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  1. Hi! Does anyone know or is anyone allowing customers to use the PayPal pay in 3 (there new buy now pay later) product? I had a client wanting to implement the shopify lite buttons just to use Klarna but if the Paypal option is possible on SS then that’s amazing! Thank you!
  2. Site URL: https://www.kulshanstudios.com I currently run an online store selling digital-only music products for the global market. I have some colleagues who also want to sell related products to mine on my site, and they just want to receive a fixed % of sales each time one of their products sells. Right now, as far as I know, the only solution is for me to run some quick math and manually send them their take from each sale each time one of their products sells on my site. What I want to know, is if there's a hidden feature that sits between the customer and my own paypal/payme
  3. Site URL: https://www.createwithtarot.com/readings Hi, Clients having issues with completing the checkout. My USA clients when clicking on the Pay with PayPal button and entering all the info get redirected to the secure.squarespace.com page and are asked to enter an US state, but after they do, nothing else happens, and they are stuck on that step. My clients from other countries get the error message "Things do not appear to be working at the moment". I tried to deactivate the PayPal payment option and reactivate it again, but nothing has changed. Clients are getting the sa
  4. I'm rebuilding a site for a non profit and they have a PayPal donation link. The drag is that I can't just use the link cause it has PP form/token stuff on it. On their old site, it imports an ugly PP button. I just want to keep the functionality, but use a nice SS button in the new site. Can I do this? This is all the code on the button: <form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post" target="_top"> <input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick" /> <input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="X9823S9TNTPKY" /> <input type=
  5. Site URL: https://exceedfootwear.com/store Hi, I have an urgent request for help. Clients seem to be messaging in saying the paypal checkout process will not work on my website (seems to be doing this occasionally). The error says things do not appear to be working at the minute. I 100% can say i have no issues with paypal on our end, is this fixable? and is this a client issue ? thanks Terry
  6. PayPal offers "sandbox" accounts, allowing you to test the entire purchase flow without actually paying anything. In the PayPal Developer Center, one creates both a personal and a business sandbox account - the business account is to be used by the store and the personal account you use when testing a purchase. Great. But when I try to "Connect" to PayPal using the business sandbox account, it doesn't recognize it as existing and thinks I am creating a new account. Is there some trick I am missing here? I am a bit astonished not to have found another thread here on the topic.
  7. Site URL: https://blacknwhiteplumbing.com I am trying to add a PayPal credit announcement bar to my website that links into the application for PayPal credit. I have had multiple developers look at it and we can’t figure it out. Does anyone have experience with this? When put onto the site nothing shows up. Please help, I’m racking my brain trying to get this site finished. The code PayPal provides is below: The instructions below were generated by the Pay Later Message Center. Check out PayPal Developer (https://developer.paypal.com/docs/business/checkout/pay-later-
  8. Hello everyone, Can anyone please tell me if I can use the same email address johnsmith@mac.com to set up a separate personal and business account. Or do I have to register a company email for business PayPal? I have a company email but I am deciding against using it as I have been using my personal email with all my banking transactions to this day. Although I have business and I pay my taxes, I do not have a business banking account so I was wondering if it is possible to use my personal banking account to open up a business PayPal account or do I need to o
  9. Site URL: https://vastalga.squarespace.com/config/pages/5fa8e413f6d3991188745914/categories/5fa8e413f6d399118874591b Hey there. I currently live in South Africa and unfortunately Stripe isn't supported in my country yet of which I cannot have PayPal as my only payment option for so many reasons including the fact that Paypal isn't popular at all in our country. So my attempt is to add pay fast as a payment gateway to my Squarespace website. Any assistance will be much appreciated, please and thank you.
  10. Hello everyone, Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to change the default Paypal payment button and change it to Paypal's Smart Button? This is how my checkout page appears at the moment. This is the default one: This is Paypal's smart button: This shows when you click debit/credit card. I badly need this: I can't use stripe so the least I can do to save the buyer's time. I want to show them (visually) that they won't need to create PayPal account in order to pay. Thank you in advance. Stay safe, K
  11. Site URL: https://www.adornedsmithingco.com/ I am trying to get the "pay later" button into the cart option for selection. Does anyone know how to do that with the "pay later messaging"? Thank you so much! David Gage
  12. Site URL: https://www.bagtazocollection.com/ Hi there - I'm trying to get a Paypal Pay Later button above my add to cart button on the product page. I have added the provided script into the product header injection: <script src="https://www.paypal.com/sdk/js?client-id=(somenumbers)&components=messages" data-namespace="PayPalSDK"> </script> and added the provided HTML into a code block in the Additional Info section of the product but nothing shows up: <!-- In your code, update data-pp-amount with the price or cart amount. For example, data-p
  13. Hey everyone, I'm new to SquareSpace but I'm on with creating my first website on the platform. I need some help with integrating PayPal subscriptions with my website. I'd like a Subscribe button adding to my website which takes users straight to PayPal where they can sign up to our monthly subscription. Is there anyone who has experience of doing this please? Any help would be hugely appreciative 🙂 Many thanks in advance, Caroline
  14. Site URL: https://www.modowdart.com I've just finished setting up my online shop and have had a few orders. I've connected my business paypal and confirmed the email address and everything, I have emails to the right email address informing me that customers have paid but there's no money in my paypal account. I contacted them and they said there's no transactions on this account but I can see the squarespace fee for selling products has come out so I'm very confused. I can see on my website orders page that the orders have gone through and the customers have fully paid to the correct paypal
  15. Site URL: https://bgbodygoals.com/boot-camp Hi I’m having problem adding 3 Paypal Buttons (each is a different price option) to a page on a site. I’m making a website for a client (it is set up to a Business Plan). We/she have connected the site to her PayPal account. She has sent me 3 separate pieces of code for 3 different price levels of her service (personal fitness training). However hard I try though, In her Payment/booking section I can only get ONE of the 3 code blocks to show a PayPal button. I've found that if I remove any 2, the remaining one then appears. I’ve also found that
  16. Site URL: https://iris-owl-xay3.squarespace.com/ https://iris-owl-xay3.squarespace.com/ Password test I am trying to add Paypal credit banner after add to cart button. I was able to add the this banner to all products by using adding below code in Shop page header page code injection. The code was below <div class="paypalcredit" style="margin-top:30px;" data-pp-message data-pp-style-layout="flex" data-pp-style-ratio="8x1" data-pp-style-color="white-no-border" data-pp-amount="ENTER_VALUE_HERE"> </div> <script&g
  17. I have added a PayPal button using a code block. The button only shows up when I refresh the page using Google Chrome and Firefox. Does the same thing on mobile. How can I fix this? Loom video showing example: https://www.loom.com/share/003a168c280c412bad415f2abe75469b
  18. Site URL: https://higieneinc.com Hello, I tried to add "paypal credit marketing message" to the item page. I added the code to the header and footer by code, but it doesn't appear on my item page. How do I add "paypal credit marketing assets" to my product page? Thanks for your help
  19. Hi, Squarespace offers Stripe and PayPal, but I'm not sure which one to choose, or whether to use both. I'm listing products in South African Rands (ZAR). Squarespace's documentation is contradictory about which payment option will work. Their documentation lists ZAR as being compatible only with Stripe, but Stripe's global website doesn't list South Africa as being supported. Their documentation specifically lists ZAR as not being compatible with PayPal, but PayPal's global website has South Africa listed as being supported. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  20. Testing PayPal checkout on my new site, I can't get the Venmo button to appear. Based on the PayPal documentation, I've done all this on my Venmo account: - Enabled mobile buying in my browser - Turned off PayPal one-touch - Cleared browser cache and cookies I'm still only seeing the PayPal button. Has anyone else run into this, or have more ideas? Many thanks.
  21. Site URL: https://www.ctrlpmodels.com.au/ Hi, I recently created an online shop using Squarespace and am using PayPal to handle payments. I'm having issues receiving payments from orders placed via a PC, the orders appear to process fine from Squarespace, but the funds do not appear in my PayPal balance or in my activity list. Orders placed from mobile devices work fine. I can access the Paypal Transaction Details for all orders via the Squarespace Order log, so they are making it into the PayPal system but not showing up otherwise. The only difference I can note
  22. I moved my site from Wordpress to Squarespace earlier this month and love it so far. I correctly connected both my PayPal and Stripe accounts. Stripe isn't having any issues, but PayPal is. I keep getting an error email from them and don't know how to resolve it. Here's what I'm getting: Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing: http://sensibility.com/store/ipn/ If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is using IPN on your behalf. Please contact your service provider
  23. Site URL: http://www.adhdsat.com Hullo! I'm trying to connect PayPal to one of my Squarespace sites. IT IS NOT WORKING. What's happening: I'm clicking Commerce I'm clicking Payments I'm clicking Connect PayPal I'm typing in my PayPal login info I'm seeing "You've successfully authorized Squarespace!" I'm getting a choice — "Go back to Squarespace" or "Continue to PayPal setup" Regardless of which I choose, when I eventually go back to Squarespace, I'm seeing "the rotating circle of death" over where it used to say "Connect PayPal" (image attache
  24. Site URL: https://www.leapandwanderstudio.com/ Just trying to connect Paypal for the first time to a brand new commerce store and get the pictured error when trying to accept 'Grant Permissions'. Have cleared the cookies and tried incognito browser as well Have confirmed (as per instructions here that Paypal account is business, no duplicate cards etc. Unfortunately cannot manually connect as in Australia and this is not supported for manual connection. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated
  25. Hi all, I'm building an online store for a client who's company will be like the "Grubhub of Craft beer." Delivering craft beer to people's homes in this one region (in the USA.) The beer money will be going straight to the liquor stores - and then the liquor store will pay my client his portion of the sales. In addition to beer, they'll sell pint glasses on the website. They'd like the money for the pint glasses to go to a different Account than the beers. Is it possible to set up some products to go to one account and other products to go to a different account? THANK YOU!
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