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  1. @bangank36 that worked perfectly! Thank you!
  2. Site URL: https://www.harmony-bodyworkenergy.com/ This is a website I created a year ago with 7.0 with a lot of custom editing. Recently I was looking at the live site and there appears to be extra space below images - to be clear, this was not the case when I launched the site. This issue appears to be happening with most of the images on all pages. I am not quite sure what is causing this and I am hopeful someone can help out! I have been in 7.1 land lately, so its been a while since I peeked at the backend of a 7.0 site.
  3. @tuanphan you can see this here: https://www.revampsalonsf.com/services
  4. @tuanphan thank you so much! that worked this time 🙂
  5. @bangank36 amazing! thank you so much, this worked great!
  6. @bangank36 that did indeed fix it! Thank you so much!!!
  7. @bangank36 I would like the header to go full width and not break to two lines, especially since there is plenty of space on the nav. When I inspect it though, it looks like its being forced into a limited space and I am not sure what that purple box is highlighting. In the Squarespace settings, the nav is set to be Full Width
  8. Site URL: https://www.revampsalonsf.com/ Even at it's largest breakpoint, the navigation is not going full width and the social icons break to a new line. I would like the menu to go full width when possible. Website is live: revampsalonsf.com
  9. @tuanphan this worked, but the icons are not center on the screen. I tried a few different properties, but no success.
  10. Site URL: https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/ I created some tabs on the Services page with this code tutorial: https://www.will-myers.com/articles/adding-simple-tabs-to-your-website-in-squarespace-71-and-70 Unfortunately, it did not render well for Mobile and the tabs were cutting off. I managed to alter the code so that the tabs did not cut off, but now there is a big chunk of padding above that is technically the code block itself... wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on how to adjust this? https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/ pw: haircare
  11. @tuanphan this worked great on desktop, but on mobile the icons are stacking. Is there a way to make them all on the same line?
  12. @tuanphan hmm that didn't appear to work. I am using a plugin for the lightbox though, so that might be why (https://www.sqspthemes.com/plugins/ultimate-squarespace-lightbox-plugin)
  13. @tuanphan I am referring to the clock icon next to the days of the week, found on this page - https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/the-collective pw:haircare
  14. @tuanphan yes thats sounds right! desktop only makes sense
  15. @tuanphan I added the Instagram + FB links as you described above.
  16. Site URL: https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/ I am trying to target the last image in this gallery to hide on mobile only to avoid the empty white space. Thanks in advance for the help! https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/ pw: haircare
  17. Site URL: https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/ I want to visually align the SVG icon and the days horizontally. I am using a code block. I tried using a code block + text block together and the spacing between is too large. Open to other suggestions/solutions! https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/ pw: haircare
  18. @tuanphan either works! I will be using a business plan, but I kind of want to learn how to do it the svg way too 🙂
  19. @tuanphan I am also trying to figure this out and can't seem to solve it by looking at the other solutions you provided. I am placing a form in a lightbox that contains quite a few long lists of checkboxes. It would be great to consolidate these more so it's not such a long scroll. Any help is appreciated! Scroll down to the footer and tap on "Modeling" https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/ pass: haircare
  20. Site URL: https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/contact Does anyone know if it is possible to move the location of the social icons on the main navigation? Squarespace automatically aligns them the the left side of the screen. I would like them to be to the right and directly inline with the main text links (image of design mockup attached). Thanks in advance for any help! URL: https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/contact Pass: haircare
  21. Site URL: https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/contact I was able to customize the dropdown styling to my liking, but I can't seem to figure out a way to target the chevron to give it a little more padding on the right so it is not so close to the border line. Thanks in advance for any help! URL: https://cone-tuna-x47f.squarespace.com/contact Pass: haircare
  22. Gradient Text is the only text affected - solved by adding display:inline-block; to Plugin code https://www.ghostplugins.com/steps/7gn93hn7
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