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  1. fortsferryfarm.com, see the shop new arrival product summary. Thanks!
  2. Is there any way I can integrate the Lightbox Anything plugin into this, and trigger a lightbox/pop up when people click on the folder title?
  3. I have figured out that I can choose to only display "featured products" in the summary block, and once an item is sold out, I will then edit the listing and uncheck it as a "featured product". It's a bit of a hassle but it's working for me for now. Hope that helps.
  4. I'm also hoping this function will be implemented soon, I do not want visitors to see individual index pages or pages that I'm using as light boxes as native search results.
  5. What if I switch the primary and secondary navigation menu items, and make the current primary menu items secondary and vice versa, would that be better?
  6. What if I don't have or want social icons on the header? But I still want them on the mobile menu?
  7. @tuanphan How do I put the "continue shopping" link on the same row as the subtotal texts? Below is the code I used. Thank you!! <script> $(document).ready(function() { $('<p style="text-align:left"><a href="http://www.fortsferryfarm.com/pickup-delivery">Continue Shopping</a></p>').insertBefore('.CartTable-subtotal-2nJjm'); }); </script>
  8. As you can tell from the images attached, the "shop" link which is part of the secondary navigation doesn't show up on google search as a sitelink at all. I know you can't control/customize sitelinks, but are there any workarounds that I can do to add "shop" as a link to the search result? Should I add a link to the primary nav and then hide it in css? If so how do I isolate and hide only one header link, and still have the rest be centered on the page?
  9. I'm trying to advertise new products on the home page, but I don't want to show sold-out items. Anyone has any idea how to do something like this? Thanks!
  10. Aha! I figured it out! ------------------- #thumb-your-product-url .product-scarcity { display:none !important; } ------------------- Thank you for the offer though, hope this will help other people who are looking to do the same. Especially for those who sell one-of-a-kind products along with with other regular products.
  11. I know that it has something to do with .product-scarcity { display:none; } But I don't know how to target that to certain products only, I don't know how to correctly identify the right item # or id and how to put it together. Please help! Thank you!!
  12. This is not related, but it's also important to be able to create quantity based discounts/sets & bundles. Anything... any tool that helps businesses sell their products is especially crucial right now.
  13. The problem is that I'm already using the tag function for adding brand names, so it'll have to be added somewhere else.
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