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  1. I photoshopped a screenshot to show you what I want to achieve, hope it helps. If this (the vertical thumbnail gallery) can be shown on desktop only that'd be ideal, since the default placement is better on tablet/mobile, but I would still like to see if it's possible to turn the thumbnail gallery into a carousel on both views. Thank you!!!
  2. @paul2009 while this works as a first step, I would like to move the thumbnails to the right of the large image. How can I do that? Also why isn't the thumbnail gallery aligned at the top?
  3. No, I don't want the thumbnails to be below the fold. I want them to be stacked in their own column sandwiched between the large image on the left and the product description on the right
  4. I want to put the product gallery/thumbnails in between the large image and the description text block indicated in the screenshot attached.
  5. I don't see it as an option for the Foster template and I'm hoping someone can help me achieve that with code. Thanks!
  6. How do I change the Event Thumbnail Size to the same ratio as Facebook Event Cover with custom CSS? Please help! Thank you!
  7. What if I only want to apply this to one of the galleries I have on the page?
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