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  1. Site URL: https://guppy-lychee-gsyb.squarespace.com/ Heya! I'm working on an art website, and the client basically wants to offer an original artwork (only 1 in stock) but with framing options. If framing is selected, price should change. I tried adding an option and creating two variants of the product, but then when I was test purchasing the product, I noticed the variant I have purchased was sold out, but the other variant was still in stock. Obviously both should go out of stock in my case. Is there any way to do this? Please do let me know if there's any other information you
  2. I'd like a simple way to offer a free gift (premium) without having to offer a discount or do a work-around (but open to hearing what those might be). This would allow it to come out of inventory, show up as a gift on the order (vs. having to offer a discount).
  3. Site URL: https://www.celsodinizphoto.com/store Friends, Has anyone at all been able to connect his/her Squarespace Store to Instagram? Would you be so kind to share your Instagram and Squarespace website for me to see an example that works? I was able to add my inventory from Squarespace as a catalog on facebook and I was able to connect facebook to my Instagram account. My products on Squarespace are selling at www.CelsoDinizPhoto.com/Store which is the website I have on my Instagram profile and I gave them but my Instagram account @CelsoDinizStore was not approved for Insta
  4. So I'm just about to take my site live when I realize that all of my inventory was mistakenly added as "services" instead of physical products. How can I change this without having to delete all of my inventory and starting over? It doesn't give the option when I try to edit....
  5. Site URL: https://sundogbread.com/preorder HI! I am wondering what CSS code would be used to have the inventory quantity of a product variant shown next to the variant on the drop down menu. I'm using the Moto template. This is the site now: I was hoping it could look like this:
  6. Hi all. I've imported products from a Shopify catalogue to my Squarespace site and it worked a treat. All there cosy in my Inventory... Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them from the inventory and onto a product page? I've tried everything to my knowledge! 🧐 Thanks in advance, M
  7. Site URL: https://www.thebluehousebethesda.com/ I've got a client who keeps flagging various products in their inventory as "hidden", but checking the live site sometimes shows the product is still visible on product pages as well as search results. I'm using a 7.1 template, and I'm curious as to the parameters for this function. Does hiding a product happen instantaneously, or is it more of a "24 hours later" thing? My testing leans towards the latter. Does anyone else have any input on this? Additionally, is there a way to display or search for items in inventory that have been flagge
  8. Site URL: https://www.chiarastellacattana.com/ Hi there, In order to improve the management of our whole inventory, we would like to make the Squarespace inventory communicate with the store inventory managed by I-Cloud system. Do you think it is possible to create a connector to enable the two inventories to communicate? Thank You in advance !
  9. Site URL: https://www.85thdayllc.com Desperately need a more intuitive inventory tracking system. The export by product or export all products option is a huge mess of a spreadsheet. Need a way to export an "all day count" of how many units of a specific product has sold in a given date range. For example, we have a bakery and need a way to tell our baker how many loaves of sourdough he sold that day so that he can plan for his next bake. But, ideally that would apply to all 128 items in our online grocery market so we get an "all day" count of what has been sold each day, rather than an exh
  10. Site URL: http://www.thesilverdiva.com I am contemplating moving my site to squarespace. I make jewelry and all of it is personalized with names, dates, etc. I did not see a way for a buyer to enter personalization on each product. How do you do this? There were other variants like size, color, etc., but I didn't see just a plain text box as an option for a buyer to enter his/her text that would be on an item I make. I also need the ability to limit the number of characters. If this is not an option on squarespace, I will not be able to move my site here. Thanks for any help!
  11. Site URL: https://fish-cylinder-cxw3.squarespace.com/ Hi all. I'm working on a store with limited items. 30 available per product, with 4 variants, all at different prices. (I was hoping they would all be priced the same to then just do it with a form to pop up and choose.) The problem being: There are to be 30 in stock and that 30 is to be made up of whatever variants are picked at the time. So it won't be that there will be stock of 10 one style, 12 another, 8 another, 10 another. I know this isn't possible with ss settings. Any idea how to do this with code or a add on?
  12. Site URL: https://cloudhousebakery.com When we set up our inventory section for the site, is there a way to restock the whole products list at the end of each day/week/month or do I have to go through each product item one by one and amend the number everyday subject to resupply etc. ie. Everyday we make so many items for sale, at the end of each day we'll be left with either 0 items left of whatever hasn't sold, as we make the same number of items for each day, can I restock them all to capacity automatically or manually, or do I have to amend the inventory number to every item everyda
  13. I am setting up my site and cannot get all the items in my inventory to appear in the store. I can find no difference between how the 2 items that do display correctly are set up differently than the 3 items that will not display at all. What am I doing wrong? How do I fix this?
  14. When importing inventory into Facebook commerce via the data feed "Variant" data is not recognized by Facebook. Thus my Facebook and Instagram shop show no variants such as Size and Color variants. Has anyone found a solution to this? I found a solution to the inventory not being recognized and showing items "Out of Stock". To resolve that you have to create a rule in Facebook in the data feed (coming from Squarespace). Set the rule to "Inventory" and a number 1 or higher. Then your products will be in stock. Trying to resolve the variant issue now.
  15. Hi, I am helping a friend who with a site who makes custom jewellery, Im having abit of a issue with setting up the stock for this. I currently Have both 'Size' and the 'Colour' set up which is fine in principle however in the example of rings. If I have a 1 size k ring in stock but the stone colour can be changed to 20 variants squarespace would in theory allow 20 rings in different colours to be sold. IE: Size K - ReD, Size K - Blue etc. would would create a stock problem and items would be sold that simply werent able to be fulfilled, as only one size k ring would be in
  16. I sell some items in a set of 6 but if they buy two sets, they get a discount. So I set up the item and made variants. One is a set of 6 variant and one is a set of 12 variant with a discounted price. For those who by a set of 12, they get two packs of 6. So how do I set the overall inventory. The item say has 10 sets total and if they buy a set of 12, then it cuts my stock from 10 to 8, and so on. Is there a way to do this?
  17. Site URL: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com Hello-- I am working on my store and have rearranged pages. I have been having some difficulty with my existing inventory migrating to new pages. For instance, we have candles which were originally in a home decor page, but now I have a separate candle page for them. When I created the new store page (named "Candles") there were no candles on the page despite all of the inventory candles having the "Candles" category. What I think is happening is Squarespace creates the general inventory from referencing the pages instea
  18. Site URL: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com Using Squarespace 7.1 (business package), I am trying to create a dropdown menu system similar to what is at https://www.100percentpure.com/ . My plan is to have 8 main links, each with a couple of choices underneath (e.g. main link "Gallery" would have the choice of either "Art" or "Furniture" beneath). I would also like to have the main link be ("Gallery") bring up a page with all the products in both "Art" and "Furniture". I have tried to do this a couple of ways: 1. Create subcategories off a store page (e.g. a cate
  19. Site URL: http://www.ishouldbe-souvlaki.com Hi Friends! we have recently started up our online store and website with squarespace and are currently having issues with our inventory. we run a small vegan food business where our customers order food for pick up from our store and home delivery. We have a range of products that can be purchased individually or via several packs (weekly pack, pasta pack etc). the majority of our products are available in several packs and have many variants (add ons) but due to the inventory system on square space, we need to take our inventory an
  20. Hi, I'm looking to set up a website for my online bakery business. I want to ship certain days of the week, but will only have a limited number of products I can bake for each day. I have set up a product variant for choosing the shipping date, which is fine. But that means that I have to manually watch how many orders are made for which dates across all of my products so I don't go over my capacity for a certain day. Is there a way to have a site-wide level of control over the stock levels? E.g. I can sell 100 products with the variant 'Shipping on Monday 18th January' but they
  21. Site URL: http://www.ewetopiafibershop.com Is my browser not working? Or is squarespace down? I can't see any of my inventory to update!
  22. Site URL: https://www.aycadesign.com/products Hi everyone, I want to sell on an instagram shop. I've created an automatic data feed to my facebook account from squarespace. The problem is i get a critical error from Facebook catalog manager: "A product is missing a field: inventory". Of course I have stock in my squarespace account. I tried creating a facebook data feed rule where Stock->inventory, but it didn't do any good. Does anyone know a way around this?
  23. Site URL: https://www.thefriendsofACE.org Hi, Is there a way to customize the pop-up message that displays when the stock of a service is at 0? Currently, it shows the attached image but I'd like it to read "THIS CLASS IS SOLD OUT - To add your name to the wait list, please email info@thefriendsoface.org" Is that possible? An example is when you click "add to cart" on this page: https://www.thefriendsoface.org/master-calendar/art-exploration-for-kids-wednesdays-85rel-xwezr-myggg-2hxaz-kj7gy
  24. Site URL: https://www.milanartstore.com/ Hi, we're having a shipment delay due to COVID for one of our new products. Is there a way that I can reach out to customers who bought that product and let them know their order will be delayed? Thanks, Josh
  25. Site URL: http://www.melanonutrition.com/shop Hello! Is there a way to set a MAXIMUM limit to how much a customer can purchase of each item, like a grocery store with '5 item limit' We need a way to prevent some customers from purchasing too much and leaving others without items other than a pop-up or in title of item (tried both and nada) Thank you, Diane
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