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  1. Site URL: https://www.marinocarrabs.com/new-index-1 I am trying to remove the space around buttons and bring the 4 buttons closer together. I was able to remove the padding to the top and bottom of each button but the spacing on the sides I am unable to get rid of. Is there code that can help with this? I would also like to keep the buttons all the same size as well. https://www.marinocarrabs.com/new-index-1 Thank you.
  2. Site URL: https://www.marinocarrabs.com/new-index-1 I am trying to autoplay an embedded youtube video in my index gallery but it doesn't autoplay. It just shows up black with a line across it. I have all the correct embed code but it still doesn't work correctly. It works in a normal gallery block but not in a gallery index. https://www.marinocarrabs.com/new-index-1 Thanks.
  3. @creedon Thank you for the help. I am now trying to have a video auto play in the index gallery but I can't seem to make it work no matter what I try. Does auto play not work in an index gallery?
  4. @creedon Thank you for the feedback. I added that CSS to the page. I am trying to keep it all centered, does it look centered (Name, Text and Social Icons). Thanks!
  5. Tried creating a new index page with an index gallery, another page underneath with text. https://www.marinocarrabs.com/new-index-1
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