able to insert the HTML into Squarespace and it displays correctly but when our customers click the buttons, Squarespace auto-kills the pop-up that would allow the use of PayPal. There is nothing in the SS PayPal documentation nor the Paypal SS explaining this limitation. Is this something that we can only do on Commerce plans? Are Paypal buttons broken no matter what plan we choose? Have already spent two hours in a chat with SS Support who had no idea what the answer was. Thank you.
  18. Site URL: https://blazingshuttles.com Our SquareSpace account is not sending sales tax or shipping to PayPal. Everything looks fine in our account, but when we view the transactions in PayPal they are recorded as a lump sum with no way to differentiate between product, shipping, and tax. For example in the attached screenshot you can see that SquareSpace correctly adds $11.48 in tax to a $164 sale with $7.50 in shipping. But when we view the same transaction at PayPal.com, we see only a single number $182.98. This is causing significant problems for us because we rely on accurate PayPal data being imported into QuickBooks. Any way to fix this behavior without routing everything through a third party service? 😩
  19. Site URL: https://www.caliconnections.com i have a Uk website with UK PayPal set as main currency. when comes to check out on site its showing $$ as main currency as if its American and my customers abonding sales I have my main currency set to UK GBP on my PayPal account. Can anyone help me get it to show uk GBP as main currency when buying a product please thanks in advance
  20. Testing PayPal checkout on my new site, I can't get the Venmo button to appear. Based on the PayPal documentation, I've done all this on my Venmo account: - Enabled mobile buying in my browser - Turned off PayPal one-touch - Cleared browser cache and cookies I'm still only seeing the PayPal button. Has anyone else run into this, or have more ideas? Many thanks.
  21. Site URL: https://www.enchantingco.com What are the options for accepting payments in South Africa ? Stripe and Square both don't work for South Africa based companies and very few people in SA use Paypal. The most widely used payment processor in SA is PayFast, is there a way to use them please?
  22. I am having some issues getting the custom paypal code injection to work completely on a website I am working on for a client. The code injection works until I try to test it and it wont let me sign into paypal when the dialog box appears. I know my username and password is correct, and I've even used another paypal account to login and that doesnt work either. I attached screenshots of what happens when I try to pay for a service. My squarespace is connected to paypal but I not using the checkout feature. I also have a business account. If anyone has any tips or knows what to do it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  23. Hello all, I'm almost done with my site at which I plan to sell some of my art in digital download form. I've ran into a small problem. Since I can't modify Checkout Page when using Squarespace and I'd like to receive payments using PayPal and credit cards I added a "Pay with PayPal" button under each of the products (I got the button code from PayPal). When I press the button a PayPal window pops up where I can either log in to PayPal and pay using that or continue as guest and use a credit card. Everything so far is smooth and goes through. After the payment info is completed the PayPal window closes and my site displays a little window saying "My Site" thanks you for your purchase, and I can click OK to go back to the site. Here's the problematic part, the customer isn't getting an email with a download link to the purchased file and no confirmation page pops up after purchase with the link to the digital file. In summary I'm receiving the payment without any problems but the customer has no way of downloading the product file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jack.
  24. Site URL: http://www.padstowspirits.co.uk Ive gone through to process of setting up Paypal as a payment method and had the confirmation email from Squarespace it has been added. However, no option appears at checkout still. Any ideas on why?
  25. We have finally launched our first site on Squarespace. Overall the process was fantastic, the tool is quite intuitive. The last item to test was payments. This is were it all fell apart. We have set up both Stripe and PayPal/Venmo. We also enabled Apple Pay as that is popular with our audience. As of this afternoon we are still unable to accept payments via Apple Pay or Venmo. We have an open ticket and have been informed that this is escalated. Are others having any payment issues? Is there anything out of the standard documentation that we might be missing? We have tried all the basics, Apple Pay make sure the switch is on, Venmo, make sure Safari is allowed to do web purchases and Pay Pal one touch purchase is off. We are just out of ideas and our new audience is not very excited about our pages.
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