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  1. I sell freshly roasted coffee beans and have hit a point in my process where my success using Squarespace's inventory feature simply is not sustainable. Here is my problem: I sell 12 oz, 1 lb, and 5 lb bags. It takes 1 lb of green coffee to roast the 12 oz option. It takes 2 lbs to roast for the 1 lb. It takes 6 lbs to roast for the 5 lb option. All of that coffee pulls from the same stock bag so if I have 100 lbs of green Guatemalan coffee, I can say that I have 100 bags of 12 oz, 50 bags of 1 lb, and 16 5 lb bags available. HOWEVER, if someone places an order for, let's say, a 5 lb bag, I have to manually go in and adjust my 12 oz and 1 lb bag inventories EVERY TIME someone places an order. Is there a way to have the inventories automatically adjust for the other size options?
  2. Site URL: https://www.thelaidclub.com/ I am trying to add GTIN Barcode Numbers to my inventory on my ss site so that it can work correctly with google merchant centre but cant figure out how to do it? I have individual sku numbers but cant add on a gtin numnber. Any ideas?
  3. I set up the stock of my products in the SquareSpace store manually. When I went to look at my orders this morning, items are showing as sold out that should still show over 50 left in stock. I checked the order #s to confirm that the sales are correct. Why is my stock numbers resetting itself?
  4. Today I am unable to update inventory on my site, and customers get an error when trying to add a product to their cart. Site has worked fine for years, am stumped!
  5. In my product page, when I click on a product to edit, it goes to a loading screen that never loads. Please help me resolve this as it's impacting my business for new releases!
  6. Hey, I need help editing my product. I just want to change some images, but I just get a loading screen that never ends. I tried finding my product and editing it through my inventory section as a possible alternative, but they don't show up there either. Take a look at the files to see what I mean, please get back to me on this asap as I would like to change the stock of my inventory as well as I don't want to negatively impact business. Editing the rest of the website works fine.
  7. Hello, I want to know if there is a way to add maximum order quantity per customer. I know you can set minimums but we are required to limit how much a customer can buy at any one time.
  8. Hi, I have Gelato connected to my store. it is a POD and I use this because I found the quality to be better than others sites. I have successfully added products from them. However I've added a product recently, It shows in my Squarespace inventory but not on my website, It aslo isnt showing up in the category or as a featured product. I have attached the settings for the product I just can't work out why it isn't showing in the store.
  9. I will not be bulk adding any more products to my site due to the lack of a simple function in "Advanced Shipping". For clothing, where there's different sizes and colors for each item in my store. There's usually 20-50 variants of one item where I need to manually enter the weights of each variant since I use Printful - and this is the "best" way to set up shipping, or at least it would be if the function I'm suggesting is implemented. If Squarespace could add a simple button in the Advanced Shipping prompt that says "Edit all", and I could just input 0.5lbs once instead of 50 times for an item - I could literally save hundreds of dollars of my time. This is not only time consuming, but exhausting. To put in perspective - if I add 30 new items (low if I'm introducing a new line of products), and there's 4 colors and 5 sizes for each item (pretty standard), I would need to navigate to Advanced Shipping 30 times, and enter "x lbs" 600 times. My last item drop took me two work days just to integrate to the site. That doesn't include the time it took to make designs and put them on Printful. Advanced Shipping on Squarespace is the single biggest bottleneck in my company - and the bane of my existence. I use Printful for my store, so using CSVs aren't going to make this any easier.
  10. I am trying to connect my square register to my squarespace website so that the inventory can be updated across the board when I make a sale. Suggestions?
  11. I worked for a while yesterday adding 3 new service products to my store, and inserted them onto a blank page in separate products blocks. This page is not linked currently as I'm not ready to go live yet, but I can navigate to it directly. When I go to the page, the products are there - the descriptions I wrote, the placeholder image I uploaded, etc. Each product has a form assigned to it (customer must choose some options after clicking the add to cart button). When I click add to cart, I get an alert that says "Unable to Add Item. Sorry, we do not have enough of that item available" and the form does not load. When I navigate to my inventory, the products are all missing. I can't view or edit them - and either way they were set to have unlimited quantity. Any ideas how this happened or how to recover it? I can't find a way to contact Squarespace directly but there must be some kind of bug here and the products exist but aren't appearing in my list of active products? Edit: I've found the problem. The product page was deleted and this apparently just wipes all of the products from the store entirely. Not exactly the smartest design but at least I know now to make that mistake in the future. Guess I'll have to remake these - good thing the description copy is still all there in my browser so it's not as bad as starting from scratch...
  12. I would like to add something to my site that shows a live ranking of how certain items are doing, for example if there is a "competition" between long-sleeve and short sleeve tees, can I use the commerce APIs to put a chart on the page that updates live? Thank you!
  13. I keep recieiving a error 400 message every time I try to change the stock of items in my shop. I don't have anything in my custom CSS. I haven't changed anything on my website either.
  14. Hello! I have a client who is an artist and wants to sell a total of 5 prints for each painting. Which would be be easy, except there are options for small, large, framed or unframed. So based on demand he may sell 5 unframed large, or 2 small unframed and 3 large framed. Basically the total stock number of the product will be 5 regardless of what the variants are. Is there any way to do this? Control the stock at a product level, not a variant level? I feel like I'm in a maths problem from High School. Thanks In Advance anyone.
  15. Hi there! We're a business that sell unique print product which go out of stock the moment someone buys a single item. I want to maintain stock levels at about 30-50 items on the site at a time to prevent overwhelming customers with choice, but also to ensure a decent amount to view. Is there a way to schedule products to become visible as others sell out to maintain a specific total product count in my shop? I.e. can I bulk upload 100 products, but only drip feed them into the shop to maintain 30-50 items? An additionally useful feature might be to automatically rotate products out that have had more than x months on site without a sale. Any advice much appreciated!
  16. Hi there, What code would I need to use to customise the 'Sold Out', 'Only x Available' text. They are currently different weights, size and colour and I'd like to make them both consistent. Ie Bold, Red and same size. https://daisy-chiton-7gh8.squarespace.com/shop/p/12-pubs-of-cork-calendar Thanks a million for all your help!
  17. Under the items I have in my inventory there is a tab for subscriptions. I just want to ensure that my clients will not be charged more than once but under this setting if i set the billing date for expiration it only allows for it to expire after 2 payments? Anyone have experience with this?
  18. Site URL: http://thirstydice.com Hi, I posted this in the wrong forum earlier and it was deleted, so I respectfully request to ask this again (this time hopefully in the correct plact): How can I use the API to assign products to a category? I have/will have hundreds of items uploaded/removed at various times but I can only see how to assign tags using either the Products API or the Inventory API. Categories are crucial to any online store, and I would argue that if the API is to be useful at all then it should allow category assignations like it does tags. I'm perfectly fine with adding categories before or after, but the ability to associate them with a product is pretty important. Am I missing something here?
  19. I'm selling a digital product--book cover art--and I need to be able to limit the inventory so that each product is sold only once. But I can't seem to change the stock from infinite. Can anyone help?
  20. Hi, I sell a physical product, and need to keep track inventory so we don't sell something that doesn't exist. I would like to give my customers the option to buy some add-ons, like an extended warranty. We have done that by creating a product variant with the extended warranty, but then the inventory count gets messed up. Purchasing with or without the extended warranty should both pull from the same physical stash of machines. Is there a workaround to do this? I have some ideas using webhooks and automations, but am hoping for something simpler that doesn't require hiring a developer and using the commerce advanced plan. Thanks!
  21. Help! I am only being given the option to link OLD products that I have deleted long ago to my instagram. I don't have a way to link existing products to a store or collection. I am at a loss and can't figure it out. Please help! Thank you so much in advance! Cat
  22. Hello everyone, We just migrated our older (7.0) website to the new (7.1) website. Is there a way to access my inventory and save the CSV from the expired website so that I can upload it into the new website? Thank you, Biplav
  23. Does anybody have experience with the API's? Trying to get any response from the Inventory API and I keep getting 403 Forbidden response. I made the API key and using JS fetch(). See photo for code (ignore green as those are commented out trying different things.). "token" variable is defined above this photo with the API key.
  24. Hi, I'm trying to add variables to my shop. I am offering different print sizes of my art which works fine but I want to offer different mounted sizes of the same prints too butit won't work. I've added additional info but that doesn't allow the customer to use the cart and then paypal. Can anyone help? Thanks
  25. So I created a product in Commerce/Inventory. It is just how I want it to look. I then created a store page. How can I add the product I already made in inventory to the store page? There seems to be no way to assign an already created product to the store page. I only have the options to add new products and start over.
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